Dancers from Acosta Dance Company to New York

Raul Reinoso and Mario Sergio Elias, dancers in the Acosta Dance Company led by Carlos Acosta, will perform at the Fire Island Dance Festival in New York, July 15-16.

A press release from the company media staff reports that Cuban dancers will present the choreography Nosotros, staged by Beatriz Garcia and Raul Reinoso, and music composed by Jose Gavilondo and costume design by fashion designers Guido and Pavel.

The choreography duet addresses the inner experience of a couple, a reflection on the instability of relationships and narrates love converging points, but also its failures, and frustrations.

The Fire Island Dance Festival, developed by Dancers Respond to AIDS Foundation, is a money-raising event held every year to ensure medicines, health care, food, counseling, and emergency financial help to sick people suffering from AIDS. All the performances are free.

Besides Acosta Dance, other dance companies such as Pontus, Lidberg Dance, Miami City Ballet, Caleb Teicher and Company, Evidence, Makers Dance Company, Peridance Contemporary Dance Company, among others, will participate.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz / CubaSi Translation Staff

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US Actress Jodie Foster Visits Acosta Dance Company in Cuba

US actress and film director Jodie Foster was present at a rehearsal of Acosta Dance Company, founded and directed by outstanding Cuban ballet dancer Carlos Acosta.

The company's profile on Facebook has displayed some pictures of Cuban ballet dancers with the US actress, acclaimed by her performances in dissimilar films such as Taxi Driver, The Silence of the Lambs, Contact, Nell and Panic Room, among other.

As stated by Acosta Dance's press officer, Lester Vila, Judie Foster, winner of two Golden Globes, two Oscars and a Cecil B. DeMille Golden Globe Award for her life work, had the possibility to exchange ideas and insights with Acosta Dance's ballet dancers and workers, and also attended a rehearsal of Cuban and foreign choreographers' works.

Jodie Foster appreciated Fauno play by Belgian Choreographer Sidi Larbi, which recalled the ancient myth regarding these creatures.

In addition, she had the chance of seeing Nosotros duet by Cubans Beatriz Garcia and Raul Reinoso, a play dealing with the intimate world of a couple with their areas of light and shadow.

As an exclusive present, Acosta Dance offered her a preview of Belles-Lettres play, an inspiring neoclassical play by NYCB-resident choreographer, Justin Peck.

The premiere of this play will take place at Alicia Alonso Gran Teatro de La Habana, on April 21st, 22nd and 23rd.

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