Cuban relays: Good results

On Saturday night, Trinidad and Tobago placed third in the women’s 4x100-metre race while, last evening, there was another bronze for the twin-island republic, in the men’s 4x400m.

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Russian Oil Giant to Train Cubans

The Russian oil giant Rosneft and the Cuban oil company CUPET on Saturday signed a memorandum of cooperation that will enable Cuban oil technicians to study in Russia.

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Banjul, Havana mull stronger ties

Cuba and The Gambia have committed themselves to strengthening bilateral cooperation as Banjul and Havana mark the 35th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations.

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Santiago de Cuba Gets Ready for Caribbean Festival

A high level delegation of the Republic of Suriname, headed by roving ambassador Arnold Th. Halfhide, is on a visit to the city of Santiago de Cuba to finalize details of the 34th edition of the Caribbean Festival, dedicated to that nation.

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Cuba, with Internet, is a great threat to the US

Speaking of Zunzuneo and the banning of his Facebook profile, CubaSí talked to writer Raúl Antonio Capote, the man who evaded CIA for many years. Thanks to the AP, the world learned about Zunzuneo, one of the US subversive projects financed by the USAID aimed at undermining Cuban stability through an SMS service for cell phones in social networks.

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