United States: "Sins" that God will Never Forgive

The New York Times made a revelation that amazes millions of people.

The Trump Administration decided to expel many seriously ill immigrants from the country who were receiving medical care.

They had requested that, at least, they were moved until the end of their treatments, but they failed.

In a palliative attempt, officials announced that they will only reopen "some" of those requests.

Early last August, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) reported that it was stopping the deportation of immigrants or their relatives assisted with decisive medical care.

The mentioned agency belongs to the Department of Homeland Security, and sent letters to those who requested relief against expulsion, a step that can be taken every two years.

In these letters, the USCIS warned two things: they would not extend what was requested, and they had to leave the United States within 33 days.

Otherwise, it pointed out, they would be deported, a threat that generated heavy opinions and criticism from medical experts, said the Times.

However, the USCIS reported in a statement that it considers "appropriate" how to limit the program.

The newspaper estimated that the abrupt decision has been executed at a time when Trump takes controversial steps against illegal and legal immigration.

A week ago, 130 senators and Democratic representatives wrote a letter to the interim secretary of National Security, Kevin McAleenan, where they described the measure as "cruel and inhuman."

What are the sufferings of people damaged by Trump's decision?

Cancer, epilepsy, brain palsy, muscular dystrophy and cystic fibrosis, according to their medical records.

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Born In The USA? Not A Citizen Automatically, In Trump's Latest Plan

WASHINGTON: President Donald Trump is planning to sign an executive order that would seek to end the right to US citizenship for children of noncitizens born on US soil, he said in a television interview taped on Monday.

The move, which many legal experts say runs afoul of the Constitution, would be the boldest yet by a president elected to office pledging to take a hard line on immigration, an issue he has revived in advance of next week's midterm elections.

"We're the only country in the world where a person comes in and has a baby, and the baby is essentially a citizen of the United States for 85 years with all of those benefits," Trump said during an interview with Axios scheduled to air as part of a new HBO series starting this weekend. "It's ridiculous. It's ridiculous. And it has to end."


  1. The latest move is in line with Trump's hard line on immigration
  2. He has repeatedly revived the issue ahead of midterm elections
  3. "It's in the process. It'll happen with an executive order," he said

Trump, who has long decried "anchor babies," said he has discussed the move with his legal counsel and believes it can be accomplished with executive action, a view at odds with the opinions of many legal scholars.

"It was always told to me that you needed a constitutional amendment. Guess what? You don't," Trump told Axios.

When told that view is disputed, Trump asserted: "You can definitely do it with an act of Congress. But now they're saying I can do it just with an executive order."

"It's in the process. It'll happen . . . with an executive order," he said, without offering a time frame.

The move would be certain to spark a constitutional debate about the meaning of the 14th Amendment. It reads: "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside."

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Cuba constitutional referendum debates kick off

Cuban citizens on Monday began discussion of a draft new Constitution in the referendum, which runs until November 15, reported Excélsior.

During this period, close to 10 million Cubans have the right to offer their suggestions and observations with respect to the draft of the country’s basic law.

And for the first time, Cuban immigrants living abroad also can express their respective views via the internet.

calixtenos debate proyecto constitucion1

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United States: Monument to Shame

Peter Fonda is another of the North American artists who rejects the migratory politics carried out by the commanding leader of the United States.

The son of the famous actor Henry Fonda and the brother of the actress Jane Fonda has spoken in several tweets against such behavior.

Thus informed this week the TMZ website.

In one of the tweets, already erased, Fonda wrote: We should separate Barron Trump of Melania and to put him in a cage with pedophiles."

After making a pass on Melania, he did the same with the secretary of the National Security Department, Kristjen Nielsen, saying: She should be put in a cage, ridiculed in Lafayette Square, naked and whipped by pedestrians while filmed for posterity."

The text was equally deleted.

Peter Fonda is one more in the legion of North American artists opposed to the "zero tolerance” politics.

On the other hand, the Europe Press agency in these days revealed that even Melania contradicts, in everyone’s view, the politics of separating immigrant children from their parents.

The First Lady’s spokesman, Stephanie Grisham, in declarations to the press pointed out:

“Mrs. Trump hates to see children separated from their families and expects that both parts can unite to achieve a successful immigration reformation."

And she added: "She believes we should be a country that abides all laws, but also a country that is governed with the heart."

On the topic, the political website The Hill asserted that Melania Trump’s position contradicts the current migratory politics that separates children from their parents.

At times of the recently announced "zero tolerance" by the Government, where adults who attempt to cross illegally the south border of the United States are sanctioned with jail time.

As it’s known, such a politics has been very criticized by democrats and activists of immigrants’ rights.

The digital website added that the North American Academy of Pediatrics criticized this new approach recently because it could cause an "permanent damage” to the children.

Still developing one of the saddest and shameful episodes in the history of the United States.

Cubasí Translation Staff / Amilkal Labañino Valdés

VP Pence to Central Americans: Don't Come To The US

US Vice President Mike Pence tells Central Americans without documents, don't come to the US. He'll meet with Guatemalan and Honduran leaders this week.

Just as the conservative U.S. Supreme Court upholds the administration’s anti-Muslim travel ban, Vice President Mike Pence announced from Brazil’s capital that if Central Americans "can't come (to the United States) legally, don't come at all."

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"To the people of Central America, I have a message for you. Don't risk your lives or the lives of your children by trying to come to the United States on a road run by drug smugglers and human traffickers. If you can't come legally, don't come at all" trumpeted Pence.

The vice president is on a several day tour of Central and South America hoping to drum up support for the U.S. government’s anti-Venezuela agenda. On Tuesday, he and Brazilian president Michel Temer discussed the migration of Venezuelans into Brazil, and trade and business between their two countries.

During the meeting, Temer even offered to help with transportation costs back to Brazil for the roughly 50 Brazilian families separated by U.S. authorities at its southern border under President Donald Trump’s "zero tolerance" mandate. The policy, which seeks to criminalize all those entering the country without documents, has separated some 2,300 children from their parents, 2,000 of whom have yet to be reunited.

Pence is scheduled to leave for Ecuador on Wednesday where the governments both recently agreed to invite the U.S. military to intervene in mounting violence at Ecuador’s northern border.

By Thursday the vice president will head to Guatemala to be joined by the U.S. director of the Department of Homeland Security Secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen in order to meet with the presidents of Guatemala and Honduras, and El Salvador’s vice president. Top on their agenda is U.S. immigration.

The vast majority of the families separated over the past six weeks at the U.S.-Mexico border are asylum seekers who hailing from these Central American countries that have some of the highest murder and rates of inequality in Latin America.

Though signed an executive order last Wednesday to not separate families but would keep a strict "zero tolerance" policy in place, it did not address how to legally keep families intact for an extended period of time, where to house them and assess their legal status.

On Sunday the president tweeted that anyone who has entered without documents they should "immediately" be sent "back from where they came ... with no Judges or Court Cases."

The administration is now being sued by 17 states for its questionably legal separation practice.

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US immigrant kids: Held in Tents Cities

Around 10,000 immigrant kids arrived alone in the U.S. and were held in tents. According to some media based in Washington, the Trump administration projects to build tents in different military posts with the purpose of locking them up in Texas.

Officers from the Department of Health and Human Service will visit soon the US army bases in Fort Bliss aiming for getting 5,000 of these kids there while the rest are supposed to be left in the other two military bases of the state.

According to journalist Franco Ordonez —El Nuevo Herald—, it occurs at the same time that shelters for children separated from their parents on the border with Mexico are 95% full.

The number of children in this situation increased in 20%. The US secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen and the Attorney General Jeff Sessions placed a zero tolerance policy that separates children from their parents.

Trump’s government justifies itself by claiming that the Congress allows federal authorities to free illegal immigrants who wait for their hearings.

The Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in a round table with the Head of State rallied against those measures that hinder the immediate deportation of those children.

He noted that “it can take months or even yearsonce they get into the federal immigration court system.

Rosenstein added “In fact, approximately 6,000 unaccompanied children each year fail to appear when they’ve been summoned.”

As we know, tens of thousands of families and children that came alone were arrested since 2014, when Central American mothers arrived in Valle del Rio Grande in Texas, fleeing from violence and extreme poverty.

Leon Fresco, Deputy Attorney General under Barack Obama, said “dividing families is not only controversial, but excessively expensive.”

There were people who accused the government of Donald Trump of using children as pawns to score some political points.

Clara Long, American researcher of the Human Rights Watch, highlighted that “arresting children by immigration purposes is never positive for them and the possibility of having those children living on tent cities is horrible.”

When Washington criticizes the human right subject in the world, they do not mention issues like this one.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz/CubaSi Translation Staff

Trump-Immigrants: Choosing the fox to guard the henhouse

Ronald W. Mortensen was nominated by Donald Trump as Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration.

The nomination took place on May 24th.

Thus reported last Sunday, Los Angeles Times journalist Tracy Wilkinson.

Mortensen was a former U.S. Foreign Service officer and member of the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS).

He has been characterized by his tough opposition to the entry of immigrants into United States.

Both Democrats and immigration advocates objected the nomination.

Moreover, Republicans, who have a majority in the Senate, should pronounce themselves about his nomination.

There, Mortensen could face troubles for his writings and statements attacking both immigrants and Republican senators, including John McCain, and even Marco Rubio.

In 2015, Ronald Mortensen, originally from Utah, told Marco Rubio: “You are either gullible or just plain dishonest on immigration issues.”

After Donald Trump took office in February 2017, Mortensen praised him for stepping up deportations of immigrants and banning some illegal entries.

In his blog, he referred to the success of the president “in destroying the myth of the noble, law-abiding illegal alien.”

The Washington-based Center for Immigration Studies, where he worked, has been listed as a hate group.

The theoretical aim of the aforementioned center is “to provide protection, ease suffering and resolve the plight of persecuted and uprooted people all over the world”.

However, in a post on March 10, 2017, Mortensen argued: “DACA grants amnesty to illegal aliens who are criminals and most of its recipients have committed multiple felonies to get jobs”.

According to Los Angeles Times, the number of DACA (Deffered Action for Childhood Arrivals) beneficiaries, known as Dreamers, who have been convicted of crimes is very low; all have been vetted to get their two-year permits to live in the United States.

According to official data, the crime rate among immigrants is lower than for the overall population of the northern country.

House Democratic Caucus Chairman Joe Crowley (D-NY) said that “Mortensen’s racist, vile and dismissive comments against immigrants disqualified him for the post.”

Jennifer Quigley, an immigration advocate on Human Rights, termed Mortensen’s statements “extremist.”

She also added: “At a moment when the world is facing the worst displacement crisis since WWII, it is astounding President Trump would nominate an individual with a hostile attitude toward immigrants.”

Finally, she pointed out: “Mortensen’s nomination is like choosing the fox to guard the henhouse.”

CubaSi Translation Staff / Jorge Mesa Benjamin

US Appeals Court Rules Trump's Immigration Order Violates Rights of Muslims

President Donald Trump’s executive order-based travel ban against people from six Muslim majority countries violates the US Constitution by discriminating against people on the basis of religion, Virginia's 4th US Circuit Court of Appeals said in a ruling on Thursday.

In a 9-4 decision, judges from the Richmond, Virginia-based 4th US Circuit Court of Appeals said that its examination of the executive order, along with official statements by the president and other officials were "unconstitutionally tainted with animus toward Islam."

The ruling was the second by a federal appeals court to challenge the travel ban, signed by President Trump last fall.

The US Supreme Court agreed to allow the executive order's restrictions to go into effect amid ongoing litigation, but is expected to hear arguments on its legality starting in April. The court is expected to rule on the matter in late June.

Presidential Proclamation 9645, signed by Trump in September, restricts entry into the US for persons from eight countries, including Chad, Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Somalia, as well as North Korea and Venezuela.

In December 2017, the San Francisco-based US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled that President Trump's third immigration order exceeded the scope of his authority. According to the court, the president's interpretation of Article 8 of the Immigration and Nationality Act deviated from legislative history and prior executive practice, and the president did not have the constitutional powers to adopt the order.

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