Maduro: US Seeks to Reedit 2002 Coup d'état in Venezuela

Caracas, Apr 11 (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro noted that the Government of the United States, with its actions, is seeking to reedit the coup d'état perpetrated against Commander Hugo Chavez in 2002.

'As 17 years ago, the Venezuela people defeated the coup attack on Chavez, we will continue the battle against Washington's permanent intentions to establish a regime change in the Bolivarian nation. The Constitution and the people rule here,' the president said on national radio and television on Wednesday.

At the Miraflores Palace (the venue of the Executive), Maduro charged that US authorities do not stop the constant charge against national institutionality, proved by the sabotages on the National Power System (SEN).

In that regard, the head of State noted that destabilizing the population with the lack of electricity and drinking water is the main objective of the right wing to create domestic chaos and justify a military intervention.

He stressed that the government of President Donald Trump insists on imposing puppets in Venezuela; however, he recalled that, according to the Constitution of the Republic, it is the citizens that elect their president, an action developed on May 20, 2018, when Maduro was ratified for the 2019-2025 term by 68 percent of voters.

Maduro said that on Thursday, the revolutionary force will commemorate the popular mobilizations held from April 11 to 13, 2002, as a result of the coup d'état against Chavez, as part of an imperialist effort to overthrowing the emerging Bolivarian Revolution.

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Maradona Fined After Dedicating Win to Nicolas Maduro

During a press conference on March 31, Diego Maradona dedicated his victory to Nicolas Maduro and to all of Venezuela that is suffering because of the "sheriffs of the world".

Football star Diego Maradona came out in support of Venezuela and criticized Donald Trump in a message before he answered questions from Mexican journalists during a press conference at the Tamaulipas stadium.

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"I want to dedicate this triumph to Nicolas Maduro and to all Venezuelans who are suffering." "The sheriffs of the world — who are those Yankees? Just because they have the biggest bombs in the world they think they are so much more advanced than us. No, they are not," Maradona declared at a press conference after a soccer match in Mexico that the Dorados de Sinaloa, the team Maradona is the technical director of since September 2018, won 3-2 over the Tampico Madero Sunday night.

"We don’t buy that 'chirolita' they have as president," added Maradona referring to an Argentine ventriloquist puppet famous in the 1970s that resembles United States President Donald Trump and was famous for its rogue, childish personality.

In response, the Mexican Football Federation (FMF) said in a statement on Monday that Maradona was going to be fined because he had violated articles 7 and 11 of its ethics code.

Article 7 urges members of Mexico's football federation to stay neutral on political and religious matters and Article 11 warns them against behavior that might be detrimental to the sport and fair play.

Since January the U.S. and its allies have tried unsuccessfully to replace President Maduro with the so-called 'interim president' Juan Guiado. 

President Donald Trump began his soft coup attempt against President Nicolas Maduro after taking office in 2017, implementing a growing list of economic sanctions on Venezuela and its people that have cost the government billions. 

In August 2017, Maradona brought his support to Venezuela and said he was ready to get "dressed a soldier" and fight "against imperialism."

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Maduro: Urges Mexico, Uruguay to Renew Dialogue in Montevideo

President Nicolas Maduro tells crowds at anti-imperialist march in Caracas: 'Venezuela asks for support, accompaniment toward a great dialogue of peace, understanding'. 

President Nicolas Maduro is asking the leaders of Mexico, Uruguay, and member states of Caricom to renew their efforts to facilitate dialogue between the Venezuelan government and the opposition.

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During the latest anti-imperialist march held in the capital streets of Caracas Saturday, Maduro told the crowds: "Venezuela asks for support and accompaniment toward a great dialogue of peace, of understanding," said the Venezuelan president.

Maduro and his United Socialist Party of Venezuela have repeatedly taken part in facilitated dialogues with national opponents. The internationally-mediated ‘Dominican Republic’ talks that began in 2014 between Maduro’s ruling party and the opposition broke down in February 2018 when lead opposition party, Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD), refused to sign the deal they had negotiated.

"Let's put all the cards on the table. Stop the terrorist attacks and the ambushes, and with the help of Mexico, Bolivia, Uruguay and the Caribbean (nations), Venezuela can create dialogue roundtables with all sectors sooner rather than later," Maduro told the thousands of supporters gathered in Caracas.

In late January Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) and Uruguay head of state Tabare Vazquez proposed to facilitate talks between Maduro’s administration and the self-proclaimed interim president of Venezuela, Juan Guaido, in Montevideo, Uruguay. Guido said from the beginning he wouldn’t take part in such dialogues with president. Since that time the country has suffered a series of cyber attacks that have caused major electrical outages throughout the nation, likely at the hands of the United States administration that supports a Guido takeover of the Venezuelan government.

An International Contact Group (GCI) comprising Bolivia, Ecuador, Costa Rica and several European nations, was formed in early February to mediate the talks. The process broke down when these facilitators began to demand new elections in Venezuela before the dialogues began even when Maduro democratically won the presidential vote last May by over 60 percent of electoral support.

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Mass Popular Mobilization in Venezuela on April 6

The speaker of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC) of Venezuela, Diosdado Cabello, called on Thursday to a mass popular mobilization in this capital on April 6 to defend the Bolivarian Revolution.

On his regular program Con el Mazo Dando, broadcast by Venezolana de Television, Cabello assured that the revolutionary forces will fill Caracas 'from end to end' in light of the opposition's desperation.

He ruled out the call by the opposition lawmaker Juan Guaido, who proclaimed himself Venezuela's president in charge, a maneuver scheduled for the same day as part of the so-called Operation Freedom, aimed at destabilizing the country.

On several occasions, Guaido has called on his supporters in the opposition to organize in the next few days for an alleged peaceful occupation of the Miraflores Palace (the Government's venue) and the activation of large-scale local protests.

In that regard, Cabello, who is also the first vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), pointed out that the failure of those calls to mobilization by the speaker of the National Assembly (parliament) in contempt shows Guaido's lack of leadership.

Cabello also revealed the satisfaction by some right-wing spokespersons when they learned that Guaido had been disqualified to hold public posts and that he had been stripped of his parliamentary immunity due to several crimes that he has committed flagrantly.

In that regard, the socialist leader pointed out that the decision made on Tuesday by the Constituent National Assembly, which authorized the judicial power to indict the 'self-proclaimed' president, was adopted in accordance with the Constitution of Venezuela and the legislation in force.

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Six Years After the Death of Chávez, Venezuela Defends itself with Courage

The world is a unique witness of a Venezuela challenged by imperial aggressions and still goes ahead with dignity. We will keep carrying the flag of the free peoples that raise their voice against the imperial meddling, said President Nicolas Maduro in Tweeter this Monday.

"Despite the media campaigns against Venezuela, we face with courage and rebelliousness the mean violations of the United States. We have the solidarity of the peoples of the world", he wrote.

That is the case of countries like China, Cuba, Bolivia, Iran and Turkey, among others that keep supporting Maduro’s Government. In addition, the Russian Prime Minister, Dmitri Medvedev, denounced early this week the resume on behalf of the United States of an open politics to bring down Latin American governments that are a nuisance to them, like in the case of Venezuela.

"From Washington are heard statements admitting a military intervention and provocations take place on the borders", said the Prime Minister, when commenting events that have occurred in the South American country.

Trump has found the support of some countries to military intervene in Venezuela using the "Monroe Doctrine" from 1823: "America for North Americans", that is, to them the entire Western Hemisphere belongs to the United States like a “backyard”.

On the other hand, Maduro has tirelessly denounced the inquisitional process of the world far-right against the Bolivarian Revolution with the objective of seizing the South American country and its resources at any cost necessary.

We just have to revise history to realize the great cut Washington wins in this dirty game. Let’s remember the excellent business it represented for the Power Elite in the United State and especially large companies, World War II.

As Jacques R. Pauwels explained brilliantly in his time, thanks to the victory in World War II, "the United States industry recovered intact its investments in Germany and captured the Nazi scientists and their technology."

Yankee companies took advantage of the opportunity and in 1945 they began to recreate the world with the American way.

Today, the Imperial Elite, trapped in domestic contradictions, at the threshold of the next elections, needs a successful military adventure as well as an enemy that raises the horror and hatred of manageable people: the Satanized "socialism."

Six years after Hugo Chavez's disappearance the best homage that Venezuelan can offer is to keep on building Socialism and keep his legacy alive with the unconditional support to President Nicolas Maduro, the leader for which they voted in elections in May of last year.

The people recognizes that those who were behind the coup-d’état of 2002 against Chávez are the same who at present attempt against this revolutionary government. Just like then, in less than 48 hours, they went on out in the streets and put Chávez again in his office, today they will defend their rightful and constitutional President because Venezuela belongs to Venezuelans.

Chávez closed his eyes on March 5th, 2013 but he opened the eyes of millions in Latin America. Nobody thinks he’s gone forever...

US amasses special ops in Puerto Rico, army in Colombia to oust Maduro – Russian Security Council

By deploying troops and special ops forces to Puerto Rico and Colombia, Washington is getting ready to intervene in Venezuela and topple its leader, the secretary of Russia’s Security Council said.

The US is “preparing for a military invasion” in Venezuela, Nikolai Patrushev told Russian media on Tuesday.

The relocation of American special forces’ units to Puerto Rico, the deployment of the US Army units to Colombia and other facts evidently show that Pentagon is enhancing its military in the region in order to use it in ousting… President [Nicolas] Maduro.

“The people of Venezuela understand this clearly,” Patrushev said, adding that this notion increases popular support for Maduro and drives the government to reject the aid offered by “an aggressor state.”

Maduro blocked delivery of US government-sponsored humanitarian aid, dismissing the move as a PR stunt and highlighting fears that Washington might use it as an opportunity to smuggle weapons into the country.

This led to clashes between police and protesters across the border with Colombia.

In recent months Washington stepped up pressure on Caracas, while openly backing opposition leader Juan Guaido.

President Donald Trump confirmed that use of the US Army in Venezuela is among the ‘options’ on the table.

Maduro has repeatedly accused the US of plotting a coup against him and staged military drills showcasing the army’s preparedness to defend the nation against foreign threats.

Spec ops in Puerto Rico, army in Colombia: US is 'preparing for a military invasion' in Venezuela

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Attack on Venezuela 1st step in US Attempt to Recolonize Latin America: Maduro

Speaking to HispanTV, the Venezuelan leader said U.S. President Donald Trump "has allowed himself to be led to an extremist position of foolishness."

The United States has relaunched its colonialist aspirations against Latin America, Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro warned Thursday during an interview with the Iranian media HispanTV, adding that the Venezuelan military was ready to defend the independence and sovereignty of the Latin American nation.

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"America for Americans, that is, all our America for them, all our riches and all our power for them," Maduro said and added that Venezuela is currently at center of an imperialist attack "because they believe that, by reversing and destroying the Bolivarian Revolution, they will be able to recolonize and dominate the entire continent."

In Maduro's opinion, the U.S. President Donald Trump "has allowed himself to be led to an extremist position of foolishness, to an unattractive position. In addition, he has hinted his true desire to dominate, conquer, and subdue Venezuela."

The Venezuelan leader also denounced that, besides being part of the U.S. geopolitical aspirations in Latin America, Trump’s interventionist attitudes towards Venezuela are triggered by the desire to seize the country's enormous natural and mineral resources.

China opposes military intervention to in response to reports that the U.S. would support the Venezuelan opposition to deliver into Venezuela on Feb. 23.

"Trump's problem is" Venezuela's riches, oil, gold, gas, strategic minerals, wealth, water," to which the great strength of the country is added when it comes to controlling its own model economic, political, social and cultural "added Maduro.

According to President Maduro, most of the polls show that more than 90 percent of Venezuelans reject any U.S. military aggression. This is so because his nation is "united" around the rejection of Trump's statements.

Maduro emphasized that "Venezuela is for Venezuela," and pointed out that the entire offensive against his nation is "a test."

"I'm sure that these challenges and these tests will leave us more strengthened. I'm more than sure of that," he predicted.

Regarding the U.S. attempts to provoke a military uprising in Venezuela, President Maduro stated that the Bolivarian National Armed Force (FANB), which is ready to defend the homeland and is committed to the Constitution.

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Venezuela closes border with Brazil, may do the same at Colombia border – Maduro

Starting Thursday evening, Venezuela is closing its border with Brazil, President Nicolas Maduro has announced. He added the same measure may apply to the border with Colombia, though he does not want to order it.

The Venezuelan military was ordered to enforce the travel ban in airspace and on the sea until further notice, Maduro said  during a televised address from a military headquarters.

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Speaking about possible cut of border travel with Colombia, Maduro said he didn’t want to take such a decision but was considering it.

The restrictions come amid a tense stand-off over US attempts to deliver what Washington describes as humanitarian aid into Venezuela in defiance of the wishes of its government. The US considers Maduro usurper and recognizes as the head of state the self-proclaimed acting president Juan Guaido, whose opposition group is the designated receiver of the ‘aid’.

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Earlier on Thursday Guaido said he will personally go to the border with Colombia to get the shipment from the US, urging drivers to go with him and defy the border guards ordered to prevent the delivery.

Maduro’s government is suspicious of the US stated plan to provide humanitarian assistance to Venezuelan opposition. US envoy for Venezuela Elliott Abrams has a record of using humanitarian convoys to smuggle arms to Latin American countries targeted for regime change by Washington, and Caracas says he is now trying to follow the same script in Venezuela.

BREAKING: and just disrupted Carlos Vecchio, illegitimate Venezuelan “president” Juan Guaido’s envoy to the US. The US is facilitating a coup that may very well lead to a civil war. We say: no coup, no civil war, no imperialism!

The confrontation over the shipment was also a major point of anti-Maduro media spin by Washington, which accused the Venezuelan president of barricading a border bridge only to stop aid from coming in. In reality the bridge was never operational, but the narrative was uncritically adopted by the US media.

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Both Brazil and Colombia serve as transit counties for Venezuela-bound American shipments. Sunday is the deadline given to Maduro by Guaido, presumably in coordination with the US, to allow the ‘humanitarian aid’ inside the country.

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