The Blockade against Cuba which According to Washington doesn’t Exist

On several occasions the propaganda of the United States has said that the blockade against Cuba does not exist.

But life proves exactly the opposite, while Donald Trump announces his intention to reinforce it.

The penultimate evidence was told this Tuesday in Miami by a journalist from El Nuevo Herald, Nora Gámez Torres.

The U.S. government “punished” the Corporation Panamericana S.A., because they helped Cubans alleviate the blockade on the oil supply.

Excuse? Working as intermediary so that certain amounts of that oil reached Cuban territory.

The event was so rude that Gámez Torres commented on the inclusion of that firm in Washington’s blacklist:

“It was executed by the Treasury Department despite being a Cuban company and without justifying it with the “embargo”.

They only grabbed the regulations related to the situation in Venezuela.

Another example, the journalist wrote, how far the Trump administration establishes a link between the two governments.

A statement from the Under Secretary of Treasury, Justin G. Muzinich, states:

"The Treasury continues to pursue evaders of sanctions to deny resources to the illegitimate Venezuelan regime."

On the other hand, the Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, at a press conference said on Tuesday that the new punishment "
"Today's action will further squeeze the illegal profit-making scheme Cuba carries out to help the illegitimate dictator Nicolas Maduro,".

It was in that context that the Florida senator, Marco Rubio took advantage of Washington's new punishment to demand his European allies to do more in relation to Venezuela and Cuba.

His implicit admission that they don’t, at least, as the rotten Senator Marco Rubio wishes them to do.

By cruel coincidences in life, almost at the same time that Pompeo and his senator spoke in Washington, the young Dylan Cruz died in Colombia.

He had been seriously injured by the police from Iván Duque, faithful allies of Pompeo and Rubio.

He was 18 years old and his deadly sin was to participate in a demonstration against the murderous and pro-North American regime that bleeds his nation.

Last Saturday he was hit on the head by a bomb launched by the police.

He died at the hospital on Monday while Pompeo and Rubio forged new plans against Cuba.

What Marco Rubio Doesn't Say in Twitter

That "the new politics (of the United States) towards the island will not harm family trips" it was one of the half-truths with which the republican senator Marco Rubio tried to justify the opening of a Twitter account, through which, according to him, aimed at "interacting" with Cubans in the Island.

We then suppose that when the twitter, also known in internet as Narco Rubio, regretted that "the new politics won't harm family trips" he meant Cuban resident in the U.S. who can still visit their relatives in the Island, and he was not referring to the damage that that same politics has caused to family reunification.

Nevertheless, in an overt and shameless tantrum of cynicism, last July 24^th , Marco Rubio complained in Twitter that Cubans had to go to a third country to obtain visa: "Many in #Cuba face an obstacle of travelling to a third country for interviews because we removed many employees from the embassy. This was not a punitive action. North American and Canadian diplomats suffered serious brain damage in #LaHabana."

On this issue the North American agency AP just published an article with the titled "Thousands of Cubans who hope to emigrate to the U.S., in limbo", where it’s confirmed that the dreams of many U.S. residents of meeting their relatives “have been in hiatus since September 2017, when Donald Trump’s government removed most of the embassy personnel in Havana in retaliation to health incidents that affected nearly 26 embassy officials and their families."

According to the same source: "The program Cuban Family Reunification Parole (CFRP) is still effective, but there aren’t consular personnel to process the cases in Cuba and U.S. authorities have not appointed another place to follow the procedures. Other procedures were moved to countries like Colombia and Guyana."

"The option to request political exile - adds the report – has also been suspended and tourism visas fell from a little more than 16 000 in 2017 to almost 7 000 in 2018. The five-year Visa with multiple entrances for Cubans was replaced by a visa of up to three months with a single entrance that should be requested in a third country."

According to AP, "the CFRP allows 20.000 Cubans to travel every year to the United States under a special permit know as parole that is granted faster than an immigration visa and in accordance with the Service of Immigration and Citizenship, about 20 000 cases form the CFRP have been approved and are pending of additional procedures abroad. Other thousands haven’t been able to be processed."

What the liar from Florida did not say, neither he will in Twitter is that he is one of the main instigators in the story of the so-called sonic attacks, which according to Jorge Duany, director of the Cuban Research Institute at Florida International University are part of "a package of measures to put more pressure" on the Cuban government, on the package: "The collateral damage is that Cubans who are trying to emigrate and cannot do it as they did in the past become hostages."

In January 2018, as president of a senate hearing in which was examined the issue of imaginary attacks, Marco Rubio ended up considering that perhaps those attacks were not acoustic at all, but he insisted in that there wasn’t doubt of its existence and that the Cuban Government either carried them out or had some knowledge on this matter.

"Well, maybe they are not acoustic, they probably used microwaves or another technology, but it’s irrelevant, what’s important is to know which method was used, but it’s like saying that we don't know whether they were killed with a knife or with a firearm, at the end of the day we knew there was an attack", he said to EFE news agency back then.

No one doubts that the North American senator, if the idea is taking down the Cuban Revolution little he cares about the pain that causes the separation of dozens of thousands of families. Cubans in the U.S., apparently don't think like the current "consultant" of the White House.

The "non punitive" politics, designed by Rubio and other characters of the anti-Cuban mafia of Miami could turn into a boomerang for the current administration. According to Andy Gómez, a political analyst former director of the Cuban Research Institute of the University of Miami, mentioned by AP, "many Cubans are not happy with the politics of the president" and "most, if pressed any further may not vote for Trump in 2020."

For what Motive Marco Rubio Spends his Time in Twitter?

One of the main pursuers of the blockade against Cuba, the Republican Senator for Florida, Marco Rubio, created this Wednesday a Twitter account with which, according to him, he expects “to connect” directly “with the people of Cuba.”

According to the newspaper of the Anti-Cuban mafia of Miami, The New Herald, under the name MarcoRubioCuba (@MarcoRubioCuba1), the politician, considered by the current President of the U.S. as the man who advises him about politics related with Cuba, Venezuela and Latin America, among other lies, wrote:

“The politics for Cuba which I support in the United States Senate are driven by a single objective: that the people of Cuba can choose its leaders in the same way that almost every country does it in the western hemisphere.”

It’s worth asking Marco Rubio if when he speaks of western countries he also refers to the United States, where a plutocracy splits power every four years concealed in the deceit of a supposed two-party country. Electoral fraud is a common thing, as it happened in Florida in year 2000 and where the current president, the same that follows his "wise" advice, won the elections, even when his opponent surpassed him in three million votes.

The twitter-user Rubio also "wade against the Communist Party that governs the island that according to him seeks “to consolidate the current dictatorship permanently” by taking possession of all domestic profitable companies. “The changes in the U.S. politics to Cuba in these last two years are designed to deprive these companies from the money they want.”

Son of emigrants who abandoned Cuba in 1956 and settled down in south Florida, where Rubio was born, it’s only logic that the senator doesn't have the slightest clue of what he talks about and that only has as reference about Cuba the stories told by the Batista-followers he represents. Taught by former landowners, large-state owners, and administrators of North American companies in Cuba it’s impossible that he understands the foundations of the social property. As it’s known, prays the old saying: Evildoers always think the worst of others.

Marco Rubio also said "that the sanctions don't impact on the telecommunications sector, because it’s interest of the U.S. government that Cubans have free access to internet and social networks".

What he left unsaid was that the United States’s true interest in the development of that sector is based on the use of internet as a subversion weapon against Cuba. There are the cyber-mercenaries created by the U.S. government whom Rubio himself welcomes as heroes when they visit Miami, the creation of the Cuba Internet Task Force and the new strategies of the North American government's radio station Radio TV Martí. The creation of his account to "connect” with Cubans is the best evidence of such purposes.

Likewise the senator showed his lack of information when he assured that the blockade politics against Cuba didn't seek to "damage freelancers, because they want independent business “to prosper.”

The recent closing of travels of North American cruises to Cuba has hit hard mainly the so-called entrepreneurs. This is not mentioned on official documents of the Cuban government. Press agencies of the “western hemisphere” have written several times about the topic.

In addition, the liar Rubio, repeated the old argument that: “The shortage in Cuba has nothing to do with the embargo. Cuba can negotiate with almost every countries of the world. The suffering is due to the Communist Party which stops the progress of economic prosperity out of fear to lose the control if people don't depend on them for basic sustenance.”

Besides being misinformed, he is also ignorant. Hence the representative of the Anti-Cuban mafia is unaware the document declassified in 1991, and signed by the Undersecretary of State Lester D. Mallory, with date April 6th, 1960 that reads:

"The only foreseeable means to alienate the internal support it’s through the discontent and discouragement based on the dissatisfaction and economic hardships… Any conceivable means should be quickly used to weaken Cuba’s economic life. A line of action that had the greatest repercussions is to deny money and supplies to Cuba, to diminish the real wages and monetary in order to cause hunger, desperation and the overthrow of the government.”

If as Marco Rubio says the blockade is not the cause of the suffering of people of Cuba that’s because the "expert" on the topics of Cuba, Venezuela and Latin America that so much precedence has on the president, doesn't advise Trump to eliminate it?

Lastly the senator highlighted that: “At the end of the day it’s up to the people of Cuba, not to me or the U.S. government to decide what type of economic system they want. My only desired is to help the people of Cuba to achieve a real democracy, so that decisions can be taken leaders elected by them.”

Marco Rubio also ignores that the Cuban people chose its leaders in year 1959 and if, as he says, it’s up to the people of Cuba, and not up to him or the government of the United States, to decide its destiny, for what motive he spends his time in Twitter.

Venezuelan VP: Marco Rubio Behind Nation-Wide Blackout Sabotage

The Venezuelan vice president said President Maduro had ordered the suspension of working hours and shut schools Friday to facilitate the electric system repairs.

Venezuela's Vice President Delcy Rodriguez announced late Thursday that President Nicolas Maduro ordered schools and offices be shut on Friday in order to speed up the repairs of the Venezuelan electric system, which was attacked by far-right groups Thursday afternoon.

RELATED: Venezuelan Government Denounce New Attack On Electric System

"President Nicolas Maduro has suspended work and school activities on Friday so as to facilitate the necessary repair works on the country's electrical service, which was victim of an imperial war. United Venezuelans will win! The coup plotters will not pass," Rodriguez wrote on her Twitter account.

In a press conference, the Vice President denounced that Venezuela's blackout was caused by far-right groups encouraged by U.S. politicians. Among these, she referred to Marco Rubio, a Republican Senator from Florida hostile to the Venezuelan government, who posted a tweet just 3 minutes after the blackout began.

"We want to send a message to the international community: just three minutes after the attack, Marco Rubio, once again, as a crime reporter, reported on the event that was happening in our country," Rodriguez said and added "Mr. Rubio, I want to inform you that, in a few hours, the Venezuelan people and the international community will know the truth. We'll know that your rotten hands - supported by your lackeys who permanently attack the Venezuelan people - are involved in this event."

| Despite electricity blackout, people go about their day in .

Despite the sudden nationwide blackout, the Venezuelan Vice President indicated that the electric power is gradually returning in some sectors of Caracas.

She also affirmed that the intention of the sabotage was to attack the Venezuelan people and alter vital economic and social activities.

"The electric war announced and directed by U.S. imperialism against our people will be defeated," President Maduro posted on his Twitter account and added "nothing and no one will be able to defeat the people of Bolivar and Chavez. Maximum unity of the patriots!".

During her press conference, the vice president thanked the electric sector workers and the Venezuelan population for their willingness to quickly solve the attack-related problems.

"We want to recognize and appreciate the high civic awareness of the Venezuelan population... No one will divert us from the development path to consolidate Venezuela as a power," she said and commented that "the coup failed, the interventionist plan failed, the destabilization plans failed, and attacks on our public services will also fail because Venezuela definitively rejects those terrorist groups that threaten its dignity and integrity."

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Venezuelan Migration: Another War

The war against Venezuela continues through every possible way. On Wednesday 5th took place a meeting of the Permanent Council (PC) of the stinking OAS with the purpose of approaching what it’s called the migratory crisis in that country.  

Venezuela, the issue that obsesses the puppet Luis Almagro, general secretary of that organization, and some others members of the obedient Lima Group (GL), as if there weren’t unsolved pressing matters in Latin America and the Caribbean. In the member countries of the LG dozens and dozens of millions suffer from hunger, illiteracy, they are forced to emigrate, they are victims of a public health crisis of major proportions, the youths - without education or decent jobs - lack all hope, scourges increased scandalously by the neoliberal model. But that doesn't worry the OAS neither the governments of the LG.  

The meeting of the PC of the OAS is nothing, but another step in the calendar of the hybrid or fourth-generation war against Venezuela, designed by the U.S. Southern Command in different plans. Let’s mention the Venezuela Freedom I, Venezuela Freedom II and the so-called Master Blow. That military organization, controlled, like the Fourth Fleet, to advance the North American militarization in Latin America and the Caribbean with the purpose of controlling population, natural resources and armed intervention, direct or camouflaged. In fact, the LG - popularly begins to be known as mafia of Lima -, even though it’s not the intention of its members, it has become the political arm of the U.S. Southern Command in the ongoing war of the international capital to capture that unique recipient of natural resources and, at the same time, beacon of freedom which is the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. The LG is partner in the military aggression that looms against Venezuela. It’s not secret the great interest of president Donald Trump to carry out a direct intervention in the Caribbean country. His highest military bosses had talked him out of that idea because of the political cost and the extraordinary military effort that would require. But in the media looms the ghost of a "refugees" crisis, people – it’s understood – who escape from oppression or from a failed State, with the purpose of building a case for a humanitarian intervention.  

The PC of OAS approaches an unreal crisis, because nearly 5 million Colombians live in Venezuela and the figure of UNHCR (UN agency for refugees) of a million 500 thousand Venezuelan migrants since 2014 is not alarming in a country under an economic war. A war of which the Venezuelan government is not guilty regardless the many errors they have committed. The term “migratory crisis”, originally coined by the ultra-neoliberal The Economist on August 20th, it was the starting shot of the huge media campaign on the topic. Although a resolution against Venezuela by the PC is not in the agenda of the meeting, it was leaked that they had the 18th vote to approve it, but for some reason what they agreed was a follow-up mechanism to the topic whose extents I don't know as I write. Let’s remember that the OAS was baptized "ministry of colonies" by the unforgettable Raúl Roa, acclaimed by the Cuban people as chancellor of dignity, thanks to his fertile and sharp tongue, restless informer of crimes committed by the United States, often prepared by that organization.  

Venezuela is considered "an extraordinary and unusual threat to the national security and foreign politics of the United States" through an ordinance issued by president Obama and ratified by Trump. It’s not a coincidence that on August 23rd, three days after The Economist began to refer to the Venezuelan emigration as migratory crisis, this definition was used by the Monroe-follower senator Marcos Rubio to express that the crisis constituted a threat for the U.S. national security. The continuous interference of Rubio is known in the domestic lives of Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua which he carries out on Trump’s orders. Also that this fellow is always in favor of the hardest line against countries that don't bend to the imperial power.  

But Venezuela is not sitting on its hands. Thousands of Venezuelans living in other countries want to enter the plan Return to the Homeland, devised by Maduro. The vice-president Delcy Rodríguez announced that Venezuela had requested help from countries of the region so that they facilitate the return of Venezuelan nationals. In a "constructive" meeting with Peter Grohmann, from the United Nations Program for Development, he had requested to intercede before other governments with that purpose and agree to cooperate to protect the most vulnerable ones in Venezuela.

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Facebook,Twitter and the Freedom of Speech according to Marco Rubio

Two high executives of Facebook and Twitter appeared this Wednesday to explain, before the United States Congress, 0what the legislators consider their failure to fight the continuous foreign efforts to influence the domestic politics.

The appearance of Facebook Chief Operating Officer, Sheryl Sandberg, and the Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, took place soon after President, Donald Trump accused, in an interview published by Daily Caller, the social networks of interfering in the midterm elections scheduled for November in that country.

These last statements are part of a saga of critics that in recent days that the White House tenant has launched against, according to him, those "super liberal" companies that try to silence the conservative voices of the United States while giving privilege to progressive opinions in their platforms.

In this Wednesday audience, incidentally, the topic of freedom of speech was approached by Marco Rubio republican senator for Florida. As the New York Times, reported Rubio questioned the executives for their loyalty to American values like freedom of speech, since as he said, they are pressured by foreign nations to silence the voices of users outside the United States.

According to the same media, when he asked about Facebook commitment to the freedom of speech worldwide, Mrs. Sandberg said: “We support these principles in the entire world”, and he added that the company doesn't have servers in Vietnam and they would apply those same principles to China.

Also when referring to Twitter that defines itself as a square of the global city, Mr. Rubio expressed his concern that foreign governments could put pressure on the company to suffocate the freedom of speech.

To what his president answered that the company regularly pushes against nations like Turkey that demands the censorship of certain voices.

I suppose that in Cuba’s case, despite being one of the senator's obsessions, it had not been approached in the audience due to how inappropriate would be if it was known, during a live broadcast that, while on one hand the U.S. government nags social networks to allow the use of “political manipulation” against the White House interests, that same government encourages such proceedings against Cuba.

On the chapter dedicated to Cuba in the report of 2019 budget of the Broadcasting Board of Governors of that country published hardly a couple of weeks ago, it reads without hiding anything that the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), to which belongs the wrongfully named Radio and TV Martí: “it’s creating digital teams in the island to create fake Facebook accounts to disseminate information. The pages opened in Cuba increase the chances to appear in the news of Cuban Facebook users. The same strategy will be used in other social networks".

It’s impossible that the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence of the United States, of which senator Marco Rubio is member, ignore this type of subversive strategy against Cuba. Most likely it seems that for the United States government there are two or more types of freedom of speech.

But undoubtedly, during the appearance of the executives of both social networks in the Capitol, it was crystal clear what is the type of "freedom of speech" private companies like Facebook and Twitter enjoy in the United States.

Showing some blackmailing meaning Marco Rubio reminded the executives of those social networks from his seat in Congress:

"Your companies would not exist if it weren’t for the United States and the freedoms we have."

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Marco Rubio and his "Secret" Documents on the "Acoustic Attacks"

Last Saturday, visiting Cuba, the republican senator Jeff Flake affirmed that "U.S. authorities have not found evidence that the North American diplomats in Havana have been victims of attacks with an unknown weapon."  

The member of the Foreign Relationships Commission of the Senate declared to AP news agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) from the United States has told Cubans that after four trips to Cuba, their agents have not found evidence that the mysterious illnesses suffered by North American diplomats have been the result of attacks. However, the very president of the U.S., Donald Trump, classified the incident as an attack.

Likewise the Arizona senator asserted that “there is no evidence that somebody intentionally attempted to hurt anyone. Nobody is saying these people didn't experience some dysfunction, but there is no evidence that there was a deliberate attack perpetrated by somebody, either Cubans or someone else".

However, quickly in his twitter account the senator of Cuban origin, Marco Rubio, rejected the statement of his colleague. According to Rubio, Flake "knows very well that the method used in the attacks is still reviewed, but not the attack and the lesions they caused."

"It is a documented FACT that 24 officials of the United States government and their spouses were victims of some sort of sophisticated attack while living in Havana", tweeted Rubio.

In his opinion it’s impossible to "carry out 24 separate and sophisticated attacks" against U.S. government personnel without the Cuban officials knowing anything about it.

The documents Rubio mentions are apparently in his custody because they have never been seen by the Cuban part neither these documents have been presented to the “free” press of his country that keeps fueling the rumors and crazy versions on the topic.

It’s well known that what Marco Rubio says cannot be trusted. In October 2011 the senator was openly accused of liar by the newspaper St.Petersburg Times for using the political deceit that his parents of Cuban origin had arrived in Florida after the triumph of Fidel Castro, however, press reports revealed that the senator's parents had reached the United States in 1956, while Batista still ruled over Cuba. Rubio’s father was a barman and he traveled to the United States for economic reasons. Fidel Castro was not even in Cuba when Rubio’s family left the country.

But not everything is black and white and some truth must be behind Rubio’s tweets. His declarations confirm what some experts have already pointed out as a fact: that the invention of science fiction of allegedly acoustic attacks is a fiction within the sick minds of some members of the anti-Cuban mafia of Miami, and right now Rubio is their most active representative.

Anti-Cuban legislators from Miami show serious symptoms of "breakdown attacks" after president Obama, with the reestablishment of relationships with Cuba in December 2014, ruined the "arguments" that for decades have justified their involvement in the U.S. politics.

Trump, Marco Rubio and the Cuban Migration

Since his presidential campaign Trump has been Benton creating a climate of racial, religious and political hatred within and outside the United States.  

He broke up with the Paris Agreement about climate change and did the same regarding UNESCO. He refused to certify Iran’s fulfillment of the nuclear agreement, despite the fact that no one objects the strictest execution of his terms by the Persian country. Now he is travelling through Asia immersed in selling weapons and heating up with his very presence and words the dangerous conflict with Pyongyang that could be solved through the dialogue, but with Trump’s provocations can lead to a nuclear war.  

The aggressive imperialistic group Trump represents is not willing to accept that the United States cannot longer exercise the hegemony almost alone as it did after the collapse of the Soviet Union neither admit the irreversible fact of the multipolarity. He can’t accept disagreements, even less from small countries.  

For that reason he is tearing apart most of Obama’s softening measures regarding Cuba, although the main argument his predecessor used to carry them are still intact: that the blockade and hostility politics had not worked (to attain a régime change). As an aftermath, Obama proposed to the Congress the lifting the genocidal measure. He hadn’t become socialist. He expressed an idea shared by most North Americans and Cubans residents in the United States who have made great part of the establishment, as evidenced on the shower of critics this week after Trump’s announcement of detailed Anti-Cuban measures.

Likewise Trump breakaways from the agreement with Iran although the latter meets is to the letter, the Department of State expels almost the entire personnel from the Cuban Embassy without any explanation, beyond vague reference to the already huge lie of the sonic attack. What’s more critical it leaves with hardly any personnel the consulate with the ultimate purpose to hinder the travel of North Americans to Cuba and of Cuban residents in the U.S. As if traveling restriction weren’t enough for the North Americans as well as for Cuban residents in the island, he has forced them to move to third countries to request a North American visa.  

Nevertheless the verbal attacks Marco Rubio directed during the republican pre-campaign to the presidency, Trump has made peace with the senator and keeps a romance with the old hard core of counterrevolution of Miami, a minority group within the Cuban community and far from the feelings of this very community but with economic and political power in Florida, enriched with the Anti-Castro industry. The real estate magnate has given Rubio and the representative Mario Díaz-Balart an important share in the politics design toward Cuba and Venezuela. It seems as if both legislators understand each other directly with general McMaster – National Security advisor and expert in counter insurgence - and with the CIA and the United States Southern Command.  

But as Washington blocks the relationship of Cubans from both shores, Cuba takes more steps to facilitate it line with the politics of migratory upgrade started on January 14th, 2013. It eliminates bureaucratic red tape, it authorizes the entrance of thousands of migrants who left the Island illegally and who since January 1st, 2018 will be able to meet their relatives in Cuba. It decides to grant the right to Cuban citizenship to children born abroad from Cuban residents in other countries, an important benefit in the case of France and Germany who don't allow them to obtain their citizenship.  

Since 2013 have traveled abroad more than 769 254 Cubans, 79% for the first time. So far in 2017, it has been achieved 28% of growth in comparison with the same period of 2016.  

In 2016 a total of 428 000 Cuban resident abroad, 329 000 of them coming from the United States, while in year 2015 Cuba was visited by 378 000 Cubans and 285 000 North Americans. The increment of overseas Cuban residents who decide to establish their permanent residence in Cuba is still steady.  

The irregular emigration has decreased to the minimum since Washington eliminated the infamous wet feet dry feet politics, which confirms the posture of Havana that always considered it the trigger of that dangerous and chaotic emigration.

Amilkal Labañino Valdes / Cubasi Translation Staff 

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