International Solidarity Meeting with Cuba to Be Held

More than 1,000 working and trade union activists from all the continents will take part in the International Solidarity Meeting with Cuba on May 2 as part of the activities for the May Day.

Ernesto Freire, head of the Department of International Relations of the Cuban Workers Central Trade Union (CTC), said this event with more than 10 years of life will have a special character, with the presence of the five antiterrorirst fighters known as the Cuban Five.

The liberation of the Cuban Five was always a central topic in meetings like this, from where supporting initiatives came out to support their cause.

This is why a great chance for the Cuban Five to show their greatfulness to those who did things in favor of them, and mobilized the world's public opinion, Freire stated.

Gerardo Hernandez, Ramon Labañino, Antonio Guerrero, Rene Gonzalez and Fernando were arrested by US authorities in 1998 and sentenced in a rigged process to disproportionate penalties for warning of violent actions taken against Cuba from US soil by terrorist groups.

Of these, Hernández, Labañino and Guerrero arrived in Cuba after being released last December 17 (previously had returned after serving their sentences Fernando and René), in a context marked by the announcement of Havana and Washington to carry out actions after moving towards normalization of links.

According to reports, in this conclave the future agenda of solidarity with Cuba will be designed, which main points are the elimination of the economic blockade imposed by the United States, to take out the name of the island of the list compiled by Washington on countries sponsoring terrorism and the closure of the illegal military base in Guantanamo.

Also, Freire said that this event is one of the pre 70th anniversary of the creation of the World Trade Union Federation, whose president, Abdullah Motayo, attend sessions of exchange activities.

They will also participate, after a few years without attend the meeting, three representatives of trade unions in India, a country geographically distant but also makes us feel their support, like other remote countries like Australia or Nigeria, said.

The event, to be held at the Havana Convention Center, also will be attended by some 200 national participants, and the unions will be represented industries, hotels and tourism, gastronomy and services, as well as the public administration.

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Cuba: the Country with the Oldest Population in Latin America

In Cuba there are more than two million people over 60 years of age, 19 percent of the total population, and is the first Latin American country with the oldest population, announced an expert in this capital on Tuesday.

Doctor Alberto Fernandez, head of the National Group for the Care of the Elderly, of the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) told ACN in an exclusive interview that the rapid population aging is largely due to the low birth rate, the increase of life expectancy and social development.

Cuba has indicators of the first world and the only population that is increasing hereinafter are senior citizens, said Fernandez, who participates in the 13th International Seminar on Longevity that winds up on Thursday at Havana's Convention Center, attended by 300 delegates from various nations.

Since 2010, people arriving to the sixth decade intersect which those who are 15, and hence hereinafter only the first group only increases and those who are 15 years of age decreases, emphasized Fernandez.

Guideline 144 of the Economic and Social Policy of the Party and the Revolution reads: "to give special attention to the study and implementation of strategies in all sectors of society to address the high levels of population aging.

Among the actions in this regard, the Ministry of Public Health is working to strengthen the Primary Health Care, for which it gives training for family doctors and nurses and graduates in geriatrics and gerontology, and courses for care at the end of life, in a way that health professionals are provided with the necessary tools to address this age bracket, he specified.

It also includes the strengthening of Grandparents Homes and Old People's Homes on the island, for which there is a rehabilitation program backed by a budget that in 2014 amounted to 66 million pesos allocated for this purpose by the Ministry of Finance and Prices.

Today, thanks to the development of education, 57 percent of the people that are between 60 and 74 years of age are medium level of university graduates, and in old age they also have the opportunity to continue studying at the University Departments for the Elderly, from which, in their fifteen years of existence, more than 15 thousand people have benefited, highlighted the expert.

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Costa Gavras to participate at the 18th French Cinema Festival of Cuba

Those who have grown up with the deep imprint of the films Z, Estado de sitio, Missing and La caja de música, admire their director Costa Gavras in such a way that we were excited to know that he will be part of the French delegation attending the 18th French Cinema Festival in Cuba starting on April 30 and that will extent to the whole country during May.   

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UK companies in trade talks with Cuba

A delegation of 30 UK companies began a four-day trade mission in Cuba to explore business opportunities in the Caribbean island. This is the largest delegation in more than a decade.

A brief statement released by the UK embassy in Cuba highlights that entrepreneurs who arrived today to our country will attend a business workshop headed by British entrepreneur Lord Hutton and Cuba’s Minister of Foreign Trade and Investment Rodrigo Malmierca.

Cuba Initiative promoted the visit. This is a Cuban-British project created in 1995 by Lord Hutton to foster exchange and bilateral relations.

British entrepreneurs are set to meet some Cuban ministers and executives during their stay in Havana.

The visit takes place in a very “important timing” where Cuba’s relationship with the U.S., the E.U., and the UK “are improving”, according to the embassy note.

The note also points out the “growing interest” of European and American companies to invest in Cuba, as well as the “renewed efforts” of the Cuban government to attract foreign investments, “highly positive factors” to nurture trade ties.

Tim Cole, UK ambassador in Cuba, was “enthusiastic” about the presence of this entrepreneurial delegation in Cuba and believed there was “great chances” to foster and promote even more the trade ties between the two countries in “key fields”.

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