Tributo 2018, First Cuban Smoked Rum

Tributo 2018 is the first Cuban smoked rum, produced in a limited edition with only 1,500 bottles for the whole world.

This edition of Tributo, honor the experts's contribution of a barrel for the rum, allowing to discover nuances given by the barrel wood. It also has a special case that looks like the white oak wood, said Cristiasn Barre, director-general of the company Havana Club International Inc., during the presentation.

This year, he explained, we will expand the production of the product and reach 21 countries, but not the amount of bottles.

During the presentation ceremony, held in the context of the 20th edition of the Habanos Festival, which is developing in this capital until March 2, Abel Alvarez, sales director to the company, highlighted that the rum was a jewel among the Havana Club rums, designed to be tasted while smoking Habanos.

We have great expectations, based on the success of the editions Tributo 2016 and Tributo 2017, he said before specifying that there were 330 bottles had been set aside for Cuba.

Cuban rum expert Asbel Morales announced that there would be new surprises in 2019, especially due to the emphasis we will make on the making of the rum.

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Cuban Expert Highlights Exclusive Quality of Cuban Rum

Havana, Jun 24 (Prensa Latina) Rum Master Asbel Morales highlighted today the exclusive quality of the Cuban spirituous drinks specially the iconic line of Havana Club International SA.

Asbel is part of an exclusive team of 8 Rum Master Blenders, including a woman, which treasures the most important recipes of Cuban light rums, famous in the world.

He said that although he is speaking on behalf of Havana Club brand, like his colleagues, they represent the Cuban rum, as this product is distinguished by its history.

Morales outlined that the quality of Cuban rums is based on climate and soil, the processes of blending and aging, and the wisdom of master rum blenders.

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Havana Club releases new recipe for Añejo Especial

Havana Club will be showing off the new recipe for their Havana Club Añejo Especial during Sydney Bar Week this year (don’t forget to get to the Cantinero Club party on Monday the 29th of September); we thought we’d take a look at the new release.

And a note for all you Bartender of the Year competitors out there: one of your drinks for the final round will need to be made with Havana Club Añejo Especial, so it’ll be good to familiarise yourself with this new bottling.

They’ve updated the packaging, but it’s the inside that counts. This is what Havana Club’s maestro ronero, Don Asbel Morales, had to say about the new recipe:

“The new Havana Club Añejo Especial has a distinctive flavour profile due to the unique production process we have adopted, whereby the rum bases are aged in white, young oak barrels before being blended and aged for a second time ahead of bottling. The influence of the barrel ageing is evident in the flavour profile with notes of vanilla and caramel really coming to the fore, which makes it an ideal base for Cuban cocktails, particularly the Cuba Libre.”

Joining those vanilla and caramel notes are “tobacco, cinnamon and orange peel” characters, according to the makers.

The new bottling is available now, so for more information get in touch with your friendly Pernod Ricard representative.

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