Young Dancers of the Lizt Alfonso Company to Compete in Panama

Havana, Aug 22 (Prensa Latina) Representatives of the Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba (LADC) Youth Ballet will compete in the Danza Activa Internacional contest in Panama from August 30 through September 2, the company announced on Thursday.

Considered the most important dance competition in Panama, the event will take place at the Megapolis Convention Center in Panama City, with the participation of students from many Latin American countries.

LADC founder and Director Lizt Alfonso was a member of the competition jury during the previous edition of the event.

Spanish dancer Sebastian Linares Alcala, director and choreographer of the Empire of Dreams Dance Academy in Mallorca; Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater teacher, Caridad Martinez, from Cuba; and Colombian professor of the Juilliard School and the Jeoffrey Ballet School, Juan Carlos Peñuela, among others, will serve as judges this year.

Several institutions will grant scholarships at the Danza Activa 2019 competition, such as the New York Dance Project, Jeoffrey Ballet School and the Julio Bocca Foundation.

During the intense rehearsals, LADC regisseur and choreographer Claudia Valdivia told Prensa Latina about the aim of exhibiting the range of opportunities the company offers through its fusion dance during the competition.

The Cuban delegation, aged 14 to 18, will compete in the modern/contemporary and flamenco/character dance categories, with choreographies by Alfonso, Claudia Valdivia and Diana Fernandez, and also by maestras Indira Alvarez, Risel Mayor, Daira Maria Jay and Yohara Garcia.

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Gabriel Rosillo: The classical roller of invaluable talent

It’s extremely difficult for an elite wrestler to go unbeaten along a year, to win three continental titles and one World Junior Championship. All that becomes more complex if the athlete lacks top-level experience since he’s only 20 years old.

Apparently, Gabriel Rosillo (January 4, 1999) mocks at those things because barely aged 20, his peers from America surrendered at his feet three times (continental junior and senior championships, in addition to Lima 2019 Pan American Games), and if that weren’t enough he unceremoniously won Tallinn Open Junior Wrestling Tournament, by scoring 34 points and allowing only one from his opponents.

We’re talking about the World Junior Wrestling Championship, a competition where Cuba showed supreme efficiency: three wrestlers and three medals; Yonger Bastida (men’s freestyle 97 kg-silver), Milaymis de la Caridad Marín (women’s freestyle 76 kg-gold) and Rosillo.

And the fact is that Filiberto Azcuy’s disciple certainly behaved like a roller of flips and imbalances, with a forcefulness that allowed him to finish his four matches before the regulation time limit.

In eighth finals, he beat Chinese Houzhi Hao (8-0); Hungarian Alex Gergo Szoke (9-1) in quarterfinals; and Turkish Beytullah Kayisdag (9-0) in semifinals.

Later, he defeated (8-0) German Patrick Neumaier (Europe’s junior runner-up this season) in the crown match. The German reached the final with an impressive performance of 16 points for and only three points against achieved in the semifinal battle.

Simply, Rosillo mocked at all that track record and in barely 1:25 minutes he won out over his opponent. In fact, he currently looks at the Senior Wrestling World Championship due to take place in Nur Sultan, Kazakhstan, and where he might perfectly pick both one of the six places of privilege and the Olympic ticket to Tokyo 2020 since no gladiator owns that obvious hegemony. I’d even dare to affirm that he has more than enough potential to climb onto the awards podium.

His arguments?

A physique like those cedars from Lebanon, tall, imposing and unassailable at sight. Hence, he faces the six minutes of fight with constant energy, perennially besieging his opponents, trying to engulf them in his siege and control tactics of the arms, before striking those catlike preys and flips that may seem indefensible.

In addition, he owns a resistive force that allows him to reach the end of his matches without excessive exhaustion, and then a clamp that causes his opponents pain and makes them vulnerable to his imbalances, being the latter a technique that he should yet shape to increase it to the lethal level owned by superheavyweight star Mijaín López (130).

Rosillo has given more than enough joy this 2019, but believe me, a lot more are yet to come, either over the rest of 2019, or in his long route of success to walk.

Translated by Jorge Mesa Benjamin / CubaSi Translation Staff

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Cuba's Charcoal Exports Increase

Cuba's charcoal exports have increased, thus gaining importance for the national economy.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Camagüey province had exported 21,324 tons of charcoal at the end of July, exceeding the production plan by 17,700 tons.

Meanwhile, in Isla de la Juventud municipality, the Jesus Montane Oropesa Agri-Industrial Enterprise exported 300 tons of charcoal in the first seven months of the year.

Of that volume, 285 tons are being received in the port of Mariel, in Havana, to be shipped in containers to Europe, where a ton of charcoal is quoted at 400 dollars, Company Director Tomas Betancourt said.

He pointed out that in the first semester of year, the company reported higher production compared to the entire 2018 period, thus confirming the workers' response to increase their contributions and ensure hard currency when the country need it most. Charcoal is mainly made from sickle bush, which results in an excellent product that is highly demanded by foreign clients, noted Betancourt, who was quoted by the Isla de la Juventud-based digital newspaper Victoria.

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Cuban diplomat starts working visit to Russia

Emilio Lozada, Director General for Bilateral Affairs of the Cuba´s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, begins today a working visit to the Russian Federation, which will run until next Friday.

In his program of activities, the diplomat includes meetings with local authorities to review and promote collaborative projects of interest to both nations, says a note of the Cuban Foreign Ministry.

Lozada arrives in Moscow from China, where he met with Zheng Zeguang, China´s Vice Foreign Minister, who is also in charge of Latin American and Caribbean affairs.

At that time, Vice Minister Zheng stressed that both countries are good friends, partners and brothers, and that in the future they will continue to work in an invariable way to deepen friendship ties and raise bilateral relations to a new level.

Meanwhile, the Cuban diplomat highlighted the excellent state of bilateral political relations and satisfaction with the progress of the links between the two Foreign Ministries and consultations on issues of interest to both parties.

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Cuban FM: US Conduct Threatens International Stability

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez said on Twitter that the policy of the United States Government poses a growing threat to international stability, as reported on the Foreign Ministry website.

According to the source, the head of Cuban diplomacy tweeted that the White House has taken actions against peace and security, as well as creating economic imbalance.

Rodriguez said that among the destabilizing moves of the Trump administration are unilateral coercive measures, interference in the internal affairs of States, denial of climate change and the implementation of a racist and discriminatory migration policy.

In Cuba's case, Washington's foreign policy has been characterized by the enforcement of the economic, commercial and financial blockade for nearly six decades, thus hindering the country's development.

That policy was tightened after the activation of Title III of the Helms-Burton Act, which grants US citizens the possibility to file lawsuits in US courts against those who 'traffic' in 'confiscated properties,' while that authorization was extended to individuals who were not US citizens at the time of Cuba's nationalizations in 1959.

Likewise, US President Donald Trump's actions affect other States in the region, such as Nicaragua and Venezuela.

In Venezuela, for example, Washington supported an attempt at imposing a government at the service of the United States through a coup d'état.

In addition, the Trump administration decreed an economic and financial blockade to strangle the Bolivarian nation and overthrow the government of President Nicolas Maduro.

According to Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza, a law and several executive decrees are aimed at appropriating the assets of the Bolivarian State abroad, particularly in the United States.

Washington's latest action against Caracas is Trump's suggestion to national security officials to station Navy ships along the Venezuelan coast to prevent the entry and exit of goods.

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Russia and Cuba will expand cooperation in customs data exchange

Customs of Russia and Cuba will sign a cooperation protocol for the exchange of information on crimes related to prohibitions and regulations of transit of goods by air, it was known today in this city.

According to a spokesman for the Federal Customs Service of Russia, the agreement with the General Customs of the Republic of Cuba will be effective shortly.

On August 17, the Prime Minister of Russia, Dmitri Medvedev, approved the proposal of the Russian Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Finance to sign a protocol of interaction between the customs of both countries.

In recent July, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov visited Havana, where he held meetings with the first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba, Raúl Castro, and president Miguel Díaz-Canel.

In these talks, close bilateral ties were ratified and the leaders of both countries agreed to work for their continued strengthening.

'We see Russia's participation in our economic-social program until 2030 and, in perspective, as an important element,' he told Lavrov.

Russia is one of the main trading partners of Havana, which has the effective participation of the Government and of Russian companies in its economic development plans, with joint projects in sectors such as energy, transport, industry and biotechnology.

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Cuba Denounces US Migration Policy

Cuba's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bruno Rodriguez, condemned Tuesday the Donald Trump administration''s migration policy, which he described as a violation of human rights.

The head of the Cuban diplomacy denounced in Twitter that US government criminalizes migration with its zero-tolerance policies and recalled that the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) holds immigrants in inhumane conditions in its southern border facilities.

On Monday, those people arrested in the United States filed a lawsuit to demand appropriate medical care and special attention for people with disabilities, and denounced that they are being punished with isolation measures.

A recent report by the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security confirmed overcrowding in different facilities, and warned that the situation represents an immediate risk to the health and safety of border officials and detainees.

Despite repeated complaints from undocumented migrants, as well as from national and international organizations, the U.S. president keeps his policy of limiting asylum requests, mainly from Central American migrants fleeing their countries harassed by violence and poverty.

The Trump measures keep tens of thousands of people in detention awaiting a solution to their immigration status.

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Cojimar: Full of Stories (+ Photos)

Journalist and photographer Ernesto Lahens Soto exhibits a selection of his photos at the Art Gallery Mariano Rodriguez, in Villa Panamericana, Havana.

Ernesto Lahens Soto does not portray a stylized Cojimar, an unknown village and idyllic construction: what we see is everything we are able to witness on daily basis if we decide to look for stories.

And this is not a common skill. Or perhaps we all have it. The truth is that there are stories everywhere and Cojimar treasures some of the most interesting of the island.

Without fanfare, emphasis, and quite naturally, the photographer shows us those close, but unimaginable approaches.

There are inspiring series, which need no words to complement them.

The exhibition is documentary. But you can feel the fine lyricism: when a fisherman throws his line into the sea, there is poetry in there; sometimes hard, sometimes violently…usually unnoticed.

Ernesto has the gift to reproduce it.

Clearly, the photographer loves this village. He feels identified with the men and women living there. The character of a city is not determined by its magnificent view, but its people.

Cojimar treasures a lot of secrets. It is not hard to find them out. Suffice to ask our neighbor.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz/CubaSi Translation Staff

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