Emmanuel Macron Keeps Lead in Race for French Presidency

The center-liberal candidate Emmanuel Macron is a clear favorite to win the presidential elections in France, with a comfortable lead of some 20 points over the ultra-right nominee Marine Le Pen.

If it is known that the representative of the National Front has carried out an aggressive campaign on the field, that does not seem to be reflected on vote intention showed by a survey of Ipsos/Sopra Steria, published this Tuesday in several news media.

According to the study, the young leader of the movement En Marche hoards between 57 to 63 percent of the support, while his rival has from 37 to 43 percent, having in mind the error margin.

According to the poll, Macron attracts the majority of voters who favored other candidates in the first round.

In that sense, 76 percent of socialist Benoit Hamon followers, plan to back up the center aspirant, 49 percent of those who backed conservative François Fillon and 47 percent of left-wing Jean-Luc Melenchon.

For her part, Le Pen only manages to attract 25 percent of Fillon backers, 19 percent of Melenchon's and five percent of those of Hamon.

Although Macron is in a much more favorable position, the study showed some nuances: of the total interviewed, only 20 percent really wants his victory, 40 percent will support him solely to prevent the triumph of Le Pen and 40 percent would prefer he was defeated.

On the other hand, the study asked about citizen perceptions on the two finalists and the young politician generates more confidence in the handling of European issues, the place of France in the world, the struggle against unemployment, the moralization of public life and the environment.

On Le Pen's side, she generates more confidence on the anti-immigration issues, fight against terrorism, the combat of crime and the redujction of social inequities.

As for participation, the survey indicated that only 75 percent plan on voting May 7, two points less than in the first round held on April 23.

If the forecast is confirmed, it would be the first time since the decade of 1970 that the attendance to polling stations falls from the first to the second round.

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Decisive Stage of Election Campaign in France Begins

The campaign for the coming elections in France is now in its final and decisive stage, in the last week before the first round in which a total of 11 candidates will compete.

Presidential candidates will reinforce rallies, declarations, and public appearances, in order to win the vote of those still undecided, estimated at 34 percent of citizens, according to the latest Odoxa poll.

Analysts and media agree that the results of the first round will largely depend on the resolution of those who do not yet know who to vote for, although the high level of indecision could also lead to high abstention in a country where electoral participation average around 80 percent.

Of the 11 candidates, four lead the polls with fairly tight results, which introduces some uncertainty towards next Sunday's votes.

Centrist Emmanuel Macron and ultra-right Marine Le Pen remain at the top with about 23 percent of the support but experience a negative dynamic by losing three to five points in recent weeks.

By its part, the leftist Jean-Luc Melenechon continues the unstoppable rise since the end of March and is in third place with about 20 percent.

In the case of the right-wing François Fillon, after several weeks stalled, he now manages to recover some points up to 18 percent, according to the most recent studies.

Far more behind are the remaining candidates, including the socialist Benoit Hamon with 10 percent, and the six who fail to surpass the threshold of five percent: the centrists Jean Lassalle and Jacques Cheminade, the sovereignists Nicolas Dupont-Aignan and François Asselineau, as well as the leftists Nathalie Arthaud and Philippe Poutou.

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US Meddling In exchange for Regime in Brazil, Says an Expert

Political scientist Luiz Alberto de Vianna Moniz Bandeira confirmed here that there is direct and indirect evidence that the United States influenced and encouraged the legal war that ended with a regime change in Brazil.

Both, trial judge Sergio Moro, who leads the anti-corruption operation Lava Jato, and Attorney General Rodrigo Janot 'acted and act with US agencies openly against Brazilian companies, attacking the defense industry National ', he said.

In an interview published in Sunday´s edition of the Jornal do Brasil, Moniz Bandeira recalled that Moro, head of the process against Petrobras and the great national construction companies, was prepared in 2007 in courses promoted by the State Department and in 2008 participated in a special training program in the Harvard Law School.

In addition, in October 2009 he attended a regional conference on illicit financial crimes, promoted in Rio de Janeiro by the United States Embassy in Brazil.

As for Janot, he said that in February 2015 he traveled to Washington accompanied by Lava Jato investigators to gather information against Petrobras and met with the Justice Department, FBI Director General James Comey and Commission officials Of Securities.

In this regard, and questioned whether the brain of the Lava Jato operation is outside Brazil, the political scientist said that 'there is no brain. There are foreign and national interests that converge '.

The ties of Judge Moro and Attorney General Janot with the United States are notorious, insisted Moniz Bandeira and denounced that the damages that both caused and will cause to the Brazilian economy, surpass in an immeasurable scale all the damages that could have caused the corruption that they claim to fight.

In fact, he said, what they are doing is 'to de-structure, paralyze and decapitalize Brazilian, state and private companies, such as Odebrecht, which compete in the international market, South America and Africa.'

The author of The Global Disorder: The Specter of Total Domination also recalled that since 2002 there has been an informal cooperation agreement between federal prosecutors and police not only from Brazil but also from other countries, with the FBI to investigate Organized crime.

That is why, probably, the information obtained through the electronic espionage of the US National Security Agency on corruption organized by groups within Petrobras, favoring politicians, came to the Brazilian Federal Police and Sergio Moro, he said.

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Can Trump succeed?

The international Press is working to persuade us that the electors of Donald Trump have expressed a revolt of the white working classes against the élites. But in fact, all they are doing is prolonging the message of Hillary Clinton, whom these electors specifically rejected. It refuses to consider that the current cleavage has no connection with the themes she treated during the campaign.

And yet we have all seen a new line of fracture appear, not between, but in the heart of the two major parties. A number of Republican leaders supported Clinton, and several Democrat leaders supported Trump. Bernie Sanders even met with him to offer his services. Also, the analysis of the votes in terms of community loyalties (women, Hispanics, African Americans, Muslims , gays, etc.) no longer has any meaning. Although we were inundated with the idea that a vote for Trump was a vote for the hatred of minorities, at least a third of these minorities voted for him.

A few journalists tried to base their comments on the precedent of Brexit, although they had been just as surprised by that decision, and just as incapable of explaining it. If we analyse foreign precedents, we have to at least to take into account the surprise elections of Narendra Modi in India and Rodriguo Dutertre in the Philippines (an old US colony).

Despite the propaganda, the British did not vote against the Europeans, nor the Indians against the Muslims, nor the Philippinos against the Chinese. On the contrary, each of these three peoples hope only to save their own culture and live in peace. Although he was responsible for the anti-Muslim riots in Gujarat, in 2002, Narendra Modi offered his hand to Pakistan, persuaded that the problems between the two countries have been organised and sustained by the colonial powers. In the same way, Rodriguo Dutertre created astonishment by seeking rapprochement with the Chinese «enemy».

A few weeks ago, I explained in these columns [1] that the cleavage which divides the United States is not determined either by ethnic loyalties or social class, but by the Puritan ideology. If this explanation is accurate, we should witness an existential struggle of the partisans of this ideology against the Trump administration. Everything that the new President undertakes will be systematically sabotaged. Already, the sporadic demonstrations against the result of election show that the losers have no intention of respecting the rules of democracy.

Rather than thinking about how we might profit from the Trump administration, we should be asking ourselves how we can help him to succeed in liberating his country from its own imperialism, in order to put an end to a unipolar world and the «Wolfowitz doctrine» - or how we can substitute cooperation for confrontation.

While the US Press speculates on the possible nomination of personalities from the Bush administration to the Trump administration, we should be anticipating the political role that the commercial executives of the Trump Organisation will have to play. They are the only ones he can trust.

We should also take into account General Michael T. Flynn who, although he is a Democrat, was Trump’s main advisor on foreign policy and defence during the campaign. A Commander of Military Intelligence, from the first Geneva Conference to the conquest of Iraq by Daesh, he has never stopped opposing President Obama, Secretary of State Clinton, Generals David Petraeus and John Allen, and Jeffrey Feltman, concerning the use of jihadists and terrorism in order to maintain US imperialism. Whether as National Security advisor, director of the CIA, or Secretary of Defense, he will be the best ally for peace in the Levant.

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Stevie Wonder: 'Voting for Trump Is Like Asking Me to Drive'

With the countdown to 2016's Election Day coming to a close, many celebrities and musicians are utilizing their platforms to share final endorsements for his or her candidate of choice.

While the chaos leading up to voters hitting the polls tomorrow (November 8) is taking up most of the space on the internet today, Stevie Wonder kindly took a moment out of his day to deliver the ultimate mic drop of 2016.

According to Stevie Wonder, voting for Donald Trump is like asking the blind musician to drive. Yup, those were his words.

The iconic musician made the devilishly cheeky comparison during an interview following his involvement in the Philadelphia-hosted installment of the Get Out the Vote concert series in support of Hillary Clinton this past Friday (November 4).

“If you had an emergency situation and needed to go to the hospital, and you had to get there right away, would you want me driving your car?” he asked, knowing the answer would be a clear no. "Because I’m not an experienced driver, right?"

The 66-year-old's comparison, in the eyes of Clinton supporters, is a brilliant metaphor perfectly summing up a Trump presidency. He then went on to explain why he is choosing to endorse the Democratic candidate.

“So my belief is that Hillary is an experienced person of the government, and she has spent 30 years with a commitment," Wonder continued. "Not to mention that her parents taught her in a kinder way to have respect and love for all people. That’s the person I want to govern, to be the leader of this nation."

The 25-time Grammy Award winner then explained how he'd dread a Trump presidency, going as far as to say he'd hate to live "the last years of my life in a place of pessimism." His commentary may be grim by nature, but reflects with passion how he feels — and many agree with him.

"This is not a reality show," Wonder added. "This is life in reality. So I'm with her because I believe in where we are, and where we are going to go. I have always believed that America is great. We're just going to make it greater."

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Time Ending for Democratas and Republicans to Promote Candidates

Less than 24 hours before electing the new President of the United States, Republicans and Democrats occupy today the main TV spaces, in a last attempt to convince undecided voters.

It is scheduled for chief of the democrat presidential campaign, John Podesta, to speak on Hillary Clinton's end campaign strategy, while the head of the Republican National Committee (RNC), Reince Priebus, will make a final appeal for his candidate, Donald Trump.

The Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump had to hastily abandon the tribune of a campaign meeting in Reno, Nevada due to the threatening attitude of one of the participants in the audience.

The New York tycoon was guarded last night by members of the Secret Service who took him out through a lateral way out of the stage before an individual who pounced on the tribune and was feared to have a gun.
According to website The Hill, the Secret Service men and policemen arrested the man but found no fire arm, while Trump resumed his speech saying 'no one said it would be easy, but we will never stop'.
Meanwhile, democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton, maintains today the lead over her Republican rival, Donald Trump, with a slight difference of 1.7 points.

According to the general average of several national surveys, the former Secretary of State marches ahead in vote intention 46.6 over 44.9, slightly ahead of the New York billionaire, highlights the digital website RealClearPolitic.com.
The poll carried out by Fox News (46-45) and a study by Gravis signal a technical tie between both candidates.

Only the survey made by LA Times/USC Tracking gives as winner the Republican aspirant to the White House with a one point lead over his democrat opponent.

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U.S.-Elections: Will the Worst Win?

Most recent polls place Trump and Hillary tied or nearly evenly matched, and the result could be settled in the key States.

There is a conspiracy attempting to push Donald Trump into the White House.

It escalated after several consecutive surveys showed no hopeful victory for him on November 8th.

The Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) clearly is at play, next to sectors of the Department of Justice that are following suit.

Confronted with that reality, key figures within the Democratic Party, including acting President Barack Obama, are overtly striving to stop this contingency.

Most recent polls place Trump and Hillary tied or nearly evenly matched, and the result could be settled in the key States.

Was this perspective looming in most media and experts?

No, they bent on Trumps gradual and continued retreat consolidated after the debate that pitted them last October.

Now, out of the blue surfaced new e-mails having unfavorable content for Hillary.

At the same time, also peculiar, were found sensitive elements in the mobile of the former husband of a close aide of the Democratic candidate.

That was a game changer on the polls, until this Tuesday, "a survey of the Remington Group gave Trump a four-point lead over Hillary".

Hours later, The Washington Post and ABC took this difference to 1% in favor of real estate Tycoon.

Trump wrote in his Twitter account:

"The Washington Post poll made me go up 12 points in a week, precisely when the trickster Hillary exploded."

What he said was mixed with another meaningful curiosity.

The statements of FBI director, James Comey, about the finding of several confidential e-mails on Clinton’s cellphone from Anthony Weiner, the husband of Huma Abedin.

Who is she? The right arm of the Democratic presidential candidate.

Her former husband, Weiner is under investigation for allegedly sending "suggestive" photos to a minor.

But there was an interesting detail to consider when it comes to digging up the truth.

Abedin said on Friday that he "had no idea" how the emails ended up on her husband phone, “who is going through the divorce”.

FBI director wrote on Friday a letter to several senators to inform them what they called the curious discovery.

Both contending teams accelerated their tasks, while States considered favorable to Democrats so far are now considered "battlefronts".

CNN granted Hillary 340 votes for the Electoral College, that is, 70 over the necessary to be elected, while his rival had around 130.

But with new polls, the Democratic candidate only had 272 electoral votes. His Republican contender would have 179 electoral votes, with 87 "in between".

180 degree turn, exactly following the suspicious events that triggered it.

The question rises, would this perhaps be a variant of electoral coup in the United States?

An AFP journalist, Jerome Cartillier, wrote on Tuesday that this week Obama would be devoted almost exclusively to "hunt votes in favor of his former Secretary of State".

The President’s message reads plainly: do it for me, when at the end of his term exhibits what Cartillier calls "a strong popularity".

A comment of the latter anticipates that in his coming domestic tour, the President will strongly praised Hillary and will dart sharp criticism against Trump.

Weeks earlier, recalled the AFP correspondent, joined the black community in the mobilization in favor of the Democratic candidate.

"I would consider a personal insult, after the historic participation in 2008 and 2012, in particular in the heart of the black community, if this community is not moved for this election," he stressed.

A Professor of political science at Princeton University, Julian Zelizer, told the press: "Obama is aware, as well as Hillary’s campaign team, that the Democratic candidate" does not raises overflowing enthusiasm".

Then he said, she knows an electoral victory needs a strong mobilization in her favor by women, young people, blacks, and Hispanics.

Therefore, explained, Obama repeated that the black community should participate in the election, but a fact tumbles over his wishes.

On Wednesday, during a radio show, the head of the White House quoted data from the early voting that took place a few days back.

"I’ll be honest with you. The Latino vote is high. The votes in general are high. But the black vote, right now, is not as solid as it should."

Perhaps this clarifies that, even when it’s not the first time a President is set on a campaign for his succession, the intensity of Obama’s involvement "has no prior equivalent in recent history".

Amid this hectic panorama, hours away from the general elections, the FBI landed a new blow on Hillary’s candidacy.

What did she do now? Published data on a thorny case of Bill Clinton’s Presidency, which has sparked more outrage among Democrats.

She published 129 pages of documents related to a survey of year 2001, the last year in the Clinton administration.

Only a week away from November 8 elections, where Hillary runs for the Presidency.

The documents approach the Marc Rich case, charged with repeated tax evasion pardoned by Bill Clinton, the last day of his presidential mandate, a controversial fact 15 years ago.

The investigation of this amnesty was suspended in 2005 with no charges pressed against the former President.

Observers recalled that the publication of these documents takes place after the FBI chairman, James Comey, announced on October 28th the investigation on new e-mails from Hillary’s private server.

The latter, as it’s known, made significantly thorny the path of the former first lady into the White House.

Plenty of material for another dark story regarding how truly democracy works in this great country.

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Trump Worries about Progress of Independent Candidate in Utah

The presidential candidate Donald Trump attacked his contender Evan McMullin by calling him a ''puppet'' and with accusations of endangering the Republican nomination, in case the independent wins in the state of Utah.

In an interview last night on Fox News, Trump said that losing in Utah would have a 'devastating impact' for his aspirations, pointing to the intense campaign McMullin carries out in this State, a Republican who decided to run for the elections independently.

Given the results of some polls, the former CIA agent is very close to Trump in this area of the country, where McMullin was born.

According Dan Jones' survey, the New York billionaire advances in Utah with 30 percent of preferences, while McMullin follows him closely with 29, and Hillary Clinton with 25.

According to Rasmussen's, Clinton is ahead with 28 percent, the Emerson College's poll gives McMullin as the winner with 31 percent, ahead Trump with 27 and Clinton with 24, results that justify the reaction of real estate magnate on Sunday night.

Meanwhile, Evan McMullin answered to Trump's attacks through his Twitter account.

'If you've never heard of me, it is because while you were harassing women in beauty contests, I was fighting the terrorists abroad', McMullin wrote.

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