Ileana-ultra Venezuelan: Shared Slap in the Face

Now before a very favorable event for Caracas and adverse for the flood of lies that Washington directs against it.  

It’s the agreement signed between Venezuela and the famous investment and securities group Goldman Sachs.

The New Herald journalist, Catalina Ruiz Parra, said that this powerful institution bought 2,800 million dollars in funds to the Venezuelan Central Bank.  

At a speech given by Ros-Lehtinen last Wednesday at the Capitol of Washington she was really harsh with the deal.

She asserted that, any money injection like that, “it’s irrational” and it won't benefit Venezuelans"  

On the contrary, she added, it will fill the government's arks; it will be used to abuse of the people and remain in power."

According to Ileana, the purchase of the funds issued by the state-owned company Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) for which it paid around 865 millions, "keeps Maduro alive".

She also highlighted a significant point of view when she estimated that private sectors are not the only ones supporting Maduro.

Then, the twice small lawmaker dared say that, sadly, Donald Trump also help the government of Caracas allowing the purchase of raw Venezuelan petroleum.

She remembered that in 2016 Venezuela was the third petroleum supplying country to the United States, behind Canada, and Saudi Arabia.

Also in the first trimester of 2017 the exports of Venezuelan raw petroleum to the United States surpassed the 3,500 million dollars.

Amid such turmoil, Ros-Lehtinen made a call so that economic transactions like these are avoided.

However, it doesn't seem an easy task. For what reason?

The Goldman Sachs Group sent an interesting note to the Spanish news agency EFE that read:

“We recognize that the situation in Venezuela is complex and changing, but as others in the sector, we believe that it will improve with time."

Who are those thinking in that way? The CEOs of one of the most important investment and securities entities worldwide, the Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

Founded in 1869, among their main officials appear three Secretaries of the Treasure of the United States like Henry Paulson who served under Bill Clinton's and George W. Bush’s administrations.

The main headquarters for the Sachs Group is based in Manhattan, New York.

Ileana-Washington: Sad Spokesman of “Dissidents”

The republican congress member Ileana Ros-Lehtinen looked upset last Wednesday because of the legislators who visited Cuba and ignored her “dissidents.”

Thus informed Nora Gámez Torres, New Herald journalist who reports from Miami on the Caribbean nation.

What’s the source of her annoyance? They held meetings with Cuban parliamentarians, but not with the “dissidents.”

The latter have been hurt dearly after the cut of government budget in favor of those groups.

Even the messages from the official representation of Washington in Havana, acknowledge the lack of character they exhibit.

This week, Gámez Torres notified, speaking before the House of Representatives, Ileana challenged those who visited Cuba “frequently”, to go on parades with the so-called Ladies in White.

Who are those famed ladies?

As it has been broadly demonstrated, a group of women who, for money, parade the streets of Havana.

Will they have the courage to accompany them? Ileana insisted, or they just want a quick trip to make Cuba attractive?”

According to Gámez Torres, the comment of the Floridian legislator is a concealed critic to senators Patrick Leahy, Tom Udall, and Michael Bennet, as well as the representative Jim McGovern, who were welcomed in Havana by high-ranking officials.

Meanwhile, she added, Cuba forbade the entrance to its territory to the secretary-general of OAS, Luis Almagro.

Why? Because of the scandalous political adulation towards the United States.

Now Washington had ordered him to grant an award made in U.S.A. in the Cuban capital, a poor pantomime that was rejected.

In this scenario Mrs. Lehtinen denounced the supposed increase of repression in Cuba.

According to the legislator, the victims were, first of all, women and to endorse her version she quoted as source the Freedom House, a NGO that, almost openly handles the CIA.

The tiny congress member for Miami also encouraged Trump to “fulfill his duty” and revise the politics toward Cuba.

A couple of months ago White House spokesmen warned that such process was under close examination.

When recently the multimillionaire president spoke before the two chambers of the Capitol, he didn't mention the matter.

Ileana considers that the president’s statements as well as those of his collaborators hint that the administration is readying “to assume a harder stance” towards its Caribbean neighbor.

Although, experts add, so far the possible changes remain unclear.

That is, it’s a very complex question that takes time, patience, and wisdom.

Meanwhile, Cuba remains calm, without underestimating, not for a minute, the extremely complex circumstances that surround it.

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Ileana Ros-Lehtinen: A Witch with Pretenses of "prosecutor?"

With her fragile crystal roof, the republican lawmaker from Miami aims now her weapons toward the Ecuadorian president, Rafael Correa.  

And not by chance, we are talking about an outstanding progressive figure in Latin America.

What pretext did she make up this time? The alleged case of corruption of the Brazilian firm Odebrecht and its activities in Quito.

To finish her move, Ileana sent a letter to the U.S. general attorney, Loretta Lynch, where she demands to reveal the name of the Ecuadorian officials involved in the matter.

According to versions she makes her own, such officials received personal benefits granted by Odebrecht between years 2007 and 2016.

According to the same sources, the money paid rounds the 34 million dollars.

In exchange for what?, they highlight, of contracts that Ileana requests to clarify together with the name of its authors.

In her letter to general attorney Lynch she writes:  


I request to reveal the names of public officials involved in corruption next to executives from Odebrecht and other people.

According to Ros-Lehtinen, Ecuador doesn't offer juridical guarantees in identifying the culprits.

With such reasoning she demands that it’s Washington, and not Quito, the one to carry on this task.

Then Ileana with her usual grotesque language made this threat:

"If names are not revealed, as the Department of State established, they would violate human rights for political interference".

It’s curious the huge interest of Mrs. Lehtinen regarding what happened in Ecuador to Odebrecht.

It’s worth mentioning because she and her Washington allies, kept a tight silent regarding the huge scandal of the American company Exxon (former Texaco).

It took place in August 2013, at a time in which the later called Chevron caused in that South American nation a worse natural disaster than that of the British Petroleum and Exxon.

At a meeting of the College of Journalists from Chile with the Ecuadorian leader, Rafael Correa, the latter asserted that the damage to the Amazons was higher than in the Gulf of Mexico (2010 and Alaska 1989).  

He also denounced that the oil company has become a great defiler of judges so they attempt against the domestic sovereignty.    

Amid all this show, violent crimes executed by North American companies against the Ecuadorian environment.

Will Ileana say something about it? Very unlikely.

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Ileana Ros-Lehtinen: Conspiring against Venezuela?

Venezuelan president, Nicolás Maduro, revealed that, next to her buddy Marco Rubio she was involved in vandal acts that took place there during 2014.

"What Maduro said is another attempt of distraction to draw the attention far from the crisis that country lives" said the congressman.

Ros-Lehtinen tried cut down the strength to the accusation of the leader who exposed her link to the funds supply for the native extreme right.

According to her, "Venezuelans" know that their domestic economic difficulties are not attached to an overseas elaborate scheme.

She also attacked president Obama for not supporting her campaigns regarding supposed violations that are carried out in that South American nation.

It’s upsetting she hadn’t added more names (of Chavistas members) to the list of offenders, so they are denied entrance to the United States", she remarked.

However, all in all the life of Ileana Ros-Lehtinen corroborates her public adhesion to mischief and her generous relationship with terrorists.

A few examples will corroborate that, to guarantee it.

The almost incredible show of her fervent defense of terrorist Orlando Bosch Avila when in the late 80’s of the last century Washington tried to expel them from the United States for his repeated terrorist actions.

On October 6, 1976, Bosch, next to Luis Posada Carriles, destroyed in mid flight a Cuban civil airplane with 73 people onboard.

On top of that, Mrs. Lehtinen has played the role without the tiniest modesty as "godmother" of other henchmen of politics against Havana, like Rodolfo Frómeta Caballero, head of the Comando F-4 gang.

Another very much alike, Eduardo Arocena Pérez, even when she has been part of the U.S. Congress.

Her service record also includes the complicity displayed in the kidnapping of the Cuban boy Elián González, a fact rejected by millions of Americans.

A separate file deserves one of those responsible for the coup d’état in Honduras, the dictator Roberto Micheletti, whom, when he had been isolated by almost the whole world, she visited him, even called him "president" and justified the coup.

Of course it must be included, when characterizing Ileana, the scene on Capitol Hill accusing without evidence Cubans "sent by Castro's régime" of having tortured in Vietnam 19 North American pilots.

Responsibility fell then on President William Clinton, who with a simple and not very spread press note, undo the lie.

Her permanent bond with those who finance and command the "dissidents" who are hired in Cuba it’s an unmistakably example of an empty and frustrated cause.

The current normalization of diplomatic ties between Havana and Washington is a blunt blow that still keeps them a bit dizzy.

With that tight and generous background, can anyone doubt Mrs. Ileana is part of the current plot against Venezuela?

Of her existence remain the thick files, since her childhood when she was called Lily, until today, capable of revealing very interesting matters.

Miami: Gorillas against Roberta Jacobson

Small groups anchored in Miami, like "Planted", Assembly of the Resistance and Democratic Governing, objected the allegedly invitation of the Undersecretary State.

Fanatics of Cuban origin rejected a supposed meeting there with the Undersecretary of State.

Jacobson as it’s known recently represented Washington during the first meeting in Havana to normalize diplomatic ties.

Mrs. Jacobson is in charge of Latin America and she is an official of "hard" mind.

According to the website Miami Diary she is in a tour through that town to meet with personal from the South Command of the United States, diplomats and others.

Her agenda also comprises, said the digital publication, talks with members of the American Cuban community.

The same source and other media remarked that "these encounters have not been confirmed by the Department of State."

However, the so-called “historical exile” of Cuban origin rejected any encounter with the undersecretary Jacobson.

Small groups anchored in Miami, like "Planted", Assembly of the Resistance and Democratic Governing, objected the allegedly invitation of the Undersecretary State.

Their argument? Not to approve the new politics towards Cuba that Obama announced last December 17.

The head of the weak Assembly of the Resistance, Orlando Gutierrez, formulated a clumsy and significant statement.

He began saying “I don't know much” of the meeting, and the only thing I will say it’s that the Resistance won’t go and neither I will.

There were also statements of journalist Ninoska Pérez Castellón, one of the most strident and grotesque voices of that "exile."  

Which was his contribution now? Assess the eventual meeting with the undersecretary of State as a simple damage control.

Earlier, Jacobson had offered three interviews to local media: Mega TV, Mira TV, and America TV, recorded on Tuesday.

Last week she appeared before the Congress in order to explain the plans to normalize the relationships with Cuba.

There she had apprehensive dialogues with three "ultra" legislators: Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Marco Rubio, and Bob Menendez.

When Jacobson arrived in Miami this time she granted interviews to the Channel America Tevé and MiraTV, two television networks with audiences for the most part Cuban.

She defended that the bilateral dialogue is "worthwhile" with the purpose of taking the "freedom and human rights" to the Cuban town, a statement, by the way, drifting away from diplomacy.

She said in advance that the new talks will be this month and will approach the possibility to open an embassy in Havana "as quick as possible."

The objective of the United States is, said observers, to assure that their embassy operates "normally", equivalent to say that their diplomats travel to all parts of the country and speak with all the people.

EFE completed its true purpose when writing, "in reference to the domestic opposition".

The cards are slowly coming on the table like a foreseen chess war, not comprehensible to naives neither misinformed.

At the same time, and as another angle of the board, Miami spruces up to exhibit what’s left of its gorillas without muzzle.

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