Cuban art in Italian cities

In October, several Italian cities will host the Cuban Culture Festival, which will be dedicated to the 500th anniversary of Havana, organizers said.

From October 3 to 13, Rome, Milan, Padua, Venice, Florence, Turin, Bari, Mater and Genoa will hold several artistic shows that will exhibit the force of Cuban culture and will strengthen cultural bridges between the two countries.

The initiative, organized by the Cuban Embassy in Italy, is sponsored by the Cuban Ministry of Culture and the Italian-Latin American Institute (IILA), with support from other institutions.

Entitled #CubaCulturaItalia2019, the Festival will involve artists and intellectuals such as painter Michelangelo Pistoletto, and dance critic and historian Elissa Guzzo Vaccarino, on behalf of Italy.

Cuba will be represented by Fine Arts Museum Director Jorge Fernandez, dance maestro Santiago Alfonso and ballet dancer Carlos Acosta.

A group of Cuban artists who reside in Italy will also take part in the event, including dancers Maykel Fonts, Irma Castillo and Ulises Mora, singer Andres Roman, and musicologist and soprano Monica Marziota.

The activities will celebrate Cuba's Day of National Culture (October 20) and the 500th anniversary of Havana, which was declared Humankind's Cultural Heritage by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

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ART ON THE INTERNET: Tuberculosis, by Fidelio Ponce

When Fidelio Ponce (1895-1949) portrayed some of his life experiences (as would seem to be the case), the ambience of his canvas looked like that we have met on dreams.

This view is oneiric. Characters look like specters. They look at the spectator as if they were taking a long hard look at us and simultaneously, feeling pity. We do not see tuberculosis sufferers, but those who watch closely to the sick people.

Somnolence results in some diseases: in the eyes of those suffering from them, the people and other elements become ghostly shadows: fabrication of delusion.

In this classical piece of Cuban modernism, that morbid perception of the world is brought to mind, fertile ground to art.

The illusion caused by fever may figure out master pieces.

Fidelio Ponce: Tuberculosis, 1934. Oil on canvas; 92 x 122 cm. Collection Surgimiento del Arte Moderno (1957-1938) at the National Museum of Fine Arts.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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Art in Internet: All you Need is Love

Zayda del Río looks at the spectator from a dreamlike time and landscape that can perfectly be confused with our most romantic evocations.

Well yes, this is Zayda del Río, the famous Cuban painter, depicted by Flavio Garciandía in 1975. Zayda looked at it (and now she looks at us) with a thrilling tenderness. If happiness truly exists, that face is its perfect concretion. It’s (it could be) the fleeting happiness, that of the moment we all have lived at some point: to be in the right place and at the right time, no strings attached or pressures, looking who we want to look.

No need to go around it: straightforward, Zayda del Río falls in love. She invites. She soothes. Flavio knew how to make that expression eternal… and shape the icon.

All you need is love is a key work of hyperrealism in Cuban painting. Here, between us, that movement sought to offer a romantic and optimist vision of the world: emphasizing the beauty and harmony, direct communication and nothing traumatic with the spectator.

This is a painting that will never go unnoticed. And not just because of its dimensions, nor the spark of the palette (those high greens); also (and perhaps above anything else) for the atmosphere that sets: a dreamlike time and landscape that can be confused with our most intimate fantasies.

All you need is love, of Flavio Garciandía. 1975. 150 x 250 cm. Collection: Contemporary Art (1967-1981). Style: Hyperrealism. Collection at the National Museum of Fine Arts; Havana, Cuba. Exhibition site: Building of Cuban Art, ward of Contemporary Art (1967 -1981).

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Cuban Art Reaches Belgium

Brussels.- The Cuban art reached Belgium with an exhibition in which 16 females of the island joined their talents to honor the 2016 International Women's Day, diplomatic sources said yesterday.

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Norwegian Gallery Owners Praise Cuban Contemporary Art

Elin and Sjur Nedreaas, owners of Gallerie SE, one of the most renowned galleries in Norway with 400 meters for exhibition, who came to Havana interested in promoting contemporary Cuban art, described it as of very good quality.

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