Venezuelan President Leads Celebration For Angostura Bicentary

"The exercises for the 200 year anniversary of Angostura have started, the speech of Simon Bolivar where he established the doctrine for the independence, for the Republic, for the future," said the head of state.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro led Sunday the celebrations of the bicentenary anniversary Angostura 2019 with a military parade in the Fort Guaicaipuro in Charallave, central state of Miranda.

Along with Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino López and the Operational Commander Remigio Ceballos, Maduro supervised the anti-aerial defense system IGLA-S y ZU-23 and reviewed the Bolivarian National Militia.

“Aquí están los soldados de Bolívar que les harían pagar caro al imperio estadounidense cualquier osadía de tocar el sagrado suelo de la Patria venezolana”, enfatizó el jefe de Estado

"Here there are the Armed Forces, and here are the people ready to defend the honor, the dignity and the decorum of a Homeland that has been fighting for its future over 200 years. Back off Donald Trump and his threats!" he added.

1. En el marco de la Operación Cívico Militar Bicentenario de Angostura 2019, hoy he supervisado el Puesto de Comando de Comunicaciones para la Región, observando un elevado apresto Operacional al momento de establecer contacto con las diferentes Unidades Militares.

The exercises will take place until Feb. 15 in order to try the operational capacity of the armed forces along with the organized people, especially in relation to command, control, communication and planning, as well as the capacity of deployment of the Armed Forces, explained the head of the Strategic Operational Commandment of the armed forces Remigio Ceballos.


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Russia Proposes Venezuelan 'Peaceful Measures' Initiative to UN

Russia reiterated its support for democratically-elected President Nicolas Maduro, and presented a 'peaceful measures' initiative to the United Nations Security Council regarding Venezuela. 

On Friday afternoon, Russia proposed a call to the United Nations Security Council, to end outside interference from the U.S. and it's allied nations.

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Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro hasn't shied-away from calling-on opposition forces to come to the negotiating table in a bid to engage in peaceful dialogue regarding the U.S.' attempted coup on the South American nation, and now Russia has suggested a new resolution to help Maduro protect the country's sovereignty against any possible foreign military intervention.

According to AP, Moscow's proposal calls for "resolving the political tensions in Venezuela through 'peaceful measures' based on a 'political settlement' without any preconditions or outside interference."

Reuters reported that, "The Russian draft would express concern over the attempts to intervene in matters which are essentially within the domestic jurisdiction. It would also express concern over the threats to use force against the territorial integrity and political independence of Venezuela."

Furthermore, TeleSUR Spanish reported that the Russian ambassador to Uruguay, Nikolai Sofinski, confirmed his country's position to support the efforts being made by Mexico, Uruguay, Bolivia and the Community of Caribbean States (CARICOM), to promote dialogue mechanisms between the Government of Venezuela and the opposition.

"We support all the initiatives that advocate dialogue as a means of solution, which advocate that the opposing sides agree without preconditions or impositions or interference of any kind," Sofinski told Russian public television network, Rossiya.

We reject the statements by the self-proclaimed Juan Guaidó who welcomes a US military intervention in Venezuela. I wonder what the brothers presidents who recognized him have to say about such incitement to war in Latin America

Bolivian President Evo Morales gave his endorsement for peaceful dialogue, and later Tweeted his displeasure of the U.S.' attempts at a coup. "We reject the statements by the self-proclaimed Juan Guaidó who welcomes a U.S. military intervention in Venezuela. I wonder what the brothers' presidents who recognized him have to say about such incitement to war in Latin America."

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Maduro Asks International Community to End US's Threats of War

"Che, Fidel, Chavez, they are our heritage, they give us strength,” President Nicolas Maduro said.

Venezuela will not allow foreign soldiers to invade, President Nicolas Maduro said calling for dialogue with opposition forces during a televised speech Monday.

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"Che, Fidel, Chavez, they are our heritage, they give us strength,” the Bolivarian head of state said, reminding the crowd of supporters of the country’s past struggle for independence dating back to the colonial era to present day.

Since the attempted coup on Jan. 23 lead by opposition lawmaker Juan Guaido, the United States has aligned its forces with the self-proclaimed “interim president,” declaring his unconstitutional claim legitimate, triggering similar calls from its allies around the world and in South America.

Maduro said, "When our Comandante Chavez passed away, I became president, but my first act was to hold elections. I wasn't going to govern without elections...why has Sanchez Castejon governed for so long in Spain without convening elections?

Threats of militarized intervention have resurfaced as well as new rounds of suffocating sanctions against Venezuela, targeting the country’s oil companies in the United States. Although both the Lima Group and the European Union have rejected militarized force, they have recognized the Guaido’s claim and are calling for Maduro to abdicate in favor of a new election.

"The attacks against us from the so-called 'Lima Group' are also an attack on the whole left, on all progressives who they persecute in their countries," President Maduro said, describing the organization’s behavior as “disgusting and laughable.”

Regarding the repeated requests for intervention made by the Venezuelan opposition, the president said it was foolish for his homeland to encourage war.

"Those who march with the US flag asking for military intervention in their own country have no idea what they're asking for, they have no idea of the damage they will bring," said Maduro.

"In Venezuela, a battle is being played out for the right of all countries to pursue their own paths… I want to ask the world for the highest level of solidarity to create a powerful movement against the threats of war from the US,” the Bolivarian president said.

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Maduro Calls For Peace, Non-intervention From US

During his national tour Venezuelan President Maduro says: 'I will defend this threatened country with my life.'

President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro continued collecting signatures from citizens from across the country for a petition calling for peace and non-intervention on behalf of United States President Donald Trump.

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During a speech Monday at the Day of National Dignity commemoration and the 27th anniversary of the military rebellion of 4F (Feb. 4, 1992), Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro swore before authorities, civilians and military that he will defend the homeland with his life against the coup d'etat that is hovering over the nation.

"I swear, 27 years after the awakening of our country that I will be loyal now and forever with dreams of independence and dignity, I swear that I will defend this threatened country with my life and will give peace and victory to the people," assured the president

From the early hours of the morning President Maduro along with president of the National Constituent Assembly, Diosdado Cabello and Minister of Defense Vladimir Padrino Lopez, marched through the streets of the city of Maracay in Aragua state and gave a speech at the historical Cuartel Paez military barracks.

"We are never going to give up our country. We will never surrender the Republic toYankee imperialism or any others try to step upon this soil disrespectfully. This town will never surrender — it is the land of Bolivar," said the head of state.

He also called on the people to stand firm "in permanent demonstration of conscience."

Maduro said: "We are subjected to a great psychological war, every day and every night." He encouraged those gathered to maintain "nerves of steel, calm and sanity, moral strength, conscience and demonstration to fulfill your role and mission."

Message to Pedro Sanchez

On Monday morning the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced that the government officially recognized lawmaker of the National Assembly Juan Guaido as interim president of Venezuela. The National Assembly has been in contempt since 2016. Maduro responded to Sanchez by saying that if something happens in the country, the prime minister’s "will have blood on his hands, will be stained in blood forever, and history will remember him as a president who put himself at the service of Donald Trump's war and interventionist policies."

President Maduro announced that starting Wednesday evening they will collect signatures in the Plaza Bolivar of each Venezuelan city for a letter to be sent to the U.S. demanding that Trump not intervene in Venezuela.

"Do you want to turn our Homeland into a colony of slaves and beggars? We reject this bad and cheap show from this oligarchy. They need mental help. Someday they may have a bit of decorum and dignity," said Maduro to crowds Monday.

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Venezuela's President Calls for Early Parliamentary Elections

Caracas, Feb 2 (Prensa Latina) At a mass rally to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Bolivarian Revolution, President Nicolas Maduro has called to celebrate early Parliamentary elections as a way to curtail the US-backed coup and achieve peace and stability in Venezuela.

Maduro addressed a huge demonstration along Bolivar Avenue in downtown Caracas in his first open air speech since the failed assassination attempt last August on the same avenue.

Hundreds of thousands of supporters of the government came out to rally to defend democracy and the Maduro administration.

'If you want, we want,' the Head of State told the opposition while calling for national legislative elections, a task he assigned to the President of the Constituent Assembly, Diosdado Cabello.

Maduro emphasized his Government is determine to restore the legislative power and the legal, normal functions of Parliament whose opposition members are in contempt since 2016.

'Until when will they hurt the nation? It's enough of so much damage done to the Homeland!' The President stressed, urging the opposition to think on the consequences of their actions and inviting them to abandon interventionism.

'Stop shouting for war; stop calling for a foreign military intervention; stop backing a coup d'Etat that has already failed. It failed and you don't realize it. Revolution is governing here, and We will keep governing,' insisted Maduro.

The US administration called last weekend for an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council to condemn the Venezuelan government as a preamble for deepening political meddling and a military intervention, but 19 members of that body, out of 20, rejected Washington's maneuvering and called to respect Venezuela.

Most of the UN 191 members have recognized the Maduro administration as legitimate and a democratically elected government.

On efforts to restore peace and political order in the nation, the Head of State thanked the initiatives presented by the governments of Mexico, Uruguay and Bolivia to set up a negotiating table among all sides in an effort to secure democracy in Venezuela.

With regards to military defense of the nation, Maduro appealed to deepening the civil-military unity, and called on all the forces to take part in the military drills on the Bicentennial of Angostura, slated for February 10 through 15. 'They will be the most important in the nation's history', he pointed out.

He called on militiamen to join the Boliviarian National Armed Forces as regular soldiers or the Bolivarian National Guard as active members.

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Maduro says next election will take place in 2025, rejects Europe's 8-day ultimatum

President Nicolas Maduro has rejected an ultimatum issued by Europe which called for new elections in Venezuela within 8 days, saying instead that the next presidential elections will be held in 2025.

Germany, France and Spain said that they would recognize the self-proclaimed president of Venezuela unless new elections are held – but Maduro has stressed that Europe has no right to make such demands, telling RIA Novosti that the next elections will take place in 2025.

In an earlier interview with CNN Turk, Maduro slammed the European demand as “complete insolence.”

“They should withdraw this ultimatum. No one can give us an ultimatum,” Maduro said. “Venezuela is not tied to Europe. This is complete insolence.”

Also on Maduro claims Trump ordered Colombian government and mafia to kill him...

In a statement, French President Emmanuel Macron said that the Venezuelan people “must be able to freely decide their future. Without elections announced in 8 days, we could recognize [Guaido] as ‘interim president’ of Venezuela to launch this political process.” Nearly identical messages were released by Germany and Spain.

Juan Guaido proclaimed himself “interim president” of Venezuela last week, swiftly receiving strong support from Washington and its allies.

Guaido has been barred from leaving the country until an investigation into “serious crimes that threaten the constitutional order" is completed.

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"Trump Gave Order To Kill Me": Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro

Moscow: Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro accused Donald Trump of ordering neighbouring Colombia's government to kill him, but said he was open to the possibility of talks with the U.S. leader and his own domestic foes.

In an interview with Russia's RIA agency, Maduro rejected calls for an early election, said an order to arrest his rival Juan Guaido had not yet been given, and promised Caracas would honour debts to Russia and China.

Facing the biggest challenge of his six-year rule, the 56-year-old socialist leader also said his armed forces remained loyal and President Vladimir Putin was firmly behind him.

Maduro's comments were published on Wednesday as the fight for control of Venezuela escalated with the government preparing an investigation into self-declared interim president Guaido, and new street protests planned.

Venezuela plunged further into turmoil last week after the United States recognised Guaido, 35, as acting president, while Russia, which has lent Caracas an estimated $17 billion since 2006, continued to back Maduro.

"Donald Trump has without doubt given an order to kill me and has told the government of Colombia and the Colombian mafia to kill me," Maduro told RIA.

Though the Venezuelan was reprising an old allegation that critics scoff at as a smokescreen, there was speculation of military plans after Trump adviser John Bolton appeared on Monday with a pad showing the words "5,000 troops to Colombia."

"If something happens to me one day, Donald Trump and Colombian President Ivan Duque will bear responsibility," Maduro said of his right-wing foes.

"I am legitimate" 

Despite their increasingly militant opposition to Maduro, whom they regard as a dictator, both Washington and Bogota have repeatedly denied accusations of plots to kill him.

Maduro, who survived what he called an assassination attempt in August last year, said he was well protected, guaranteeing him a long life. He declined to comment on reports Russia sent private military contractors to help guard him.

He also dismissed calls for a snap presidential vote, saying his re-election last year was fair despite widespread allegations of fraud and the barring of two opposition rivals.

"I won 68 percent of the vote," he told RIA. "I won legitimately... If the imperialists want a new election, let them wait until 2025."

Despite alleging Trump wanted him dead, Maduro said he was ready to meet him "wherever he wants", but thought the prospect unlikely given what he described as attempts by Trump's advisers to prevent it.

He said Mexico, Uruguay, Bolivia, Russia, the Vatican and several unnamed European countries wanted talks between him and the opposition.

"I am ready to sit at the negotiation table with the opposition for us to talk for the benefit of Venezuela," Maduro was quoted as saying.

Regarding the investigation and possible arrest of Guaido, he said: "As far as I know, this measure has not yet been taken. Let's wait for the internal constitutional and legal processes to see what the results will be. We won't rush, we'll wait."

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Maduro Reiterates Call for Dialogue with Venezuelan Opposition

Caracas, Jan 29 (Prensa Latina) The Venezuelan president, Nicolas Maduro, reiterated Tuesday the call for dialogue with the opposition as the only way of peaceful coexistence in Venezuela, immersed in a US-backed development coup.

Through a message posted on Twitter, the Venezuelan leader said that the opposition forces should 'ignore the imperial calls that point towards a confrontation between brothers.'

'May Peace prevail!' Said the head of state, who called on the opposition to act sensibly and responsibly, in the face of the US government's pretensions to provoke a civil conflict in Venezuela through ignorance of the legitimate authorities and the support for a parallel government that was not elected at the polls.

On January 23, the US administration of Donald Trump acknowledged the self-proclamation of the head of the National Assembly (Parliament) -declared in contempt by the Supreme Court of Justice-, Juan Guaido, a position emulated by other nations in the region.

This interventionist action led to the rupture of bilateral political relations by the government of Venezuela, which ordered the closure of all diplomatic and consular headquarters in the United States.

The hostile policy of Washington against Caracas included the attempted censorship in the Security Council of the United Nations, the repeated calls for a military uprising against the Bolivarian government, and the most recent attacks on the Venezuelan oil industry, with the freezing of assets of Citgo Petroleum.

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