Muñoz in Miami: "Yes, I am revolutionary" (VIDEO)

"Yes, I am revolutionary", said Escambray Giant Antonio Muñoz to local journalists at an improvised press conference amidst the celebration of the so-called “Reunion Game” that took place last Saturday at the Bucky Dent Park, in Hialeah, before tens of fans.

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Beyoncé and Jay Z's trip to Cuba did not violate sanctions, US says

American music industry power couple Beyoncé and Jay Z did not violate US sanctions on Cuba by traveling to the communist-ruled island last year, a US government review has found.

“We found no indication that US sanctions were violated, and we concluded that the … decision not to pursue a formal investigation was reasonable,” said the review by the Treasury Department’s office of inspector general dated on Wednesday.

The four-day visit in April 2013 was a cultural trip that was fully licensed by the Treasury Department, organizers said at the time.

The long-standing US trade embargo against Cuba prevents most Americans from traveling to the island without a license granted by the US government.

Two Cuban-American members of Congress, both Republicans representing south Florida and supporters of a firm stance on Cuba, had asked the Treasury Department for information on what type of license the couple obtained for their trip.

Beyoncé and Jay Z celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary in Havana and were greeted by big crowds as they strolled through the Cuban capital. They were instantly recognized despite the past half-century of ideological conflict that separates the two countries.

The visit was planned as a “people-to-people” cultural visit and involved no meetings with Cuban officials, or typical tourist activity such as trips to the beach, organizers said at the time.

The trip included visits with Cuban artists and musicians, as well as several nightclubs where live music was performed, and some of the city’s best privately run restaurants, known as “paladares”.

Beyoncé and Jay Z were among a bevy of American stars to visit the island in recent years, joining actors Bill Murray, Sean Penn and James Caan. But the pair were the first to cause such a stir everywhere they went.

While it has kept the embargo in place, the Obama administration has eased restrictions on travel to Cuba for academic, religious or cultural programs.

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An Impregnable Shield against Subversion Statement by the Cuban Youth

We don’t blame those young people recruited. They are also victims in a world that the empire has made ever more unfair and selfish.We don’t blame those young people recruited. They are also victims in a world that the empire has made ever more unfair and selfish.

Recent revelations in the press have been giving details of the subversive actions that the U.S. Government arranged and paid for as part of their flagrant campaign to overthrow the Cuban Revolution, which has been undefeated for more than 56 years in spite of constant aggressions and plans which have always been condemned to fail.
Now, under the belief that Cuban youth could be handing over the inherited achievements without fighting, they secretly sent Latin-American young people who under the justification of carrying out health and civic programs came to Cuba to provoke political destabilization with the financial support of the USAID, which was specially aimed to promote actions by the young people against the revolutionary process.

They do not know the Cuban youth at all. We are a generation that acts with intelligence and analyses the reality of the world where we live, that in spite of the lack of resources and limitations, has been growing up sheltered by the Cuban State that is been doing everything possible to protect us, educate us, and inculcate the most honorable ideas and values to us, those young people who money could never buy.     

We don’t blame those young people recruited. They are also victims in a world that the empire has made ever more unfair and selfish. For sure that when they were walking along Cuban streets and universities and they were witnesses of the collective effort carries out by the Cuban youth to go ahead and overcome adversities without stopping being supportive and happy, they understood that they were mere mercenaries in a dirty war, whose only merit was to fill the pockets of those who became rich squandering the money that the richest country in the world should invest in many people in the world to reach the health and education rates that Cuba; a small country suffering a permanent blockade and forced to live in a tough and unequal war, has.

Cuban Youth rejects and condemns these maneuvers and raises, as an impregnable shield the strength of those who throughout history have been able to understand the need to be consistent, and thanks to whom we are here today.

They couldn’t defeat us. We know well the price of freedom, and we know perfectly well the evilness and hate of our enemies.

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Shoer Roth's Tough Miami

Again, a journalist for El Nuevo Herald, also resident in that city, crucified the atmosphere that characterizes life in Miami.

LeBron James Unshackled

The public debate about the journey of Lebron James—a Black man and the greatest basketball player in the world today –is being discussed and debated by tens of millions of sports fans in the U.S.

Manolin, Unsuccessful in Both Cuba and Miami

Manolin knows I’ve been his friend, when everyone has turned their back to him. But it’s enough, because he has become a manipulator who one day complains of Miami as a victim of the extremist exile, and tomorrow attacks Cuba so that the recalcitrant exile forgives him again. Everything just to appear on their manipulative press, because they will neither buy his music nor attend his concerts.

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