AIBA Pleased With Reform Process

The AIBA executive committee bureau says it is pleased with the boxing federation’s progress on the reforms that will keep it in the good graces of the IOC.

“I continue to be impressed by the dedication and commitment of the members of the Executive Committee Bureau, and how well these individuals are assisting the AIBA Headquarters in meeting IOC mandates and offering quality customer service to our AIBA family,” Gafur Rahimov said in a statement.

Rahimov reported on the current status of the settlement between Benkons and AIBA. Benkons had loaned AIBA $10 million and the boxing federation admits it would have faced bankruptcy had the two sides not reached an out-of-court settlement in January. The two sides have since been working on what AIBA calls a “win-win” solution.

The EC bureau calls AIBA’s financial situation “challenging but manageable”.

This week’s meeting also touched on topics such as the mixed doubles boxing initiative, the next report due to the IOC, and the current situation AIBA faces with WADA regarding the 2019 World Championships.

The EC Bureau also agreed to forward a proposal to name an ethics commission chair for ratification at the next Executive Committee meeting, scheduled for next month.

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Another Stripe for the AIBA

The International Boxing Association (AIBA) has just added another stripe to its already loaded suit of irregularities: the World Series of Boxing (WSB) Season VIII won’t have quarter-final leg.

In a previous commentary we already noticed that this event, pretty useful for Cuban boxing, is running a serious risk of disappearing because of the lack of seriousness of the AIBA when setting the rules, especially in the decisive instances, precisely those that claim it the most.

It all turned out perfectly in its first editions, but in the last ones they agree something in the technical congress of the event, but then another is done, when the moment of truth arrives.

First, when they said that the final would be in the country of the best qualified team of the regular leg, but it did not happen like that, and last year the title match was hardly held of budget problems.

Money issue seems to be the one that keeps the Series agonizing, although the AIBA, which in addition still has serious problems of governability, hasn’t recognized it publicly.

Consequently, teams such as Uzbek Tigers that thought to take part in the postseason, will no longer have chance to the throne, hence their preparation plans will be disrupted.

According to a draw recently held with no justification because there was a global ranking of the Series, the semifinals will include Cuban Tamers vs. French Fighting Roosters on one hand, and British Lionhearts vs. Astana Arlans Kazakhstan on the other hand.

Firstly, they will fight in the C-2 format and then in the C-1 one (Cuba closes the Series at home) on May 18 and 25, and in case of a draw at the end of the ten fights of the regular schedule, the tie-breaker will be an extra bout in the 69 kg division.

You’d better do not ask me how and where the final will be held. The brainy executives of the AIBA will already be thinking how to close the event in the best way, and surprises are not ruled out.

Translated by Jorge Mesa Benjamin / CubaSi Translation Staff

WSB final match: Necessary evil

Our editorial staff has received several phone calls and emails, with regard to the celebration of the final match of the World Series of Boxing (WSB) in Kazakhstan.

In general, local fans outraged because of the unfulfillment of what was agreed at the technical meeting regarding the celebration of home-and-away match to dispute the crown.

Aimed at clarifying doubts, I went to the Cuban Federation of this sport, and its president, Alberto Puig, confirmed that its initial state was the same. As an executive member of the International Boxing Association (AIBA), he stated his disagreement with the measure, but weighed up the pros and cons and preferred not to deprive our boxers from disputing the crown there, even under adverse conditions.

Cubans also rejected the fact that the official website of the event had published that the final would be there, even when the conditions were still being negotiated, so it was understood as a measure of pressure.

Of course, since it was not Cuba’s responsibility, our authorities demanded that the organizers cover the travel and subsistence expenses of the whole Cuban delegation (18 people) for a week, in which the members of the Domadores, including the figure in charge of deciding a likely tie, would benefit with a training base on Kazakh soil.

Moreover, and most importantly, he demanded in a clear tone that organizers have to provide total guarantees so all votes reflect what happened on the ring. Puig told me he wants to avoid at all costs an incident similar to the World Cup Houston-1999, because that would affect the image of IABA significantly, but he did not rule out withdrawing the squad if authentic deprivations take place at the Astana Sports Palace.

Finally, he explained that the line-up of the Domadores for the crucial clash would be released hours before departing to Kazakhstan, that is, at the end of next week.

From all this, you can gather once again that the Cuban Federation has acted with full transparency, and that the lack of seriousness does not fall over the Domadores, who will fight with all their strength to regain the crown they won last year.

Translated by Jorge Mesa Benjamin / Cubasi Translation Staff

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