From Lima to Havana: Hoops and Clubs resulted in Bronze Medals. At last!

Cuba’s rhythmic gymnastics team fought hard its bronze medal until they earned it.

The girls of rhythmic gymnastics earned and deserved such longed medal. It happened in the group exercises with three hoops and two pairs of clubs: bronze medal, 22.200 points, behind highly-touted Brazil (24.250) and Mexico (23.050) teams.

Especially after the girls had earned —unfairly I must point out— the fourth place in the group exercise with five balls: 22.150, and in the general standing: 20.300.

Then, it was the time of the usually tough exercises with three hoops and two pairs of clubs and they won the bronze medal.

The girls’ performance showed stability even though there were almost zero international practice, which jeopardizes good notes from the jury members in judging competitions.

Four years ago, Toronto 2015, the results were the same. The bronze medal was earned in the team all-around competition.

In any case, let’s give a standing ovation for the girls of experienced trainer Nely Ochoa.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz/CubaSi Translation Staff

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