Manolin, Unsuccessful in Both Cuba and Miami

Manolin knows I’ve been his friend, when everyone has turned their back to him. But it’s enough, because he has become a manipulator who one day complains of Miami as a victim of the extremist exile, and tomorrow attacks Cuba so that the recalcitrant exile forgives him again. Everything just to appear on their manipulative press, because they will neither buy his music nor attend his concerts.

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Expectancy of Life Increases in Cuba

Expectancy of life in Cuba increased to 78.45 years during 2011-2013, standing for a 0,48-year growth with respect to the period between 2005-2007, according to the National Statistics Office.

According to a study titled "Expectancy of Life in 2011-2013" women enjoy longevity of 80.45 years, while the indicator in men is at 76.50.

The study also revealed a noticeable fall of the infant mortality rate, which was calculated at 4.2 in every one thousand live births.

As to territories, Havana presents the lowest expectancy of life level, currently at 77.33 years, followed by western Artemisa, Mayabeque, Matanzas and eastern Santiago de Cuba.

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