Washington: New Delusions of Donald Trump

Once again the acting president of the United States waded against his media.

A report from EFE read that when he spoke at the Floridian international airport of Orlando.

What did the multimillionaire president tell them?

"Despite all his lies, of his misrepresentations and fake stories, they could not defeat us in the primaries and they could not defeat us in the elections."

We will keep exposing them for what they are, and more importantly, we will keep winning, and winning", he said.

The leader began his speech after publishing on Twitter: "the media with fake news", like The New York Times or the CNN, they are "the enemy of the American People".

I want to speak to you without the filter of fake news, he told his followers the head of the White House.

"Dishonest press can’t simply tell the truth, they have said that we’ve been wrong for two years."

Trump even dared say the media had become mostly part of the problem and they integrate "the corrupt system".


He went even further when he recited "Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln, to say that they got the attention of the media "on his lies."

He also promised to make a great effort to prevent them to get away with it.

They have their own agenda he added, and their agenda is not your agenda, he highlighted.

Observers consider that what Trump said in Orlando, Florida, represents his devastating critic against the North American press.

For years, everybody has witnessed, television stations, radio stations and large newspapers and magazines of the United States have distorted the Cuban reality, the truth about Venezuela and other countries of the area.

Taking into account what Trump said it’s worth wondering, do they also include what happened in this regard?

Not likely, Donald Trump's delusions are not fond of immolation.

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Private Prisons to Profit Handsomely Off Trump Immigrant Raids

Prisons are already filled to the brim with immigrant detainees, and critics warns that Trump policies are likely to exacerbate already squalid conditions.

U.S. President Donald Trump has begun to follow through on his promise to crack down on immigration and roll out harsh border securitization, and while undocumented immigrants will face the suffer the gravest repercussions, private prisons, on the other hand, stand to be the biggest beneficiaries.

In just two weeks since Trump signed an executive order calling for the expansion of immigrant detention facilities at or near the border with Mexico, stocks for private prison companies have surged.

While the Obama administration implemented the most heavy-handed measures against immigrants compared to any other president — actions that earned him the monicker “deporter-in-chief” — Trump is expected to substantially ramp-up the mass immigrant detention system Obama put in place.

Prisons are already filled to the brim with immigrant detainees, and critics warn that Trump's anti-immigrant policies and mass apprehensions are likely to exacerbate the squalid conditions.

Carl Takei, a staff attorney at the American Civil Liberties Union’s National Prison Project, told the LA Times that there is likely to be “an enormous boondoggle for the private prison industry.”

“The immigration system already lacks rigorous oversight and transparency,” he explained. “And now there’s this perfect storm — a push to rapidly expand the system, a lack of existing oversight and the profit motive driving these companies.”

Private prison companies already provide a much lower cost to keep inmates, compared to federally run Immigration and Customs Enforcement facilities. That profit motive is at the expense of decent conditions in these centers.

A prime example is the Willacy County Correctional Center, in Willacy County, Texas. Conditions in the prison were so bad that detainees engaged in a mass uprising, cutting and burning holes in their tents, wielding pipes and brooms and taking control of the prison for nearly two days. After the incident, the Bureau of Prisons shut down the facility in 2015, deeming it “uninhabitable,” and transferred all the inmates to other federal prisons.

“The level of human suffering was just unbelievable,” Kathleen Baldoni, a former Willacy nurse, told a congressional briefing in 2009.

In addition, a 2010 human rights report stated that for every 1,358 inmates, there was only one physician on staff. The next year, a PBS documentary investigated more than a dozen allegations of sexual abuse by Willacy guards.

With Trump and his anti-immigration policies in the White House, heavy-handed immigration enforcement is likely to continue to rely on private prisons with just as squalid conditions. And the private corporations are already salivating over the prospect.

According to the Associated Press, the largest private prison operator in the U.S., CoreCivic — formerly the Corrections Corporation of America — has said it is able to provide the extra detention facilities needed to enforce Trump's executive orders on immigration.

The corporation's stocks had slumped last year when the Obama administration inched toward easing private prison use, but the company's economic outlook bounced back with a 43 percent jump in its stocks the day after Trump's election.

Trump’s executive order requires the detention of all migrants that cross the southern border, including minors and women with children. In 2016, more than 400,000 migrants were apprehended when crossing the border.

John Kelly, Trump's pick for Department of Homeland Security secretary, will lead the crackdown by tripling the number of U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents to have more manpower to deport and detain any migrant who tries to cross, including families, minors and asylum seekers regardless of their rights under U.S. and international laws.

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United Kingdom Confirms Trump's Visit

The British government confirmed today that US President Donald Trump will make a state visit in the coming months to the United Kingdom, despite the controversy generated in the country by this invitation.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs notes that the Government recognizes the 'strong' opinions that this visit may provoke, but does not share the request to cancel it signed by 1.8 million people.

In a statement issued Tuesday, the executive insisted that the White House chief should be received with 'total courtesy.'

During her trip to Washington on January 27, British Prime Minister Theresa May extended the invitation to the American dignitary.

The government considers that rejecting the visit would be a populist gesture and would seriously damage relations between both countries, despite the popular clamor generated by the temporary veto imposed by Trump on the entry into the United States of citizens of several Muslim-majority nations.

Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow opposed Trump's speech to Parliament during his forthcoming visit.

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Trump Signs Executive Orders Giving More Power to Police

Just days earlier, Trump said the crime rate in the U.S. was at its highest in 47 years, a claim contradicted by the FBI.

U.S. President Donald Trump signed three executive orders Thursday that he claims will result in a crackdown on the “threat of rising crime” in the United States and give more power to federal and local police, but legal experts argue that his claims about the crime rate contradict reality.

Shortly after the swearing-in ceremony for the now Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who has been accused of racism in the past, Trump signed the orders by saying they were “designed to restore safety in America.”

One of the directives calls for tackling crimes against police officers, which right-wing groups claim is a growing problem and have used the issue to discredit groups like Black Lives Matter who are fighting and protesting against the continued police killings of Black people.

“I am directing the Department of Justice to reduce crimes and crimes of violence against law enforcement officers,” the president told reporters as he signed the orders. “It’s a shame, what has been happening to our great, our truly great, law enforcement officers. That is going to stop today.”

The executive order seeks to “define new federal crimes, and increase penalties for existing federal crimes, in order to prevent violence” against state and federal police.

Just days earlier Trump repeated a false statement that he issued during his campaign that the crime rate in the U.S. is at its highest in 47 years. Figures from the Federal Bureau of Investigation contradict that claim.

According to the FBI, current data shows that crime is in fact at its lowest rate in decades. In 2015, there were 372.6 cases of violent crime reported per 100,000 people.

In 2008, the year before Barack Obama took office, the violent crime rate was 458.6 cases per 100,000 people. In 1992, there were 758.2 cases per 100,000 people.

"President Trump intends to build task forces to investigate and stop national trends that don't exist," Jeffery Robinson, deputy legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union, said in a statement.

"We have seen historic lows in the country's crime rate and a downward trend in killings against police officers since the 1980s. The president not only doesn't acknowledge these facts about our nation's safety, he persists in ignoring the all-too-real deaths of Black and brown people at the hands of law enforcement."

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Suspension of Trump's 'Muslim Ban' Upheld by Appeals Court

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has announced that it will not block a lower-court ruling that temporarily froze Trump's controversial executive order.

A federal appeals court Thursday refused to reinstate President Donald Trump's ban on people traveling to the United States from seven Muslim-majority nations.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals announced it will not block a lower-court ruling that temporarily froze Trump's controversial executive order.

"We hold that the government has not shown a likelihood of success on the merits of its appeal, nor has it shown that failure to enter a stay would cause irreparable injury, and we therefore, deny its emergency motion for a stay," the court said in an official statement.

The order, titled "Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States," suspended the entry of emigrants from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen for 90 days. The order also prohibited the entry of refugees for 120 days.

The two U.S. states that filed the suit against Trump's executive order, Washington and Minnesota, argue that the order is unconstitutional and discriminates against Muslims. Trump's administration, however, claims the decree was a "lawful exercise" of his presidential authority.

Shortly after the decision was released, Trump took to Twitter to fire back.

Last week, U.S. District Judge James L. Robart issued a temporary restraining order blocking enforcement of Trump's executive order. The Seattle-based judge questioned the use of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks as the basis for the ban, arguing that no one from the seven listed countries had carried out attacks on U.S. soil. He opposed the order, deeming it unconstitutional, saying it had to be "based in fact, as opposed to fiction."

   Robart also ruled that the states have legal standing to sue, which could help Democratic Party politicians take Trump to court on diverse issues beyond immigration.

Robart's Feb. 3 nationwide block on Trump's order also elicited harsh words from the president: “The opinion of this so-called judge, which essentially takes law enforcement away from our country, is ridiculous and will be overturned!" Earlier that day, a federal judge in Boston refused to extend a temporary restraining order that allowed some immigrants into the United States from countries affected by Trump's executive order.

The "Muslim Ban" issued on Jan. 27 triggered uprisings at U.S. airports across the country. Hundreds of protesters packed into arrival areas to demonstrate against the decree and to show their solidarity with travelers abroad who were turned back from flights into the United States.

The Justice Department, which does not usually comment on ongoing litigation, said it was “considering its options," the Huffington Post reports.

Trump is expected to take the case to the U.S. Supreme Court.

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Washington: Trump and His Growing Problems

Tainted by his famous characteristic, rubbing some the wrong way can build up an explosive situation in the United States.

This is the main meaning derived from the group of information on this regard from there. According to experts, all this corroborates that Trump’s administration is heading for a rough path

Now with its customary grotesque language the leader accused the media and the Justice "of underestimating a terrorist threat".

Members from the San Francisco's Appeal Court listened to Washington State spokesmen, territory where a court lifted the banning against the entrance of refugees from seven countries of Muslim majority.

As it is known, the Trump’s migratory veto was a go last January 27 and stirred confusion even among those who were responsible to apply it.

It also stirred chaos in airports and unleashed world protests.

At first it attained popular support, but now a light majority of Americans disapprove of it.

After the popular support in the beginning, two new surveys showed as a result that a small majority of Americans back it.

It was in this turmoil that a legislator from Alabama intended to raise by a 2% the tax on funds transfer to Mexico.

According to the Associated Press (AP), the author was the republican congressman from that ultraconservative territory, Mike Rogers who seek to collect 1 000 million dollars "a year" with his proposal.

Those funds transfer that go from the United States to the neighboring nation, climb yearly to about 30.000 million dollars.

Republican leaders in the Capitol estimated in 15,000 million dollars the cost of the construction of the wall that Trump values so much.

AP remembered this week that Trump insists in Mexico to run with the expense of the construction of the wall, when President Enrique Peña Nieto has said the opposite.

In fact a journalist from the New Herald was born in Mexico, Jorge Ramos Avalos, thanked this Monday the United States, the opportunities that it gave him.

However, at the same time he wrote that, based on the current reality, he doesn't expect the same luck for thousands of his countrymen.

Why he arrives to this conclusion? He argues that.

Millions of Mexicans that arrived after me in the United States could be deported.

In the same executive order in which Trump announces the construction of the wall with Mexico there is a radical change in priorities to deport.

Now those who have "committed acts that constitute a criminal offense" (regardless if they are never found guilty) can be expelled.

There are also those who have committed "fraud... before a government's agency", that is, anyone who has used a fake license or fake social security number.

"Translation: practically the 11 million foreign illegal living in the United States are now a deportation priority".

The greatest fear is that the following step would be massive raids in working places, houses, and business centers.

Therefore, the multimillionaire president has been gathering a feeling of rejection which is about to brim over.

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Anti-Donald Trump: war propaganda

Two weeks after his investiture, the Altantist Press continues with its work of disinformation and agitation against the new President of the United States of America. Trump and his new collaborators are multiplying declarations and gestures which are apparently contradictory, so that it is difficult to understand what is going on in Washington.

The anti-Trump campaign

The bad faith of the Atlantist Press can be verified for each of these four main themes.

- 1. Concerning the beginning of the dismantling of Obamacare (20 January), we are obliged to report that, contrary to what is being announced in the Atlantist Press, the underprivileged classes who should have benefited from this system have avoided it en masse. This form of «social security» turned out to be too expensive and too directive to attract them. Only the private companies who manage this system have been truly satisfied by it.

- 2. Concerning the prolongation of the Wall at the Mexican border (23 to 25 January), there is nothing xenophobic about it - the Secure Fence Act was signed by President George W. Bush, who began its construction. The work was continued by President Barack Obama with the support of the Mexican government of the time. Beyond the fashionable rhetoric about «walls» and «bridges», reinforced border systems only work when the authorities of both sides agree to make them operational. They always fail when one of the parties opposes them. The interest of the United States is to control the entry of migrants, while the interest of Mexico is to prevent the import of weapons. None of that has changed. However, with the application of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), transnational companies have delocalised, from the United States to Mexico, not only non-qualified jobs (in conformity with the Marxist rule of «the tendency of the rate of profit to fall (TRPF)», but also qualified jobs which are performed by under-paid workers («social dumping»). The appearance of these jobs has provoked a strong rural exodus, destructuring Mexican society, on the model of what happened in 19th century Europe. The transnational companies then lowered wages, plunging part of the Mexican population into poverty – which now only dreams of being correctly paid in the United States itself. Since Donald Trump has announced that he intends to remove the US signature from the NAFTA agreement, things should return to normal in the years to come, and satisfy both Mexico and the United States.

- 3. Concerning the abortion issue (23 January), President Trump has forbidden the payment of federal subsidies to specialised associations which receive funds from abroad. By doing so, he has warned those specific associations that they must choose between their social objective to help women in distress or being paid by George Soros to demonstrate against him – as was the case on 21 January. This decree therefore has nothing to do with abortion, but with the prevention of a «colour revolution».

- 4. Concerning the anti-immigration decrees (25 to 27 January), Donald Trump announced that he was going to apply the law - inherited from the Obama era – in other words, to expel the 11 million illegal foreigners. He has suspended federal aid to those cities which announced that they would refuse to apply the law – where will we get our cleaning ladies if we have to declare them? He specified that among these illegal immigrants, he would begin by expelling the 800,000 criminals who have been the object of criminal proceedings, in the United States, Mexico or elswhere. Besides this, in order to prevent the arrival of terrorists, he has suspended all the authorisations for immigration to the United States, and has placed a three-month ban on people from countries where it is impossible to verify their identity and their situation. He did not draw up the list of such countries himself, but referred to a previous text from President Obama. For example, here in Syria, there is no longer a US embassy or Consulate. From the point of view of the administrative police, it is therefore logical to put Syrians on this list. But this can only concern a minimal number of people. In 2015, only 145 Syrians managed to obtain the US «green card». Aware of the numerous special cases which might arise, the Presidential decree allows all liberty to the State Department and Homeland Security to issue dispensations. The fact that the application of these decrees was sabotaged by civil servants opposed to President Trump, who applied them with brutality, does not make the President either a racist or an Islamophobe.

The campaign led by the Atlantist Press against Donald Trump is therefore unfounded. To pretend that he has opened a war against Muslims, and to evoke publicly his possible destitution, even his assassination, is no longer simply bad faith – it’s war propaganda.

Donald Trump’s objective

Donald Trump was the first personality in the world to contest the official version of the attacks of 9/11, on television that very day. After having noted that the engineers who built the Twin Towers were now working for him, he declared on New York’s Channel 9 that it was impossible that Boeings could have burst through the steel structures of the towers. He continued by stating that it was also impossible that Boeings could have caused the towers to collapse. He concluded by affirming that there had to be other factors of which we were as yet unaware.

From that day on, Donald Trump has never ceased to resist the people who had committed those crimes. During his inaugural speech, he emphasised that this was not a passage of power between two administrations, but a restitution of power to United States citizens, who had been deprives of it [for sixteen years].

During his electoral campaign, once again during the transitional period, and again since he took office, he has repeated that the imperial system of these last years has never benefited US citizens, but only a small clique of which Mrs. Clinton is the emblematic figure. He declared that the United States would no longer attempt to be the «first», but the «best». His slogans are - « Make America great again» and «America first»

This 180° political turn has shaken a system which has been implemented over the last 16 years, and has its roots in the Cold War, which, in 1947, only the United States wanted. This system has gangrened numerous international institutions, such as NATO (Jens Stoltenberg and General Curtis Scaparrotti), the European Union (Federica Mogherini), and the United Nations (Jeffrey Feltman).

If Donald Trump is to reach his objective, it will take years.

Towards a peaceful dismantling of the United States Empire

In two weeks, many things have begun, often in the greatest discretion. The booming declarations of President Trump and his team deliberately spread confusion and enabled him to ensure that the nominations of his collaborators were confirmed by a partially hostile Congress.

We must understand that it’s a fight to the death between two systems that has just begun in Washington. Let’s leave the Atlantist Press to comment on the often contradictory and incoherent statements by this one or that, and look at the facts on their own.

Before anything else, Donald Trump made sure that he had control over the security apparatus. His first three nominations (National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, Secretary of Defense James Mattis and Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly) are three Generals who have contested the «continuity of government» since 2003. Next, he reformed the National Security Council to exclude the inter-army Chief of Staff and the director of the CIA.

Even though the latter decree will probably be revised, it still has not been. Let us note in passing that we announced the intention of Donald Trump and General Flynn to eliminate the post of Director of National Intelligence. However, this post has been maintained and Dan Coats has been nominated for it. It transpires that talk of its supression was a tactic to demonstrate that the presence of the Director of National Intelligence in the Council was enough to justify the exclusion of the Director of the CIA.

The substitution of the word «best» for «first» leads to the engagement of partnerships with Russia and China, rather than a tentative to crush them.

In order to hobble this policy, the friends of Mrs. Clinton and Mrs. Nuland have relaunched the war against the Donbass. The important losses they have experienced since the beginning of the conflict have led the Ukrainian army to withdraw and put paramilitary Nazi militia in the front line. The combats have inflicted heavy civilian casualities on the inhabitants of the new popular Republic. Simultaneously, in the Near East, they have managed to deliver tanks to the Syrian Kurds, as planned by the Obama administration.

In order to resolve the Ukrainian conflict, Donald Trump is looking for a way to help to eject President Petro Porochenko. He therefore received at the White House the head of the opposition, Ioulia Tymochenko, even before he accepted a phone call from President Porochenko.

In Syria and Iraq, Donald Trump has already begun operations in common with Russia, even thought his spokesperson denies it.The Russian Minister for Defence, who had imprudently revealed it, has ceased to say anything on the subject.

Concerning Beijing, President Trump has put an end to US participation in the Trans-Pacific Treaty (TPP) - a treaty which had been conceived in order to inhibit China. During the period of transition, he received the second richest man in China, Jack Ma (the businessman who confirmed - «No-one has stolen your jobs, you spend too much on war»). We know that their discussions touched on the possible adhesion of Washington to the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). If this were to be the case, the United States would agree to cooperate with China rather than hindering it. They would participate in the construction of two Silk Roads, which would make the wars in Donbass and Syria pointless.

In matters of finance, President Trump has begun the dismantling of the Dodd-Frank law which attempted to resolve the crisis of 2008 by averting the brutal collapse of the major banks («too big to fail»). Although this law has some positive aspects (it’s 2,300 pages long), it establishes a guardianship of the Treasury over the banks, which obviously hinders their development. Donald Trump is also apparently preparing to restore the distinction between deposit banks and investment banks (Glass-Steagall Act).

Finally, the clean-up of international institutions has also begun. The new ambassador to the UNO, Nikki Haley, has requested an audit of the 16 «peace-keeping» missions. She has made it known that she intends to put an end to those which seem to be inefficient. From the point of view of the United Nations Charter, all such missions will be audited without exception. Indeed, the founders of the Organisation had not foreseen this type of military deployment (today, more than 100,000 men and women). The UNO was created to avert or resolve conflicts between states (never intra-state conflict). When two parties conclude a cease-fire, the Organisation may deploy observers in order to verify the respect of the agreement. But on the contrary, these «peace-keeping» operations are aimed at enforcing the respect of a solution imposed by the Security Council and refused by one of the two parties involved in the conflict - in reality, it is the continuation of colonialism.

In practice, the presence of these forces only makes the conflict last longer, while their absence changes nothing. So the troops of the United Nations Interim Force (UNIFIL) deployed at the Israëlo-Lebanese border, but only on Lebanese territory, do not prevent either Israëli military operations or military operations by the Lebanese Resistance, as we have already seen many times. They serve only to spy on the Lebanese on behalf of the Israëlis, thus prolonging the conflict. In the same way, the troops of the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force, or UNDOF, deployed at the demarcation line in the Golan have been chased away by Al-Qaïda, without that changing anything at all in the Israëlo-Syrian conflict. Putting an end to this system means returning to the spirit and the letter of the Charter, renouncing colonial privileges, and pacifying the world.

Behind the media controversy, the street demonstrations, and the confrontation between politicians, President Trump is holding his course.

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Mexico: Trump Wall to Have Ecological Costs

The wall that President Donald Trump ordered to build on the US-Mexico border will have ecological costs, asserted today Gerardo Ceballos from the Institute of Ecology of the Mexico National Autonomous University (UNAM).

The expert recalled that the fence would be extended over more than 3,000 kilometers, through some of the richest biodiversity sites of the continent. Reptiles, mammals, even amphibians will be affected in their mobility, stressed Ceballos in an interview with Televisa.

He stressed that the most affected will be mammals, in particular the jaguar (in danger of extinction), gray wolf, black bear and even bison that move on the border.

To these species climate change will make them more vulnerable with the wall, because they will no longer be able to look for better sites to the south, as they have done for centuries, noted the expert.

We are condemning these species, concluded the researcher, who urged to protect ecosystems and not to divide them.

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