The New (Old) Obama Doctrine

The Howard P. “Buck” McKeon National Defense Authorization Act for FY 2015 (Defense Authorization Act) should be renamed the Howard P. “Buck” McKeon Global Manifest Destiny Act of FY2015. The Defense Authorization Act reads like something that the Biffer-Baum Birds in Dr. Seuss’ Sleep Book might have written. And the image that most accurately depicts the collective efforts of President Obama, the Pentagon and the US Congress in the design of American national security strategy is Dr. Seuss’ illustration of the Biffer-Baum Birds constructing their nest out of bricks and threads: a precarious construction indeed.

US Chamber of Commerce chief defends visit to Cuba

The head of the US Chamber of Commerce defended his visit to Cuba on Wednesday after coming under fire from critics in the US Congress who contend the trip is a publicity coup for the communist government.
  • Published in Cuba
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