EU Leaders Convene for Emergency Talks on Migration

Brussels, July 16 (Prensa Latina) The European Union (EU) Ministers of Foreign Affairs will have an ''emergency'' meeting in Helsinki on Wednesday in an attempt to bridge their deep divisions over migrant rescue missions in the Mediterranean.

Such a meeting, an initiative of France and Germany supported by Finland - in charge of the pro tempore chairmanship of the EU -, hopes to lay the foundations of a 'coalition' of nations willing to share migrants rescued, without having to engage in harsh negotiations on a case-by-case basis.

In the letter of invitation to their European counterparts, the Finnish Minister of the Interior, Maria Ohisalo, assured that 'the situation in the Mediterranean Sea requires our immediate involvement'.

It is aimed at setting up 'strong provisions for what follows the search and rescue operations, in order to guarantee a rapid response after the landing,' according to the statement.

The Finnish official pointed out that such treaties 'must be based on a shared responsibility involving a wide-large number' of nations.

The figures of migrants' arrivals at the European coasts were drastically reduced since the arrival of over a million migrants in 2015, but the division between the European governments did not diminished, while the Mediterranean countries of the EU are asking for more support and solidarity.

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Venezuelan Migration: Another War

The war against Venezuela continues through every possible way. On Wednesday 5th took place a meeting of the Permanent Council (PC) of the stinking OAS with the purpose of approaching what it’s called the migratory crisis in that country.  

Venezuela, the issue that obsesses the puppet Luis Almagro, general secretary of that organization, and some others members of the obedient Lima Group (GL), as if there weren’t unsolved pressing matters in Latin America and the Caribbean. In the member countries of the LG dozens and dozens of millions suffer from hunger, illiteracy, they are forced to emigrate, they are victims of a public health crisis of major proportions, the youths - without education or decent jobs - lack all hope, scourges increased scandalously by the neoliberal model. But that doesn't worry the OAS neither the governments of the LG.  

The meeting of the PC of the OAS is nothing, but another step in the calendar of the hybrid or fourth-generation war against Venezuela, designed by the U.S. Southern Command in different plans. Let’s mention the Venezuela Freedom I, Venezuela Freedom II and the so-called Master Blow. That military organization, controlled, like the Fourth Fleet, to advance the North American militarization in Latin America and the Caribbean with the purpose of controlling population, natural resources and armed intervention, direct or camouflaged. In fact, the LG - popularly begins to be known as mafia of Lima -, even though it’s not the intention of its members, it has become the political arm of the U.S. Southern Command in the ongoing war of the international capital to capture that unique recipient of natural resources and, at the same time, beacon of freedom which is the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. The LG is partner in the military aggression that looms against Venezuela. It’s not secret the great interest of president Donald Trump to carry out a direct intervention in the Caribbean country. His highest military bosses had talked him out of that idea because of the political cost and the extraordinary military effort that would require. But in the media looms the ghost of a "refugees" crisis, people – it’s understood – who escape from oppression or from a failed State, with the purpose of building a case for a humanitarian intervention.  

The PC of OAS approaches an unreal crisis, because nearly 5 million Colombians live in Venezuela and the figure of UNHCR (UN agency for refugees) of a million 500 thousand Venezuelan migrants since 2014 is not alarming in a country under an economic war. A war of which the Venezuelan government is not guilty regardless the many errors they have committed. The term “migratory crisis”, originally coined by the ultra-neoliberal The Economist on August 20th, it was the starting shot of the huge media campaign on the topic. Although a resolution against Venezuela by the PC is not in the agenda of the meeting, it was leaked that they had the 18th vote to approve it, but for some reason what they agreed was a follow-up mechanism to the topic whose extents I don't know as I write. Let’s remember that the OAS was baptized "ministry of colonies" by the unforgettable Raúl Roa, acclaimed by the Cuban people as chancellor of dignity, thanks to his fertile and sharp tongue, restless informer of crimes committed by the United States, often prepared by that organization.  

Venezuela is considered "an extraordinary and unusual threat to the national security and foreign politics of the United States" through an ordinance issued by president Obama and ratified by Trump. It’s not a coincidence that on August 23rd, three days after The Economist began to refer to the Venezuelan emigration as migratory crisis, this definition was used by the Monroe-follower senator Marcos Rubio to express that the crisis constituted a threat for the U.S. national security. The continuous interference of Rubio is known in the domestic lives of Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua which he carries out on Trump’s orders. Also that this fellow is always in favor of the hardest line against countries that don't bend to the imperial power.  

But Venezuela is not sitting on its hands. Thousands of Venezuelans living in other countries want to enter the plan Return to the Homeland, devised by Maduro. The vice-president Delcy Rodríguez announced that Venezuela had requested help from countries of the region so that they facilitate the return of Venezuelan nationals. In a "constructive" meeting with Peter Grohmann, from the United Nations Program for Development, he had requested to intercede before other governments with that purpose and agree to cooperate to protect the most vulnerable ones in Venezuela.

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Italy Recovers 217 Bodies From 2015 Refugee Shipwreck

The sinking was one of the worst known disasters involving refugees from trying to reach Europe across the Mediterranean Sea. 

Italian emergency workers have recovered 217 bodies from the wreck of a boat that sank in the Mediterranean in April 2015, killing some 500 refugees, the Navy said on Thursday.

The wreck of a fishing boat that sank in April 2015, drowning hundreds of migrants packed on board, is seen after being raised in the Sicilian harbour of Augusta, Italy, July 1, 2016.The wreck of a fishing boat that sank in April 2015, drowning hundreds of migrants packed on board, is seen after being raised in the Sicilian harbour of Augusta, Italy, July 1, 2016. | Photo: Reuters

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The sinking was one of the worst known disasters involving refugees trying to reach Europe by sea. Thousands of people a year, many of them fleeing war in the Middle East, have crossed the Mediterranean in unseaworthy or overcrowded boats.

In 2015, at least 3,770 people are thought to have died on Mediterranean routes, mostly by drowning when their boats capsized.

The vessel was hauled off the seabed and taken to a naval site in southeastern Sicily last week. Its sinking about 85 miles north of Libya, from where it departed, jolted the European Union into stepping up Mediterranean rescue efforts.

Originally at least 700 people were thought to have died in the disaster, based on survivor testimony. A Navy official said last week he thought some 300 bodies were still in the hold, which added to 169 recovered from the nearby seabed would bring the death toll closer to 500.

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A team of 150 professionals and volunteers from the Navy, fire service, Italian Red Cross and a forensic team of Milan university professors have been working around the clock to remove bodies from the fishing boat and examine them.

Autopsies have been carried out on 52 of the victims, and police scientists coordinated by a local public prosecutor have begun making reports on their findings.

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Poor Refugees Are Being Sold and Killed for Their Organs

The migrant crisis has revealed another harrowing occurrence in its midst: organ trafficking.

Migrants who are not able to pay smugglers for the treacherous journey from Africa to Europe are killed for their organs, a former smuggler revealed, The Independent reported Tuesday.

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Nuredein Wehabrebi Atta, sentenced to five years in prison in 2014 for his involvement in trafficking migrants, told Italian police under a witness protection program that migrants unable to pay for journeys across the Mediterranean, mostly poor Egyptians, were sold to groups that harvest organs.

His testimony led police to break open a transnational migrant trafficking network, with 38 suspects detained, including 25 Eritreans, 12 Ethiopians and one Italian. Authorities also seized a large amount of cash from the group.

Atta, the first foreigner to be granted witness protection in Italy, said the extraordinarily high number of migrant deaths in crossing the sea is what led him to confess. It was specifically the death of 360 people due to a boat sinking in Lampedusa, though he was not involved in the incident himself, that convinced him.

"The deaths that we were aware of were a small part of it," Atta told police, as reported by The Independent. "In Eritrea alone there have been victims in eight out of 10 families."

A recently released report from Amnesty International confirms Atta’s testimony. Detailing how migrants are being killed by people smugglers and crime syndicates in Libya, the report is based on the accounts of more than 90 refugees at Italian reception and processing centers.

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EU refugee crisis ‘absolutely expected’ – Putin

Russia has frequently warned of major problems which Europe would face as a result of Western policies in the Middle East and North Africa and jihadist groups terrorizing people, so the current refugee crisis in the EU doesn’t come as a surprise, said the President of Russia.
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