Great expectation to meet the new manager of the Villa Clara Baseball Team

Great expectation exists among the baseball fans of Villa Clara about knowing the name of the new manager of the Villa Clara Baseball Team who will represent the province at the 60th National Baseball Series. For this reason, the CMHW spoke with Ramon More, Commissioner of the discipline in the territory.

More said that they have discussed about Jose Luis Cueto, from Camajuani, Oscar Sachado and Noel Guerra, both from Caibarien, among others.

Among those proposed, the specialists from both the provincial and the national press agreed on the high probability of appointing Noel Guerra Cantero, after taking into account that he already trained in the younger categories to many of the young people who are called to assume the leadership of the baseball in Villa Clara; in addition to being the last manager to win an international event for Cuba, the U-15 World Cup in Mexico.

In the conversation with Ramon More, Commissioner of the discipline in the territory, we learned that Pedro Jova and Oscar Machado declined the proposal; in the case of Jova on the grounds of personal reasons, while Machado prefers to remain as a batting coach, for which he has been preparing for years.

For his part, Jose Luis Cueto asked the provincial baseball authorities for more time to prepare himself to assume such a responsibility in the future.

Likewise, the possibility of importing a director from another territory was ruled out.

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Importance of social networks highlighted in Cuba

Social networks are today a space where the media and social movements must have a presence, warned Spanish Professor Manuel Castells while talking to students from the Faculty of Communication of this capital.

In the 10th Meeting of Researchers and Students of Information and Communication (ICOM 2019), the professor talked to the students about the need to be present as a social force and gain ground in the network spaces.

'If you are not on the Internet, on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, you do not exist. It is in this space where large social movements and rejection of government policies that undermine their dignity have emerged and articulated,' said Castells.

He also called to shed ideas that freedom on the web is good or bad, clarifying that Internet sense is printed from the power of its consumers and the ability to build ideas, social projects; and think about today's and future society.

'The Internet is our environment, our life, where we express what we are, we enter our data, we make it a reality,' he said.

Referring to the role of journalism in the face of the avalanche of social networks, Castells ratified the need to prepare the professionals to take advantage of the web and know how to recognize the real news, verify data, and rely on citizen reports.

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Cuban cochlear implant program benefits over 500 patients

The Cuban cochlear implant program has benefited more than 500 patients since its creation on December 4, 1997, at the initiative of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro.

This project benefits hearing impaired children, especially deaf-blind, and allows them a better quality of life through improved communication and language skills.

The protocol for this treatment includes a candidate selection stage, implant placement and device rehabilitation and support, an expert pointed out during a conference.

The high-tech procedure, the specialist added, requires a rehabilitation process to adapt the devices for the perception of sounds, taking into account the characteristics of each patient, which allows school insertion.

Out of the implanted patients, 37 correspond to the group of deafblind patients, who are characterized by a loss of auditory and visual functions.

The cochlear implant consists of the insertion of a device that transforms sounds into electrical signals, which are processed and perceived by patients through this technique.

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Cuban Chancellor to meet UNESCO Director General today

Audrey Azoulay, director general of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), will hold today a meeting with Bruno Rodriguez, Cuba´s Minister of Foreign Affairs, as part of her visit to the Caribbean island.

The program of the visit includes tours of the Santa Clara Convent, headquarters of the Caribbean-EU-UNESCO Project, and the "Rafael Maria de Mendive" Primary School, in Havana´s historic center.

During her stay in Cuba, which will run until next Sunday, Azoulay will also visit the Rosario Mountain Range Biosphere Reserve, in Artemisa province, and the Cuban Art Factory, in Havana.

Cuba maintains an active participation in UNESCO, particularly in the Executive Council and the General Conference, where it has a proactive and supportive role in the organization's reform processes.

The Caribbean island entered UNESCO on August 29, 1947, and since then the links with that international body have remained uninterrupted.

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Spanish hornist invited by the National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba

The National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba will offer a concert on December 8, in this capital, alongside guest Spanish hornist Samuel Perez Llobell, the institution announced today.

Perez Llobell studied at the Higher Music Conservatories of Valencia and Saint James of Compostela. Today, he is a professor at Santa Cruz de Ribadulla School and at the Melide and Arzua Municipal Conservatory (in La Coruña).

According to the organizers, the concert program comprises several Cuban premiere works for this curious instrument, in this case the alpine horn.

During the concert, Perez Llobel will play pieces by composers Ludwig van Beethoven, Hans-Jürg Sommer, Dennis Armitage, Gottfried Aegler, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, directed by young Cuban conductor Eduardo Ramos.

The Covarrubias Hall of the National Theater of Cuba will be the venue of the performance scheduled for 11:00 local time.

Since its foundation in the 1960s, the National Symphony Orchestra has been conducted by important personalities of orchestral music, among them Soviet Aram Khachaturian, Mexican Blas Galindo, and Brazilian Camargo Guarnieri.

It has also hosted prominent soloists like Russian violinist David Oistrakh and Cubans Cecilio Tieles (piano) and Leo Brouwer (guitar).

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The U.S. State of Georgia looks forward to more engagement with Cuba

Third Secretary of the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba to the United States, Yanet Pumariega, visited Atlanta (Georgia) on 2-3 December. The diplomat had the opportunity to meet with several officials there and to talk about the potentialities for and mutual benefits of improving bilateral relations between Cuba and the United States.

Pumariega was received by the Lieutenant Governor of the State, Mr. Geoff Duncan, and had a very professional and fruitful exchange on ways to move forward.

In the past, several companies from the State of Georgia benefitted from licenses granted to sell foodstuffs to Cuba, which has been limited now by a series of measures taken by the current Administration. In 2015, the World Affairs Council of Atlanta led a group of business leaders, academics and government officials to Cuba and noted endless opportunities for a two-way trade and exchanges with Cuba.

The meeting with officials of the State Department of Agriculture reaffirmed their interest in further expanding trade opportunities in Cuba, which is considered the “gateway” of the Caribbean Sea and realized that Georgia is behind other markets just because of the obsolete U.S. policy affecting their own interest.

During the visit, Pumariega also met with the Chairman of the Fulton County Commission, Robb Pitts, and the Board commissioners who coincided on a variety of areas available for mutual benefits such as joint research and the sharing of best practices in education, health and human services.

Image (From left to right): Commissioner Bob Ellis, Chairman Robb Pitts, Third Secretary Yanet Pumariega, Commissioners Natalie Hall, Lizz Hausman and Joe Carn.

The City of Atlanta Director of International Affairs, Vanessa Ibarra, also noted the existing potential for collaboration between the City and Cuba in the areas of culture, tourism and technology. Atlanta is the hometown of several companies with huge business opportunities in Cuba and of others that have been affected by the current U.S. policy, like Delta Airlines.

Image (From left to right): Atlanta City Global Engagement Officer Paulina Guzmán, Third Secretary Yanet Pumariega and Atlanta City Director of International Affairs, Vanessa Ibarra.

During a friendly meeting with State representatives and senators, it was recognized that there is plenty of room for cooperation that would benefit both their districts and Cuba. Also recognized were the outcomes that Cuba shows in health and education such as the literacy, maternal health and infant mortality rates.

Image (From left to right): Former Speaker of the House of Representatives of Georgia, Terry Coleman, Representative EI-Mahdi Holly, Senator Sheikh Rahman, Third Secretary Yanet Pumariega, Representatives and Gregg Kennard and Shelly Hutchinson.

This visit Georgia, like those to other states, has once again confirmed that the current policy of the U.S. government attempts against the interest of the majority of the U.S. citizens in more engagement with Cuba.

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Cuban leader slams 'unjust, arrogant' US sanctions

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel on Wednesday railed against new "unjust and arrogant" U.S. sanctions, this time penalizing ships supplying oil from Venezuela.

"Trump strikes again: 6 vessels sanctioned for shipping oil from Venezuela to Cuba. Enough of unjust and arrogant sanctions," Diaz-Canel said via Twitter.

Diaz Canel sanciones EU Venezuela 06042019

The U.S. Treasury Department on Tuesday announced it was including six vessels -- five sailing under the Venezuelan flag and one, under the Panamanian flag -- on its list of ships penalized by its Office of Foreign Assets Control for doing business with the island.

U.S. President Donald Trump has unraveled his predecessor's rapprochement policy toward Cuba and reimposed sanctions on the island.

His administration has also accused Cuba of supporting Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, whose government is also the target of U.S. sanctions.

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MoFAIC receives copy of credentials of new Cuban Ambassador to UAE

Shihab Al Faheem, Assistant Undersecretary for Protocol Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, has received a copy of the credentials of Roberto Blanco Domenguiz, newly appointed Ambassador of Cuba to the United Arab Emirates.

The Undersecretary wished the Ambassador of Cuba all success in the performance of his duties and in enhancing bilateral relations and cooperation between the UAE and his country.

The Cuban Ambassador expressed his pleasure at representing his country in the United Arab Emirates, which enjoys a prestigious regional and international position thanks to the visionary policy of President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

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