‘Not our kind of shopping’: Kremlin says ‘buying Greenland’ strictly between US & Denmark

The Kremlin doesn’t want anything to do with the row between the US and Denmark over the ham-fisted proposal to sell Greenland, the spokesman for the Russian president said.

“This is not our business. We do not engage in this kind of international shopping,” Dmitry Peskov told journalists on Thursday when asked about the Greenland debacle. The leaders of the two countries have been exchanging some irritated remarks lately after US President Donald Trump’s suggestion to purchase the Arctic island from its current sovereign was turned down.

“If we get this right, they have been rubbing each other the wrong way to some degree,” Peskov said. “Again, this is not our issue and we wouldn’t want to get involved.”

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Trump’s offer to buy Greenland from Denmark surfaced last week, but the European nation simply said it was not for sale. A few days and jokes later Trump suddenly canceled his scheduled visit to Denmark, which many of its subjects took as an insult. In his latest move Trump doubled down by calling Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen “nasty” for publicly saying Greenland was not for sale.

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Danish Theater Company to Perform in Cuba

Matanzas, Cuba Nov 2 (Prensa Latina) The Danish theater company Odin Teatret, considered one of the most important theater groups of the contemporary scene will perform today in this city, informed the National Council of the Performing Arts (CNAE).

The group of artists led since by Italian maestro Eugenio Barba, with base in Danish city of Holstebro, is returning to Cuba in a visit similar, for its intensity and extension, to the one they did in 2002, it was reported.

Organized the CNAE, the Tablas-Alarcos Publishing House along with other cultural institutions, the tour also includes several Cuban provinces, informed the source.

In this occasion the group will perform at Papalote room the work Tierra de Fuego, by Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium, with the participation of Carolina Pizarro, directed by Julia Varley, as well as the work Ave María, with Varley herself.

Meanwhile artistic exhibitions and master lectures will take place at the Fragata room of El Miron Cubano theater.

The previous visit of the European company was during the last Theter Festival of Havana when they performed Ave Maria, a uni-personal by Varley, a work included in the current program.

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Cuba and Denmark Regularize Bilateral Debt

Havana, Jun 24 (Prensa Latina) Vicepresident of the Council of Ministers, Ricardo Cabrisas Ruiz and the Danish ambassador to Havana, Henrik Bramsen Hahn, signed the agreement of Regularization of the Bilateral Debt. According to the Cuban Foreign Ministry website (Minrex), the signing of the protocol is part of the process of application of the Multilateral Agreement signed by the Ad-Hoc Group of Creditor Countries in the Paris Club and Cuba.

Cabrisas and Bramsen Hahn also talked about the positive bilateral relations and confirmed the importance of this agreement for the development of future economic, commercial, financial and investment links between Cuba and Denmark.

The ambassador was accompanied by the adviser on International Policy of the Danish Agency of Credits to Exports (EKF), Carl Johan Mortensen, who signed with Vicepresident of the National Bank of Cuba (BNC), Aleida Gonzalez, the agreement that regularizes the short-term debt between both institutions.

Also representing Cuba at the meeting were Yamila Fernandez del Busto, general director of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Investment, and Elio Rodriguez, director of Europe and Canada and Manuel Pirez, director of International Law, the two of them from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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