Trump's 'Deal of the Century' to Not Include Palestinian State

“We believe we have a plan that is fair, realistic and implementable that will enable people to live better lives," a Trump administration official said on Sunday.

U.S. President Donald Trump's "Deal of the Century" to resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict will be absent of a Palestinian state, the Washington Post reported on Sunday.

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The Washington Post article said Trump's deal promises to improve the lives of Palestinians, but will not recognize a fully sovereign Palestinian state.

This peace deal is expected to be rolled out some time in late Spring or early Summer, which is two years after Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner announced that they had established a plan to resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict. 

The Washington Post article contends that the Trump peace deal will focus primarily on Israel's security interests and less on Arab territorial concerns. 

“We believe we have a plan that is fair, realistic and implementable that will enable people to live better lives,” a senior White House official said on Friday, as quoted by Israel's Arutz Sheva. “We looked at past efforts and solicited ideas from both sides and partners in the region with the recognition that what has been tried in the past has not worked. Thus, we have taken an unconventional approach founded on not hiding from reality, but instead speaking truth.”

The reason for the delay in releasing this peace plan is due to Trump's desire to wait for Israeli Prime Benjamin Netanyahu to form a new coalition in his govenrment, the Washington Post added.

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Time Is Running Out: Trump Has Until April 23 to Release Taxes

Trump can no longer avoid to hand in his tax returns, unless he wants to face punishment for his refusal.

According to reports, the U.S. House Committee on Ways and Means demanded U.S. President Donald Trump hand in his personal and business tax returns from the past six years by April 23. Should the president, however, not comply with the decree, he could face serious consequences.

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The initial deadline set for April 10 by the Committee was ignored by the president. Trump and his legal representatives have repeadetly argued that he is unable to release the tax returns as they are currently under "audit," although as reiterated by several legal experts, no such legal stipulation exists under the current U.S. tax law. Trump even went so far as to say he is not required by law to hand in his tax returns to Congress. In reality, the opposite is the true. 

However, the public might has to wait and hold back on 'schadenfreude,' the tax returns would have to be studied confidentially. However, Trump's ally, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, might face serious legal consequences if the Committees demands are not met by April 23.

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The Government of Ignorants

Many might think, and with good reason that the worst enemy of the United States president, Donald Trump, is himself.

This thought comes as a result of the statements he made last week in Michigan, as part of a meeting campaign in which he waded against liberal "elites" and he praised his republican brothers and himself for the fortune he’s been able to gather, as Hispantv reported.

At this meeting the number forty five president of the United States, assured that his colleagues are the true elite, better said, the super elite, because they have "more money, more brains, better houses, apartments and better boats."

"I am more intelligent, I went to better schools, I have better apartments, I am better educated", said Trump, mocking the liberals. And you might think now I’ve heard it all, it can’t worse anymore than that, but no, it goes one: "I have a much more beautiful house, I have everything much more beautiful. And I am president and they aren’t", he added.

Nobody doubts that he is the president, what’s more, nobody doubts that he is the most unpopular president since surveys are carried out. It’s not even in dispute his large wealth. That he is a millionaire, he is certainly millionaire. That is a huge truth that he shouts through e very roof top and by the way, he should add a few little things he keeps hidden.

For example, Forbes Magazine assures that the wealth of the North American magnate and investor reaches 3. 700 million dollars and also that he has refused, in several occasions, to publish his tax report.

On the other hand, the The New York Times judged the way in which has grown the fortune of the White House tenant by publishing a research work, where he was accused of helping his parents to avoid taxes and create next to his siblings a fake company to hide millions of dollars.

The real estate tycoon, expressed the newspaper, built an important part of his fortune thanks to doubtful fiscal practices and, in some cases, clearly fraudulent. In back then his lawyer, Michael Cohen, came forward to reject the content of the report, but let’s remember that this same man accused him recently before the Congress of “swindler and cheater.”

«When Donald Trump ran for the presidency, he didn't have the intention of running this nation, but to promote his trademark, himself, and build his wealth and power. The campaign to presidency for him was always a marketing opportunity», said the lawyer.

It is so that Trump at a moment of the meeting mention before expressed that "his surprising victory in 2016 elections was possibly the most extraordinary event in his life."

And yes, we have had time to assimilate the great event and confirm that he never had the slightest intention of directing, neither of taking care of the problems of his nation. In four years in office, the world’s first power has 40 million North Americans living in poverty, 18,5 millions in extreme poverty and 5,3 millions under conditions characteristic of the third world", according to a report of Philip G. Alston on UN Human Rights.

With these figures what president could think of, at a campaign event for his reelection boast of his huge wealth and that of the members of his staff ($4.300 millions) when such figures contrast alarmingly with the conditions of many of their citizens.

That, ladies and gentlemen, at least, shows the lack of wits of Trump and all his gang.

It’s not me who is saying it. The journalist Paul Krugman said it on April 1st in The New York Times: "many have described Trump’s government as a kakistocracy—the worst of governments —, and there is no doubt that it is. But it could also be said that is an ineptocracy—the government of the ignorants and incompetents—".

Warner Bros Yanks Trump's ''Batman'' Music Tweet For Copyright Violation

Washington, United States: A video that President Donald Trump re-tweeted that included the soundtrack of a Batman movie was pulled from his account due to copyright violations.

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they call you racist," read the text at the start of the fan-made 2020 Trump campaign video, as pictures of Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton flashed on the screen.

The video, which Trump reposted Tuesday evening, showed images of his presidency, including his meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

"Your vote proved them all wrong," the two-minute video said, calling Trump's 2020 re-election a "great victory."

The soundtrack of the video was composer Hans Zimmer's "Why Do We Fall?" from the 2012 movie "The Dark Knight Rises" - and movie Warner Brothers, which owns the Batman franchise, was not happy.

"The use of Warner Bros.' score from The Dark Knight Rises' in the campaign video was unauthorized," the movie studio told Buzzfeed News. "We are working through the appropriate legal channels to have it removed."

By Wednesday all that was left on Trump's Twitter feed was a dead link with a message that read "This media has been disabled in response to a report by the copyright owner."

The video, however, garnered 101,000 likes and 31,000 retweets before it was pulled.

This is not the first time that the president has retweeted controversial fan-made material.

Previous cases include the image of the president body slamming a CNN logo.

Musicians including Pharell Williams and Aerosmith have also complained about Trump using their music for political purposes.

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Must Stop People From Crossing Border Like Going To "Disneyland": Trump

Washington, United States: US President Donald Trump said Tuesday he won't resume separating children of undocumented migrants, but insisted the policy does prevent people from treating illegal border crossings like a trip to "Disneyland."

"We're not looking to do it," he told reporters at the White House.

However, Trump said the practice, which ended in June 2018 under heavy political and legal pressure, had in fact been useful in stemming the flow of illegal immigrants across the US-Mexican border.

"I'll tell you something: once you don't have it, that's why you have many more people coming," Trump said of migrants and asylum seekers.

"They are coming like it's a picnic, like 'let's go to Disneyland,'" Trump said. Just last week he referred to the asylum process as a "hoax."

Trump's battle to prevent illegal immigration and soaring numbers of asylum seekers has turned into the biggest political fight in the country ahead of next year's presidential election.

The Republican is pushing hard for construction of hundreds of miles of new border wall and layers of razor wire. He says that the United States is "full" and cannot take any more migrants or even people fleeing violence in Central America.

On Sunday, Trump abruptly announced the departure of the official in charge of fighting illegal immigration -- Homeland Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.

According to US media reports, Trump's reshuffle could herald even harsher measures on the southern border.

Confusion and rhetoric

But Trump's latest comments reflect the confused nature of the White House's messaging on the sensitive immigration issue.

Trump claimed that he never wanted children to be taken away from their parents when they crossed the border illegally or sought asylum. Instead he blamed this on his Democratic predecessor Barack Obama.

"Just so you understand, President Obama separated the children. Those cages that were shown -- I think they were very inappropriate -- were by President Obama's administration, not by Trump. President Obama had child separation," Trump said.

"You know it. We all know it. I'm the one who stopped it," he said.

Obama did crack down on illegal immigration, resulting in large numbers of deportations and children were detained along with their parents.

However, Trump hugely accelerated the tough measures with a so-called zero-tolerance policy.

This meant that anyone crossing illegally would face automatic prosecution, leading to jailing of adults and immediate separation of their children.

Before, families with children were largely allowed to stay together, whether on bail, in custody or being deported.

By the time Trump's policy was halted, thousands of children had been removed and placed in temporary accommodation, leading to harrowing images and reports of administrative chaos in which parents were later unable to find their children.

Last week, Trump threatened to impose steep import tariffs on Mexican automobiles if Mexico does not do more to stop would-be migrants on their trek north to the US border.

However, the timing and practicalities of this were unclear.

Previously, Trump said he would shut down the entire border to stop immigrants entering, but he then backed off in the face of worries over the economic impact.

Another controversial policy of automatically returning asylum seekers to wait in Mexico was blocked Monday by a federal judge in California.

The White House issued a statement Tuesday condemning the ruling and saying it would appeal.

The court impedes the president's ability to stop an influx "crashing our immigration system and overwhelming our country," Trump's press office said.

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Trump’s Tax Returns Will 'Never' Be Released: White House

Congressional tax committee submitted April 3 a request to disclose six years of the president's returns from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

U.S. President Donald Trump’s tax returns will never be handed over to Democratic lawmakers, White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney said Sunday.

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This response comes as a Congressional tax committee submitted April 3 a request to disclose six years of the president's returns from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), headed by chairman Rep. Richard Neal (D).

"This is a legitimate authority that the Congress has. This president, by the way, is the least transparent president we've had in half a century,” told ABC Rep. Dan Kildee (D) and a tax committee member.

By not presenting his tax returns, Trump is indeed defying a decade long practice, in which US presidential candidates since 1976 have released tax information. However, there is no law requiring it. Mulvaney continued that “Democrats are demanding that the IRS turn over the documents. That is not going to happen, and they know it”,  adding that it is simply a “political stunt.”

Democratic Representative Ben Ray Lujan noted that presidents for decades have voluntarily released this information, and his party’s request is “not political, as our Republican colleagues are making it out to be.”

While Trump’s lawyer William Consovoy mapped out the legal road ahead, explaining in a statement, the request filed by Neal flouts “constitutional constraints”. If Congress decides to take the case to court there will be little to none legal precedence as most document disputes between the legislative and executive branches of government are resolved by negotiation.

Yet Democrats hope that by obtaining the tax returns will allow them to identify any conflicts of interest posed by Trump’s global business empire and his current administration. 

Several of the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates have already released their own tax returns in an effort to contrast themselves with Trump, and more are expected to follow suit in the coming days. And even though Democrats might use this against Trump's re-election campaign, the current President showed in 2016 that despite not releasing his tax information voters still supported him.


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Trump ‘salivates’ over prospect of nuclear deals with Saudis despite proliferation concerns – expert

Safeguards should be introduced to curb Saudi Arabia’s atomic energy plans, an expert on nuclear power issues told RT, noting that, while President Trump is ‘salivating’ over juicy trade deals, the world has been put in danger.

“[Saudis] already are developing certain behind-the-scenes capabilities. They are looking to expand their nuclear energy development,” Peter Kuznick, the Director of the Nuclear Studies Institute at American University said, stressing that observers are “frightened” at the thought that Riyadh is inching closer to potentially obtaining nukes.

If that happens in the Middle East this could really be a disaster.

“They have refused to sign the additional protocol that was put into place by the International Atomic Agency in the late 1990s to make sure or at least make it more difficult for countries to use their abilities in developing nuclear energy to actually make nuclear weapons,” he said.

Also on US senators press energy chief to reveal details of nuclear cooperation with Saudis...

Earlier in the week, Google Earth satellite images revealed that Saudi Arabia is nearing completion of its first nuclear reactor in King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology in Riyadh. But the Kingdom cannot be trusted with keeping its nuclear ambitions purely civilian, because Riyadh has been pointing a finger at Iran and has made it clear that it intends to match the alleged nuclear capabilities of its rival – even though the Islamic Republic’s peaceful civilian atomic program is closely supervised by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

While President Donald Trump unilaterally withdrew from the international nuclear deal with Iran – to the cheers of no one besides the Saudis and Israel – his closest aides have reportedly been helping the Saudis with their nuclear ambitions. Energy Secretary Rick Perry had confirmed issuing seven authorizations to US companies, that allow them to export “unclassified civil nuclear technology” to Saudi Arabia. The details, however, were kept under the public radar.

Also on Trump accused of seeking to sell US nuclear ‘secrets’ to Saudis… so why is this Russia’s fault?...

“The United States has facilitated this despite the fact that there is no bilateral pact between the US and the Saudis,” Kuznick noted.

The Trump administration is salivating over the prospect of these massive nuclear energy deals with Saudi Arabia... This is the regime that cannot even be trusted with a bone saw.

To prevent the Saudis from developing nuclear weapon capabilities, Kuznick proposed introducing international safeguards and monitoring. “Why not have the same safeguards in Saudi Arabia that we now have in Iran?” he suggested. “The same degree of inspection. The same degree of surveillance. The same degree of monitoring.”

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Xi Jinping Stresses Need of Mutual Respect in USA Negotiations

President Xi Jinping on Friday stressed the need to maintain equity, respect and mutual benefit in negotiations with the United States to soon reach an agreement that would halt the trade war.

In a message addressed to his U.S. peer Donald Trump, the president exhorted him to work together because these values prevail, while the parties try to resolve both sides' concerns in economic matters.

Xi praised that the negotiators achieved substantial progress in shaping the pact after contacts were resumed early this year.

He also stressed that the development of healthy and stable relations between China and the United States requires strategic leadership and close communication between him and Trump.

Xi's letter was delivered some few hours ago by Deputy Prime Minister Liu He -chief negotiator of the Chinese team- during a meeting with Trump in Washington.

The bitter dispute marked one year in March, and the White House investigations on the alleged Chinese efforts that allegedly distort the national market to force, press and steal technology and American intellectual property unleashed it.

After knocking into levels of dangerous tension, the relations between Beijing and Washington go down a little, and found a mid-point on those and other important issues in their economic-commercial ties.

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