The Repeated U.S. Failure and the Option of Invasion to Venezuela

Desperate due to the chain of continuous failures in the coup attempt against the Bolivarian Revolution, the puppeteers pulling the strings of the marionette, Juan Guaidó, have now ordered him to resume, as a political weapon, the threat of a military invasion to Venezuela.

The other next option on the table seems to be – said Guaidó last Saturday in another of his "liberal" manifestations, where only a few hundred followers attended -, to contact "the South Command of the United States in order to establish a direct and wide relationship regarding cooperation."

Spokesman of Bolton and Marcos Rubios, where he should have said invasion, Guaidó used the euphemism "cooperation" because, according to him, besides the fake excuse of the already existent invasion of Cuban soldiers, all of the sudden, in the White House have discovered that in Venezuela there is a presence of the Army of National Liberation of Colombia (ELN for its Spanish acronym).

Attached to the new script of lies, Guaidó accused Maduro of facilitating "tools and intelligence resources" to the ELN this would make "the régime a sponsor of terrorism."

Guaidó’s new revelations were made a day after the other marionette from Washington, the Colombian president Iván Duque, affirmed that his country is "in high alert to avoid the ELN guerrilla to continue receiving weapons, ammunition and economic support from the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro", and that the acting Secretary of Defense of the United States, Patrick Shanahan, assured that last week the Pentagon had analyzed a wide range of military options.

But not everything is threats. Last Thursday, through an official statement, the National Bolivarian Armed Forces (NBAF) denounced the installation of a false positive in the frontier on the Colombian side whose Ministry of Foreign Affairs invented a supposed incursion of the Venezuelan army in his territory; and this same Saturday, the Minister of Defense, Vladimir Padrino warned that a United States Coast guard craft had carried out patrolling rounds in Venezuelan waters, an action that he added “won't be accepted.”

“We are not asking, it’s not a favor, we demand U.S. military authorities to respect the jurisdictional waters and sovereignty of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela”, said the minister according to a Reuters news.

The puppeteers of the torn marionette should swallow their imperial pride and force their imagination in search of new options to put on the table. The option of the provocations could unleash, in the event of a war of the United States and its allies in Venezuela, a regional catastrophe without precedents.

Setting aside the loyal Armed Forces, the homeland of Bolívar holds a weapon that no army or coalition, no matter how powerful it is, can defeat: the desires of an entire people to defend the achievements, their independence and sovereignty. Everything the swindler Guaidó has lacked since his proclamation last January 23rd until today.

Venezuelan ex-spy chief who defected to Guaido arrested on US drug trafficking warrant in Spain

The former chief of Venezuela's military intelligence – and the highest-ranking military officer to defect to the US-backed opposition – has been nabbed in Spain on a US warrant for allegedly trafficking tons of cocaine.

Hugo Carvajal was arrested by Spanish police in Madrid on Friday and faces extradition to the US, where he was indicted in 2014 for allegedly having "coordinated the transportation of approximately 5,600 kilograms of cocaine from Venezuela to Mexico." He will testify in a Saturday court appearance as to whether he wishes to fight the extradition, an official with Spain's National Court told the AP. 

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The Venezuelan ex-major general, whose nickname "el Pollo" means "the Chicken," is accused of protecting a Colombian drug kingpin from arrest, allowing him to move about 5,600kg of cocaine in and out of Venezuela, and tipping him off to law enforcement activities. Carvajal allegedly was not only paid off by the kingpin and other members of his organization, but also invested in some of the drug shipments. He is also accused of providing weapons to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

While Carvajal served as chief of military intelligence and counterintelligence under former Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, he reportedly began to distance himself from Chavez's successor President Nicolas Maduro after returning to Venezuela in 2014 from Aruba, where he had been briefly detained on the same US warrant, facing extradition until Maduro threatened retaliation against the island.

Carvajal left Maduro's government in 2017, ostensibly in protest over the president's plans to form a constitutional assembly that would reduce the power of the opposition-controlled National Assembly, and declared his allegiance to opposition leader and self-appointed president Juan Guaido in February, blaming Maduro for the "disastrous reality" of Venezuela. Last month, the president expelled Carvajal from the armed forces, accusing him of "acts of treason against the fatherland."

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Since embracing the US-backed Guaido, Carvajal has called on other members of the Venezuelan military to join the opposition, warning them against becoming "collaborators" of a "dictatorial government that has plagued people with misery" and accusing military leaders of being pawns of Cuba. He also gave a juicy interview with the New York Times, denouncing current and former members of Maduro's government as drug traffickers, FARC and Hezbollah collaborators, and journalist blackmailers while denying his own guilt on the many of the same charges.

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Maduro says next election will take place in 2025, rejects Europe's 8-day ultimatum

President Nicolas Maduro has rejected an ultimatum issued by Europe which called for new elections in Venezuela within 8 days, saying instead that the next presidential elections will be held in 2025.

Germany, France and Spain said that they would recognize the self-proclaimed president of Venezuela unless new elections are held – but Maduro has stressed that Europe has no right to make such demands, telling RIA Novosti that the next elections will take place in 2025.

In an earlier interview with CNN Turk, Maduro slammed the European demand as “complete insolence.”

“They should withdraw this ultimatum. No one can give us an ultimatum,” Maduro said. “Venezuela is not tied to Europe. This is complete insolence.”

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In a statement, French President Emmanuel Macron said that the Venezuelan people “must be able to freely decide their future. Without elections announced in 8 days, we could recognize [Guaido] as ‘interim president’ of Venezuela to launch this political process.” Nearly identical messages were released by Germany and Spain.

Juan Guaido proclaimed himself “interim president” of Venezuela last week, swiftly receiving strong support from Washington and its allies.

Guaido has been barred from leaving the country until an investigation into “serious crimes that threaten the constitutional order" is completed.

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