Raul Castro urges to face problems head-on

Featured Raul Castro urges to face problems head-on

Cuban President Raul Castro said in the latest meeting of the Council of Ministers to face problems wherever they are, ¨we have to go there, we have to talk, we cannot leave room to a sense of defeatism¨

According to Granma newspaper, before the beginning of the discussion of the working agenda, the Cuban President said that in the face of difficulties we cannot let our spirits to falter, we have to continue fighting, as Revolution leader Fidel Castro said on December 18, 1956, when we met in Cinco Palmas, and we had seven rifles. ¨ He triumphed because he always had that spirit, and 25 months after the Granma landing, he entered Santiago de Cuba with victory in his hands¨

Difficulties after that January 1st have been greater, he said, but we have to keep on fighting without losing our spirit not for a second. ¨We have to develop (the country), have relations with every country, trade with all, not to depend on a single product, but on many. We have the possibility of doing it, here we have tourism, every hotel we finish is an open factory, we have biotechnology as well, among others¨

He also spoke of the ideological work, especially with the younger generations, which should be approached with new styles. ¨The younger generations are different from ours, remember youngsters look more like the times than like their parents, and we have to pay more attention to that fact, ¨

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