Amateur boxing chief suspended as insolvency fears rise

Wu Ching-kuo, president of the Amateur International Boxing Association (Aiba), has been temporarily suspended in an ongoing power struggle.

Wu, who has been in charge of Aiba for 11 years, was accused of financial mismanagement.

According to the Times of India, Aiba’s disciplinary commission made the move on Monday, but revealed the news a day after.

"Wu was found to be in violation of a number of the boxing association's statutes and disciplinary codes," said the commission in a statement.

Power struggle

According to a report published by The Guardian last month, Wu’s deposers accused him of "financial mismanagement" and "collecting substantial funds from Aiba for personal use in his Taipei office".

This summer, members of the organisation’s executive committee, who proclaimed themselves as Aiba’s interim management committee (IMC), passed a vote of no confidence against Wu.

Attempts to oust him continued in the Swiss courts, a movement that Wu described as "unlawful."

In order to maintain his reign, the 70-year-old Taiwanese needs the support of the majority of the federations in an extraordinary congress in Dubai set for November.

However, several federations, including the US, Cuba, Russia and Kazakhstan support Aiba’s IMC in their fight against Wu.

The Guardian also published a fragment of a letter from the president of the French Boxing Federation, André Martin.

"I am deeply convinced that the IMC are able to put our beloved organization back on track," it read. "You can count on my unconditional support and the support of the French Boxing Federation."

Meanwhile, the Board of Boxing Australia said it "views with great concern the current poor financial position which Aiba appears to be in, and the apparent role played by president CK Wu in precipitating that poor position."

Deep crisis

According to Aiba’s disciplinary commission, the Association is £11.6 million in debt "without any management or commercial reason."

Aiba’s reputation has also been tarnished by a series of bad decisions that spoiled last year’s boxing competition at the Rio Olympics.

One of the most notable incidents was the clearly fraudulent verdict in the defeat of Irish bantamweight boxer Michael Conlan against Russia’s Vladimir Nikitin.

Despite corruption allegations, Wu has always denied any wrongdoing.

He is expected to appeal against today's ruling.

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WSB final match: Necessary evil

Our editorial staff has received several phone calls and emails, with regard to the celebration of the final match of the World Series of Boxing (WSB) in Kazakhstan.

In general, local fans outraged because of the unfulfillment of what was agreed at the technical meeting regarding the celebration of home-and-away match to dispute the crown.

Aimed at clarifying doubts, I went to the Cuban Federation of this sport, and its president, Alberto Puig, confirmed that its initial state was the same. As an executive member of the International Boxing Association (AIBA), he stated his disagreement with the measure, but weighed up the pros and cons and preferred not to deprive our boxers from disputing the crown there, even under adverse conditions.

Cubans also rejected the fact that the official website of the event had published that the final would be there, even when the conditions were still being negotiated, so it was understood as a measure of pressure.

Of course, since it was not Cuba’s responsibility, our authorities demanded that the organizers cover the travel and subsistence expenses of the whole Cuban delegation (18 people) for a week, in which the members of the Domadores, including the figure in charge of deciding a likely tie, would benefit with a training base on Kazakh soil.

Moreover, and most importantly, he demanded in a clear tone that organizers have to provide total guarantees so all votes reflect what happened on the ring. Puig told me he wants to avoid at all costs an incident similar to the World Cup Houston-1999, because that would affect the image of IABA significantly, but he did not rule out withdrawing the squad if authentic deprivations take place at the Astana Sports Palace.

Finally, he explained that the line-up of the Domadores for the crucial clash would be released hours before departing to Kazakhstan, that is, at the end of next week.

From all this, you can gather once again that the Cuban Federation has acted with full transparency, and that the lack of seriousness does not fall over the Domadores, who will fight with all their strength to regain the crown they won last year.

Translated by Jorge Mesa Benjamin / Cubasi Translation Staff

World Boxing after Gender Equality

A few days ago, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) made public that boxing in the Olympic Games Tokío-2020 will grant 13 medals, just as its two previous editions, but this time only eight for men, and five among women.

After gender equality, boxing joins the rest of summer sports, where the participation of women equals that of men, to eliminate all the differences seen throughout history.

In this regard, the number of women categories will reach five now, although the weights in which they will participate aren’t decided yet, neither those to be eliminated among men.

Personally I support women boxing, but I don’t think the formula to do so is the right one. I find it fairer, and just equitable that instead of reducing the number of categories for men boxers, it decreases the number of boxers by weight.

Therefore allowing all boxers the chance to reach the Olympics. It’s true it’d be more difficult to win a place for the Games, but the opportunity it’s there, while the other way leaves out a large number of good boxers.

IOC’s main concern is to achieve the gender equality without damaging the number of contestants, hence the costs for organizers, but with this second variant which Cuban boxing authorities want to present at the AIBA Congress, and it would improve quality, because in the preliminary rounds many mismatched combats take place.

If this variant does not succeed, which according to experts, women will have two more medals in their goals and men two less. Hence it’s more than necessary to promote the practice of boxing among women worldwide.

What is Cuba doing about it? Well practically nothing, is still being "studied" the participation of women.

La Cruz, the doctor of boxing

The nickname suits him down to the ground, because few like him are so talkative, as much with the press, the executives or the general public. Julio César La Cruz is a danger on the ring…

But outside the ring he has that cheerful temper, which distinguishes kind-hearted people.

It was one of the characteristics that led him to become not only the captain of the Cuban boxing squad, but also the Captain of captains of El Cerro Pelado, the most important High Performance center in Cuba, with influence over the rest of the leaders in the different sports.

Often, when we meet each other there comes out his knowledge on the sports world, beyond the art of fists, and I would like to share that aspect with CubaSi’s readers:

Today, I want to talk about other topics, but let’s start with boxing, how do you see yourself and the team for the final stages of the World Series?

"In my case, I could win my first bout, which is weigh-in. The leader pulls his teammates, and that’s my mission; should I am focused they’re too, because we achieve all aims united. All bouts are difficult, and although they finish 3-2, it’s a victory; so it is in all sports, even 1-0 is a victory, and that’s the main thing."

What do you think about Victor Mesa’s appointment as manager of Industriales?

"Víctor Mesa is a great strategist. In my opinion he is among the best in Cuba. He hasn’t crowned himself champion, but Messi is considered the best too and he hasn’t won a World Cup. This is going to be a very good opportunity for him, I am sure he’ll give a good show, together with other new managers, such as Orestes Kindelán, Pedro Luis Lazo, etc."

I have seen you as fan in other sport shows, what other sports do you like?

"I get on well with sports in general; my thing is to make sport win. Generally speaking, we have a complex task, the Central American Games in Colombia, where we must give our best in the work day by day, and perseverance will lead us to victory and thus to keep the first place overall.

Why are you a fan of Pinar del Río?

"Since I used to play baseball in my childhood, my idols were Omar Linares, Faustino Corrales and others from Pinar, and I always followed them. Personally, I am a friend of Donald Duarte, and when I arrive in Pinar del Río, I am treated like a Pinar del Rio local, as if I were Roniel Iglesias or Lázaro Álvarez".

But, what about Camagüey?

"Watch out for the “Bulls” from Camagüey, who have a good young pitching, and a captain focused on his task. Now, with the opportunity given to him to play abroad, Alexander Ayala is going to lead them to victory. They qualified for the tournament last year and this time their performance will be better".

This is Julio, also self-confessed fan of Real Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo, a faithful sports lover. When he is not on the ring, one can see him like any other fan in the crowd, cheering for Pinar del Rio or Camagüey, either in baseball or basketball.

Translated by Jorge Mesa Benjamin / CubaSi Translation Staff


Cuban Boxer Wins Gold in Pan American Sports Festival

The cruiserweight Frank Sanchez defeated host Brandon Olvera and achieved the gold medal for Cuba boxing squad at the Pan American Sports Festival, led by Mexico, which won five titles of possible nine. Sanchez, who participated in 2010 World Youth Championship, thus reached his third win in the contest as he had previously beaten Ecuadorian Julio Castillo and Colombian monarch of America Deivis Julio.
Cuba also achieved bronze medals through welterweight Reinier Palacios and light welterweight Jorge Moirán.
The super heavyweight Yoandry Maceo was the other inscribed by Cuba and he lost in his debut against American Cam Awesome, continental runner up.
Mexico took advantage of its local status and inscribed boxers in all divisions and won five crowns headed by light flyweight Joselito Velazquez, who defeated in the final Colombian Yerbejen Martinez.

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