Illusions, voids and convex ghosts

I have said this over and over again: you make what you make, and you put it in front of yourself first of all. Inevitably, a certain concept arises, and exploring that concept is the real work. If I started off with some big message for the world, it would keep getting in the way.

Jurassic fossils reveal varied life of early mammals

In the days of the Jurassic, dinosaurs ruled the Earth, while early mammals cowered in their shadows. That used to be the idea. Two remarkably preserved fossils from China now reveal that there was a surprising diversity among early mammals.

Melting ice spells volcanic trouble

Melting ice is causing the land to rise up in Iceland – and perhaps elsewhere. The result, judging by new findings on the floor of the Southern Ocean, could be a dramatic surge in volcanic eruptions.

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