Cuba Denounces Development Drawbacks Due to US Blockade

The upsurge of the US blockade against Cuba brings about major drawbacks to the national population development policies, according to the Cuban ambassador to the UN, Humberto Rivero.

In a special session of the UN General-Assembly for the 35th anniversary of the United Nations International Conference on Population and Development, Rivero strongly rejected the recent activation of Title III of the Helms-Burton Act which imposes more hurdles to Cuba.

All Cubans have universal and free access to health care and education at all levels, 100 percent of the population is literate, he said.

The fulfillment of the Cairo Program of Action of the Montevideo Consensus and the 2030 Agenda are ways to solve the existing inequities among nations and within our societies, he stated

However, he uttered, the realization of these Action Programs require a comprehensive and inclusive approach and a real political will, effective international cooperation and a respectful and sincere dialogue.

'They also need developed countries to honor their historic commitments to the developing world forthwith.'

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For what Motive Marco Rubio Spends his Time in Twitter?

One of the main pursuers of the blockade against Cuba, the Republican Senator for Florida, Marco Rubio, created this Wednesday a Twitter account with which, according to him, he expects “to connect” directly “with the people of Cuba.”

According to the newspaper of the Anti-Cuban mafia of Miami, The New Herald, under the name MarcoRubioCuba (@MarcoRubioCuba1), the politician, considered by the current President of the U.S. as the man who advises him about politics related with Cuba, Venezuela and Latin America, among other lies, wrote:

“The politics for Cuba which I support in the United States Senate are driven by a single objective: that the people of Cuba can choose its leaders in the same way that almost every country does it in the western hemisphere.”

It’s worth asking Marco Rubio if when he speaks of western countries he also refers to the United States, where a plutocracy splits power every four years concealed in the deceit of a supposed two-party country. Electoral fraud is a common thing, as it happened in Florida in year 2000 and where the current president, the same that follows his "wise" advice, won the elections, even when his opponent surpassed him in three million votes.

The twitter-user Rubio also "wade against the Communist Party that governs the island that according to him seeks “to consolidate the current dictatorship permanently” by taking possession of all domestic profitable companies. “The changes in the U.S. politics to Cuba in these last two years are designed to deprive these companies from the money they want.”

Son of emigrants who abandoned Cuba in 1956 and settled down in south Florida, where Rubio was born, it’s only logic that the senator doesn't have the slightest clue of what he talks about and that only has as reference about Cuba the stories told by the Batista-followers he represents. Taught by former landowners, large-state owners, and administrators of North American companies in Cuba it’s impossible that he understands the foundations of the social property. As it’s known, prays the old saying: Evildoers always think the worst of others.

Marco Rubio also said "that the sanctions don't impact on the telecommunications sector, because it’s interest of the U.S. government that Cubans have free access to internet and social networks".

What he left unsaid was that the United States’s true interest in the development of that sector is based on the use of internet as a subversion weapon against Cuba. There are the cyber-mercenaries created by the U.S. government whom Rubio himself welcomes as heroes when they visit Miami, the creation of the Cuba Internet Task Force and the new strategies of the North American government's radio station Radio TV Martí. The creation of his account to "connect” with Cubans is the best evidence of such purposes.

Likewise the senator showed his lack of information when he assured that the blockade politics against Cuba didn't seek to "damage freelancers, because they want independent business “to prosper.”

The recent closing of travels of North American cruises to Cuba has hit hard mainly the so-called entrepreneurs. This is not mentioned on official documents of the Cuban government. Press agencies of the “western hemisphere” have written several times about the topic.

In addition, the liar Rubio, repeated the old argument that: “The shortage in Cuba has nothing to do with the embargo. Cuba can negotiate with almost every countries of the world. The suffering is due to the Communist Party which stops the progress of economic prosperity out of fear to lose the control if people don't depend on them for basic sustenance.”

Besides being misinformed, he is also ignorant. Hence the representative of the Anti-Cuban mafia is unaware the document declassified in 1991, and signed by the Undersecretary of State Lester D. Mallory, with date April 6th, 1960 that reads:

"The only foreseeable means to alienate the internal support it’s through the discontent and discouragement based on the dissatisfaction and economic hardships… Any conceivable means should be quickly used to weaken Cuba’s economic life. A line of action that had the greatest repercussions is to deny money and supplies to Cuba, to diminish the real wages and monetary in order to cause hunger, desperation and the overthrow of the government.”

If as Marco Rubio says the blockade is not the cause of the suffering of people of Cuba that’s because the "expert" on the topics of Cuba, Venezuela and Latin America that so much precedence has on the president, doesn't advise Trump to eliminate it?

Lastly the senator highlighted that: “At the end of the day it’s up to the people of Cuba, not to me or the U.S. government to decide what type of economic system they want. My only desired is to help the people of Cuba to achieve a real democracy, so that decisions can be taken leaders elected by them.”

Marco Rubio also ignores that the Cuban people chose its leaders in year 1959 and if, as he says, it’s up to the people of Cuba, and not up to him or the government of the United States, to decide its destiny, for what motive he spends his time in Twitter.

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Cuba Condemns New US Unilateral Measures

The United States has no right to impose unilateral measures on entities from Cuba or any other country that do business with Venezuela, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez said on Twitter.

The minister's statement came after the Government of the United States included the company Cubametales in its unilateral list of sanctioned enterprises for doing business with Venezuela, as the firm continues to import oil from the South American country.

The United States has no right to impose unilateral measures on entities from Cuba or any other country that do business with Venezuela. It is a violation of international law, of the norms that govern trade and an attack on relations among sovereign States, Rodriguez wrote on his account @BrunoRguezP.

According to the US Department of the Treasury, Cuba, in exchange for oil, continues to provide support, including defense, intelligence and assistance to security, to the administration of President Nicolas Maduro.

Washington has used Cuba's support for Venezuela on several occasions to justify new measures against the Caribbean island.

In light of that interfering stance, Havana has repeated that its solidarity with Venezuela is not negotiable.

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Cuba Criticizes Ban on Sale of Cohiba Habanos in Brazil

Cuban Deputy Foreign Minister Rogelio Sierra criticized the decision of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro to ban the sale of Cuban cigars Cohiba, considered the best in the world.

To be well with the master of the North (United States), in Brazil they prohibit the sale of the best tobacco in the world of the Cuban brand Cohiba and invent gross lies to discredit it, the deputy foreign minister wrote in his Twitter account.

In another message on that social network, Sierra said that the high degree of servility and perversity of the Latin American right was 'outrageous.'

The decision responds to an alleged supposed 'excess of sorbic acid (natural organic compound used as a food preservative in the form of mineral salts)' in the cigars notified by the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa).

This is rejected by the Emporium importer who has been working for 20 years with Cohiba, a leading brand for the quality of its product.

According to local media, Emporium said upon knowing the measure that 'there is no inclusion of any additive, because it is a hundred percent natural product,

Anvisa rejected the request to renew the registration of the Cohiba brand and granted 30 days to collect the product, which means that Cuban cigars were banned in the South American giant.

However, an article published in the Brazilian newspaper O Globo states that under an administrative appeal filed, the Cohiba remains on the shelves until the problem is legally resolved.

The Cohiba brand, created in 1966, is recognized worldwide for the quality of its products.

Its market reaches all countries, except the United States, where its sale is prohibited by the commercial, economic and financial blockade of Cuba.

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World Peace Council Condemns Blockade and Sanctions against Cuba

The World Peace Council (WPC) on Monday repeated its condemnation of the blockade and new sanctions imposed by the United States on Cuba to destroy its Revolution.

'We want to express our unrestricted support for the Cuban people and nation who are victims of the most horrible persecution by the United States and its president, Donald Trump,' WPC President Socorro Gomes said in a brief video sent to the Prensa Latina office in Brasilia.

The Brazilian pacifist and politician charged that Trump 'is implementing Title III of the Helms-Burton Act to strangle the Cuban economy and install suffering and chaos in order to destroy the Cuban Revolution'.

'That would be impossible, because the Cuban Revolution has been confronting the US genocidal blockade for 60 years and keeps its banner of self-determination, of self-defense of the sovereign and socialist State. We know that once again, the Cuban people will win,' she underlined.

In the video, Gomes expressed indignation over the criminal attitude by the United States, which is trying to destroy a sovereign nation that lives in peace and seeks to share its people's fruits and wealth for all.'

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Cuba Is Our Home, Cuban Residents in Panama Say

The meeting between Vice President Gladys Bejerano and a group of fellow residents in Panama at the Cuban embassy here left the sensation as we were at home.

In the style of the most traditional family, where concerns and projects were shared with the support of all, participants in the Sunday meeting learned about the efforts their country of origin is carrying out to face the shortages generated by the worsening of the US blockade.

We have strategies, projections and programs, but its execution depends in many cases on the policy of force and arrogance by President Donald Trump, Bejerano, who is also Comptroller General of Cuba, said referring to the absurd attitude of Trump, who intends to press and say what Cuba must do.

'In these 60 years of Revolution, we have always experienced difficult moments; but today there is a lot of aggression and danger by the US government, 'said Bejerano, who called for the unity of all, especially those who support and want the good functioning of the common home: Cuba.

About the Constitution, Foreign Investment Law, import replacements and other no less important domestic issues, such as linking science and technology to national food production was also discussed during this meeting, where commitment and sense of belonging prevailed.

Jorge Guerra participated in this meeting on behalf of the most recent immigrant generation in Panama and as a directive board of this group. He recalled that this 'is a revolutionary emigration', that wants to continue united to Cuba and contributing to the nation.

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Cuban President Highlights Meeting with Pastors for Peace

The President of Cuba, Miguel Diaz-Canel, today described as event of love, peace and solidarity, his meeting with members of the 30th Caravan Pastors for Peace.

A meeting between brothers, a fact of love, peace and solidarity, he wrote on his Twitter account @DiazCanelB.

The day before, Díaz-Canel received the caravanists from the United States, Canada and Mexico, headed by Gail Walker, daughter of the Reverend Lucius Walker, (1930-2010).

During the meeting, the Head of State expressed the gratitude of Cubans for the work of solidarity carried out by the Pastors for Peace.

For their part, visitors expressed their willingness to continue organizing their caravans of love and friendship in support to the largest of the Antilles.

The trip of the Pastors takes place in the middle of the worsening of the blockade by the Donald Trump administration on the largest of the Antilles, with the activation of Title III of the Helms Burton Act.

Recently, the executive director of the Interreligious Foundation for the Community Organization IFCO-Pastors for Peace, Gail Walker, called to continue actions for the cessation of the economic, commercial and financial siege of Washington against Havana.

The Pastors for Peace caravan travels to Cuba since 1992.

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