Baseball Effervescence

It’s been several years that no one called my editorial office by phone to ask about the result of a game of our National Baseball Series.

Last Monday, I was surprised by a fan, who wanted to know the result of a clash between Matanzas and Granma, suspended because of the rain the day before.

Someone may find it unimportant, but quite the opposite. When there is popular interest for our #1 sports show, and not only in the post-season stage, where logically emotions grow, we should feel happy.

Furthermore, if it is a game that does not involve even the teams holding the first two places in the standings, and this makes me reflect, because it goes beyond a particular event.

It is about the moment of glory that our national pastime is living among its fans nowadays. We still do not have the international results we deserve by tradition, but the first step is achieved at home, when baseball is breathed everywhere.

I have never been against other sports, the opposite, I love diversity and think that in a 24-hour broadcast all tastes can be satisfied, but baseball is baseball.

Outside the postseason, it was very hard to find numerous comments about our championship on the street, since they were only reduced to the atmosphere of the so-called ‘peñas deportivas’ (sports clubs). I dare to say that among young people, they talk more about soccer than about baseball, but right now, the sport of balls and strikes has regained ground.

But now, we cannot let it fall and should keep the initiatives at the stadiums, discipline inside and outside baseball fields, combativeness in every clash and dedication for the uniform, which jointly with a suitable disclosure, will help keep this flame alive at least until the end of the Caribbean Series, something that shouldn’t be too complicated either.

In particular, I am very pleased that baseball returns to the fore…and that calls do not stop.

Translated by Jorge Mesa Benjamin / Cubasi Translation Staff

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