Venezuela closes border with Brazil, may do the same at Colombia border – Maduro

Starting Thursday evening, Venezuela is closing its border with Brazil, President Nicolas Maduro has announced. He added the same measure may apply to the border with Colombia, though he does not want to order it.

The Venezuelan military was ordered to enforce the travel ban in airspace and on the sea until further notice, Maduro said  during a televised address from a military headquarters.

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Speaking about possible cut of border travel with Colombia, Maduro said he didn’t want to take such a decision but was considering it.

The restrictions come amid a tense stand-off over US attempts to deliver what Washington describes as humanitarian aid into Venezuela in defiance of the wishes of its government. The US considers Maduro usurper and recognizes as the head of state the self-proclaimed acting president Juan Guaido, whose opposition group is the designated receiver of the ‘aid’.

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Earlier on Thursday Guaido said he will personally go to the border with Colombia to get the shipment from the US, urging drivers to go with him and defy the border guards ordered to prevent the delivery.

Maduro’s government is suspicious of the US stated plan to provide humanitarian assistance to Venezuelan opposition. US envoy for Venezuela Elliott Abrams has a record of using humanitarian convoys to smuggle arms to Latin American countries targeted for regime change by Washington, and Caracas says he is now trying to follow the same script in Venezuela.

BREAKING: and just disrupted Carlos Vecchio, illegitimate Venezuelan “president” Juan Guaido’s envoy to the US. The US is facilitating a coup that may very well lead to a civil war. We say: no coup, no civil war, no imperialism!

The confrontation over the shipment was also a major point of anti-Maduro media spin by Washington, which accused the Venezuelan president of barricading a border bridge only to stop aid from coming in. In reality the bridge was never operational, but the narrative was uncritically adopted by the US media.

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Both Brazil and Colombia serve as transit counties for Venezuela-bound American shipments. Sunday is the deadline given to Maduro by Guaido, presumably in coordination with the US, to allow the ‘humanitarian aid’ inside the country.

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Switzerland Denies Meeting Venezuela Opposition Over Assets

The Swiss government has flatly denied any contact between their president and Venezuelan opposition.

Swiss authorities have denied discussing Venezuelan accounts held in their country with lawmaker of the Venezuelan National Assembly in contempt and self-proclaimed interim President of Venezuela Juan Guaido.

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Spokesman for the Swiss Foreign Ministry, Pierre-Alain Eltschinger described as incorrect the statement made by Guaido of having communicated with the Swiss president on a possible blockade of Venezuelan assets.

"There was no contact between Mr. Guaido and President (Ueli) Maurer," the Swiss diplomat clarified Wednesday night.

Venezuela is in the midst of interventionist schemes promoted by the United States since Jan. 23 when opposition lawmaker Guaido proclaimed himself “interim president” of the country.

Venezuelan head of state Nicolas Maduro, denounced US involvement of those plans as an attempted invasion and coup d'etat.

Maduro has also reiterated that Venezuela is the victim of an international economic blockade and negative media campaign that seeks to tarnish the image of Venezuela abroad.

Guaido was recognized by the U.S., most of the member countries of the Lima Group, and a number of EU member states.

Russia, Bolivia, Mexico, China, Cuba, Iran, Turkey and other countries, reaffirmed their support for the Venezuelan government.

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‘Nothing to do with aid or democracy’: Roger Waters slams ‘humanitarian’ concert for Venezuela

Pink Floyd ex-frontman Roger Waters is slamming Virgin tycoon Richard Branson’s aid concert for Venezuela as a sham, warning fans and performers not to be “led down a garden path that ends in regime change.”

Branson’s “Venezuela Aid Live” concert “has nothing to do with the needs of the Venezuelan people, it has nothing to do with democracy, it has nothing to do with freedom, and it has nothing to do with aid,” Waters declared in a video released on Tuesday.

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The musician and political activist tore into the western media narrative depicting Venezuela as the victim of a humanitarian crisis created by socialism. “There is no civil war, no mayhem, no murder, no apparent dictatorship, no mass imprisonment of opposition, no suppression of the press” under President Nicolas Maduro, he said, citing friends “on the ground” in Caracas who could confirm this.

Venezuela Aid Live will take place on Friday in the Colombian border city of Cucuta. Branson has announced a fundraising target of $100 million to purchase food and medicine for Venezuelans suffering the privations of socialism – or US sanctions, depending on which version of the narrative one prefers.

Waters reserved special scorn for Branson himself, “with his bleeding heart worn openly upon his Virgin Airways t-shirt,” claiming the magnate has bought into US propaganda. A spokesperson for Branson told the National Post that the US was “not involved in any aspect of this” and that the concert was “not a political statement.”

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The US-backed would-be regime change in Venezuela has not gone as smoothly as planned, with the country’s military still loyal to Maduro despite National Assembly leader Juan Guaido having declared himself an ‘interim president’ over a month ago. On Monday, US President Donald Trump gave a speech warning the Venezuelan military to follow Guaido or “lose everything.”

Waters finished his speech with a warning to friend and fellow musician Peter Gabriel not to fall for the US line, reminding him how US-backed regime changes have turned out in the past.

Do we really want Venezuela to turn into another Iraq or Syria or Libya? I don’t, and neither do the Venezuelan people.

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War without Borders? Artists agree to a media show against Venezuela

Venezuelan reggaeton artist Nacho, Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz and Colombian singers Carlos Vives and Juanes appear on the billboard of a concert organized by British billionaire Richard Branson to raise funds in humanitarian aid for Venezuela.

Also on the bill made up by empire supporters, recruited by Brenson for the anti-Venezuela media campaign appear the singer of hit song “Despacito”, Puerto Rican Luis Fonsi, Spanish musician Miguel Bosé, Brazilian pop singer Anitta and British Peter Gabriel.

According to its organizer Richard Branson, the show that will be held on February 22, in the Colombian city of Cucuta, responds to a request from the puppet imposed by Washington as Venezuela’s president, Juan Guaido and his co-partisan Leopoldo Lopez, to “attract global attention to this unacceptable crisis (…) and to raise funds for essential humanitarian aid”.

Venezuela’s legitimate President Nicolas Maduro has described the alleged humanitarian aid as a media show that serves as a pretext to facilitate a military intervention of the United States in Venezuela.

“They hang us, steal our money and then tell us: ‘Here, grab these crumbs and make a global show out of it”, stated Maduro in an interview with AP agency yesterday. “With dignity Venezuela says: ‘No to the global show’. Whoever wants to help Venezuela is welcome, but we have enough capacity to pay for everything we need.”

For his part, self-proclaimed president Juan Guaido has said that as long as ousting Maduro from power he agrees with all options proposed by his chiefs in Washington, including the military one.

With their support for the strategy of Guaido, who has called on his supporters to march towards the border in search of the alleged aid next February 23 with the clear intention of creating a conflict that facilitates the intervention of the U.S., the artists who join the initiative of the self-proclaimed president will become accomplices of the bloody consequences that the so-called “humanitarian aid” might cause.

The name of the concert is still unknown, but it could well be called War without Borders.

Translated by Jorge Mesa Benjamin / CubaSi Translation Staff

Venezuela: Famous Artists and Unfair Causes

Venezuela undergoes an ordeal in its economy. That is true, but the first thing that should come into the minds of some artists, who are worldwide followed and who let themselves dragged into the media show against the South American nation is in the causes that have led this country to the present situation.

Far beyond the achievements and failures in the economic policy of Nicolas Maduro’s government, the media war and above all the economic war endured by this sister country has been truly harsh. The oligarchy of that country is the number one factor. Foreign powers, like the United States and its allied the European Union have not spared efforts in their attempt to choke the booming of that kind people.

That is a pill hard to swallow. One must be a juggler to survive and I mean it as a Cuban who has endured in our own blood the blockade since the triumph of the Cuban Revolution in 1959.

Therefore I do think that it’s serious that famous artists, either purposely or unaware fall into that trap, since in my personal opinion is an irresponsibility on their behalf.

I also hope, with all my heart, that although they don’ care much about my humble opinion, Luis Fonsi – an artist whom I like – fights with the same strength for the independence and freedom of his homeland Puerto Rico, which coincidentally is the Caribbean island where the puppeteer who in the end pulls all the strings against Venezuela, plays basketball with toilette paper and the basket turn out to be the needs of the people who lived there when hurricane Maria hit.

A similar reaction I expect from Mr. Juanes. Yes, when in his beloved Colombia more than 10 social and union leaders are killed in a month after the Peace Talks, a country regrettably sunk in violence and that, what a coincidence, houses almost ten military bases of the foreign power that has exacted misery and unjust wars to the entire continent. If you read a history book, you can accurately tell how many they were and how many lives they took.

As for the boys from the Metropolis, Alejandro Sanz and Miguel Bosé I applaud the initiative of always trying help the poorer, but I repeat, I think that this time they are biased or indirectly being manipulated.

One of these days I will launch an initiative to protest against the wall president Trump wants to build on the Mexican border to isolate Latin America. Let’s not be mistaken, in the end we are just lab rats, roaches, lesser beings to them. I truly hope from the bottom of my heart that they also join that initiative which is much more honest and fair than the one they partake today. Come to think about it.

Cuba: US Planes Fly to Strategic Areas to Pressure Venezuela

The U.S. intends to manufacture a humanitarian pretext to initiate military aggression against Venezuela.

The Government of Cuba denounced Wednesday, through a statement, the escalation of pressures and actions of the U.S. Government in preparation for military action under the guise of humanitarian intervention in Venezuela, and called on the international community to mobilize in order to prevent consummation.

"Between Feb. 6 and 10, several military transport aircraft have been flying to the Rafael Miranda Airport in Puerto Rico; the San Isidro Air Base in the Dominican Republic and other Caribbean Islands that have a strategic location, most certainly without the knowledge of the governments of those nations," Cuba's Ministry of Foreign Affair (Minrex), stated and added that "these flights took off from U.S. military facilities from where Special Operation Troops and U.S. Marine Corps units operate."

According to media circles, the U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton and the Director of the National Security Council's Office of Western Hemisphere Affairs Mauricio Claver-Carone, counting on the connivance of the Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio, designed the attempted coup d'etat in Venezuela by means of the illegal self-proclamation of an interim president.

The characters, personally or through the State Department, are pushing governments in order to force their support the arbitrary call to new Venezuelan presidential elections, while promoting the recognition of the illegal self-proclaimed interim president. However, due to the Bolivarian people's resistance to a coup, which has been demonstrated in massive marches supporting President Nicolas Maduro, the U.S. intensified its coercive economic measures against Venezuela.

Among them are, on one hand, the blockade in banks of billions of dollars, which belong to Venezuela; and, on the other hand, the theft of Venezuelan's oil revenues, which causes serious humanitarian damage and harsh deprivation to the Venezuelan people.

The U.S.-backed opposition lawmaker who declared himself president, Juan Guaido, declared his willingness to support a U.S. military intervention under the pretext of receiving "humanitarian aid," describing the sovereign and dignified rejection of that maneuver as "a crime against humanity."

In the process of fabricating pretexts against Venezuela, the United States presented a draft resolution in the United Nations Security Council which expresses concern about "the humanitarian and human rights situation... the recent attempts to block the provision of humanitarian aid, the existence of millions of migrants and refugees... the excessive use of force against peaceful demonstrators, the situation of regional peace and security rupture."

According to Minrex, the United States is paving the way to establishing "a humanitarian corridor" under "international protection," invoking the "obligation to protect" civilians and applying "all necessary measures."

"The United States adopted similar behaviors and pretexts in the prelude to the wars it launched against Yugoslavia, Iraq and Libya."

The Cuban Government also pointed out that the U.S. Government intends to eliminate the Bolivarian Revolution, which represents an obstacle for the appropriation of the world's largest oil reserves and other strategic natural resources located in Venezuelan territory.

"The aggression and the coup against Venezuela harm 'Our America' and only benefit the interests of those who are determined to divide us in order to exercise their control over our peoples," Raul Castro, Cuban Army General, warned on Jul. 14, 2017, and explained that the U.S. Government "does not mind generating conflicts of incalculable consequences in this region, like the ones we are witnessing in different places.”

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China Denies Talks With Venezuela Opposition, Slams Western Media "Fake News" Ethic

Regarding the Venezuelan political situation, Hua stressed that his country advocates dialogue between the Venezuelan government and the opposition.

A spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry condemned Western media for its coverage of the situation in Venezuela.

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The Foreign Ministry of China rejected Wednesday information disseminated by The Wall Street Journal about Venezuela, describing it as "fake news".

The U.S. newspaper in a report Tuesday quoted alleged sources saying that Chinese diplomats held talks in Washington with the representatives of the self-proclaimed "interim President" of Venezuela, Juan Guaido regarding a debt of US$20 billion to Beijing and on oil projects.

China refutes report of contact with Venezuelan opposition

"The Wall Street Journal newspaper published yesterday that material (...) that is really a false news," said the spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Hua Chunying.

Hua noted that these types of stories published by the U.S. press highlights their lack of professionalism and ethics.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry official also added that the Western media is immersed in a fake news competition.

"I do not know what objectives they are pursuing, but we hope that the media will prepare their publications in accordance with the principles of objectivity and impartiality," he stressed.

Regarding the Venezuelan political situation, Hua stressed that his country advocates dialogue between the Venezuelan government and the opposition.

Venezuela's “issues” must be resolved through dialogue, Hua added, reiterating China's previous stance.

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Venezuelan President Leads Celebration For Angostura Bicentary

"The exercises for the 200 year anniversary of Angostura have started, the speech of Simon Bolivar where he established the doctrine for the independence, for the Republic, for the future," said the head of state.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro led Sunday the celebrations of the bicentenary anniversary Angostura 2019 with a military parade in the Fort Guaicaipuro in Charallave, central state of Miranda.

Along with Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino López and the Operational Commander Remigio Ceballos, Maduro supervised the anti-aerial defense system IGLA-S y ZU-23 and reviewed the Bolivarian National Militia.

“Aquí están los soldados de Bolívar que les harían pagar caro al imperio estadounidense cualquier osadía de tocar el sagrado suelo de la Patria venezolana”, enfatizó el jefe de Estado

"Here there are the Armed Forces, and here are the people ready to defend the honor, the dignity and the decorum of a Homeland that has been fighting for its future over 200 years. Back off Donald Trump and his threats!" he added.

1. En el marco de la Operación Cívico Militar Bicentenario de Angostura 2019, hoy he supervisado el Puesto de Comando de Comunicaciones para la Región, observando un elevado apresto Operacional al momento de establecer contacto con las diferentes Unidades Militares.

The exercises will take place until Feb. 15 in order to try the operational capacity of the armed forces along with the organized people, especially in relation to command, control, communication and planning, as well as the capacity of deployment of the Armed Forces, explained the head of the Strategic Operational Commandment of the armed forces Remigio Ceballos.


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