Ecuador expels Venezuelan ambassador after minister in Caracas called Moreno a ‘liar’

Ecuador’s Foreign Minister has ordered Venezuelan Ambassador Carol Delgado to leave the country over ‘offensive statements’ made by the country’s communication minister about Ecuador’s president Lenín Moreno.

The Venezuelan minister Jorge Rodríguez on Wednesday accused the Ecuadorean president of inflating the number of refugees arriving across the border from Venezuela. Quito said it “will not tolerate any sign of disrespect to its authorities” when announcing the expulsion of the diplomat. The statement published by Ecuador’s Foreign Ministry said the country will continue to provide aid to Venezuelan refugees and added that its own chargé d’affaires will be recalled from Caracas for consultations.

This appears to be the Rodriguez statement attacking Lenin Moreno that caused to expel the Venezuelan ambassador in Quito.

Ministro de Comunicación venezolano, Jorge Rodríguez, llama "mentiroso" al Presidente de Ecuador , y afirma que las cifras de migrantes venezolanos están "infladas".

Rodríguez called Moreno a liar over his statements that each day 6,000 Venezuelans were arriving in Ecuador, fleeing form the economic crisis in their country. The Venezuelan minister argued it was logistically impossible.

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“He is a liar, and dares to lie on the podium of the United Nations because that was what he was ordered to do to boost this hoax,” Rodríguez told a media conference, referring to Moreno’s speech before the UN General Assembly last month.

The Ecuadorean president at the time called the refugee crisis “the largest exodus” in Latin America’s history and called on other nations to respond to it in solidarity with each other.

The Venezuelan official claimed that most of the refugees living in Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, and Argentina were “fed up with hate crimes” they face there and want to return to their home country.

An estimated two million people have left Venezuela since 2015, when the country plunged into economic and political problems, which are aggravated by a mounting burden of economic sanctions imposed by the United States.

Ecuador used to be a close ally of Venezuela, with both pursuing a socialist model of development. Moreno, who took office last year, has been distancing Quito from socialism and seeking closer cooperation with Washington and its regional allies.

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Venezuelan President Maduro Arrives in New York for UN General Assembly

The Venezuelan leader is expected to deliver his General Assembly speech later on Wednesday. 

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said via Twitter Wednesday afternoon he was landing in New York for the United Nations General Assembly.

"I come to the General Assembly of the United Nations to defend the truth about Venezuela, to bring the voice of our country," the president said on Twitter, in a video from the plane.

Nicolás Maduro @NicolasMaduro Aterrizando en Nueva York para participar en la Asamblea General de las Naciones Unidas. Traigo la voz de todo mi pueblo, vengo cargado de Pasión Patria para defender la verdad.

He asserted that he arrived in New York "full of passion and truths so that the entire world knows that Venezuela is standing up ... I also come to receive the solidarity of governments and peoples."

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Trump Backs Military Coup in Venezuela Against Maduro

Speaking on the sidelines of the UNGA meeting, an organization meant to promote peace, the U.S. president confirmed his backing for violent military takeovers and interventions. 

U.S. President Donald Trump, said Tuesday a military coup against the government of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela could succeed "quickly" if the Venezuelan Armed Forces decided to organize it, and confirmed that he is keeping the military option on the table in the face of the crisis in that country.

"It's a regime (Maduro's) that frankly, could be defeated very quickly if the military decides to do that," Trump told reporters according to EFE during his first meeting with Colombian President Ivan Duque on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly debate. 

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Maduro Calls on UN to Investigate Assassination Attempt

The president requested an international commission to lead an independent investigation into the August assassination attempt.

New developments in the investigation into the assassination attempt against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro were released during a televised presidential address Monday.

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The president confirmed the arrest of Henryberth Emmanuel Rivas Vivas, alias Morfeo, who was behind the attack on August 4. Morfeo’s was one of 43 implicated in the attempted assault and was arrested with the help of heat-detecting drones, Maduro said.

Police believe another accomplice in the attack is hiding in Spain and the suspect’s extradition will be requested in the near future, the president continued. Testimony gathered from Morfeo Saturday shows that diplomats in Chile, Colombia, and Mexico could be involved.

According Jorge Rodriguez, Minister of Communication, demanded explanations from Colombia, Mexico, and Chile over allegations made in a recorded confession by the Morfeo in Caracas.

"There are governments like the one in Chile that well dirtied in this operation; every time there are more elements, deserters of the Chilean President Sebastián Piñera right government, it becomes more involved and muddied in this operation," said Maduro.

"If they had killed us they would have said 'no Maduro committed suicide given the political crisis', or 'Maduro was killed by the Armed Forces to save the country' and who knows what else they would have said (...) had they succeeded with their bomb,” the Bolivarian leader said.

For that reason, the president requested the United Nations to lead an independent investigation into the evidence and testimonies which have been gathered over the last two months since the perpetrated attack.

"It should be done in the most transparent way possible (...) we ask for an independent commission at the international level, so I am going to request it before the United Nations system, to collaborate with us in order to go to the truth, do justice," he said.

The leaders of the failed attack Henryberth Rivas, aka Morfeo; Angela Lisbeth Esposita, known as "La Perrera;" and a retired colonel, nicknamed "Corocoro," were captured on Sept. 22 by state security agencies, the Minister for Communication and Information of Venezuela Jorge Rodriguez reported Sunday.

The minister said that Venezuela continues to search for two people known as "Pastor" and "Latino."

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Three More Involved in Assassination Attempt Captured in Venezuela

Caracas, Sep 24 (Prensa Latina) Another three people involved in the failed assassination attempt against President Nicolas Maduro and the country''s leadership were captured, Vice President Jorge Rodriguez reported.

Security corps detained Henryberth Rivas, a direct participant in the terrorist attack, Angela Exposito and retired colonel Ramon Santiago, Rodriguez who is also the Communication and Information Minister added.

The official said they continue the hunt for Yilber Alberto Escalona and Gregorio Josue Yaguas, the only two directly involved in the assassination attempt still on the loose.

In his presentation to the media the Vice President showed testimonies made by the detainees on the involvement of diplomatic missions of Latin American countries in the attempt against Maduro on August 4 on Bolivar Avenue, in Caracas, when he was delivering the closing speech of a military parade on the anniversary of the Bolivarian National Guard.

Rivas' confession pointed at the embassies of Colombia, Chile and Mexico being involved. Such missions will now have to clear up their alleged involvement supporting the terrorists, stressed Rodriguez.

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Venezuela's Maduro Describes Visit to China as a 'Success'

"It is a golden opportunity that we have today," said Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro while commenting on his visit to China.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has described his ongoing official visit to China as a "success" and said he is willing to learn from the Asian country in order to help improve the economic recovery efforts taking place in his country.

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"It is a golden opportunity that we have today. I have great expectations. I am willing to learn to perfect the path that Venezuela has taken and achieve what is most important for the years to come, an economic revolution that will free the productive forces of the country and successfully create real wealth for the general happiness of our people," Maduro said.

He went on to note that the people of Venezuela are in favor of the "economic revolution," however, work must be done to "perfect the plan, perfect the capacity for monitoring, analysis, statistics, driving economic actors and building our own model."

Maduro's statements were made at the start of a meeting with a group of experts from the Investigation Center of the Chinese State Council.

Li Wei, president of the organization, informed the Venezuelan president, about the transformations China has undergone in recent years as well as development projects in the works.

Maduro, for his part, emphasized that Venezuela's Economic Recovery, Growth and Prosperity Program is based on a book authored by former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Chinese economic experts, which was completed and signed on Sept. 14, 2014.

Maduro signed a series of strategic agreements with the Chinese government in areas such as technology, education energy, trade, culture, health on Saturday. The deals were ratified during the inauguration of the Venezuela-China Bilateral Business Forum, a working committee to promote bilateral relations between both countries.

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Venezuela's Government to Denounce Luis Almagro to UN

Caracas, Sep 15 (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez announced today that they will denounce the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro, before the UN for promoting a military intervention against the country.

On Twitter, she accused Almagro of 'attacking the Latin America and Caribbean peace.'

'Venezuela will denounce to the UN and other international bodies Almagro, who in a vulgar and grotesque manner holds the General Secretariat of the OAS, for promoting military intervention in our Homeland and attacking the peace of Latin America and the Caribbean!' tweeted Rodriguez.

She also accused the official of trying to 'revive the worst records of imperialist armed interference in our region, whose stability is seriously threatened by the insane actions of those who usurp in a deviant and abusive manner the OAS General Secretariat.'

The accusations by the Venezuelan authorities are based on statements made by the OAS's top representative, this Friday, at a press conference held on the Colombian side of the Simon Bolivar binational bridge, a few meters from the border with Venezuela.

'Talking abot the military intervention to overthrow Nicolas Maduro, I think we should not rule out any option,' said Almagro.

The repeated announcements of a possible military attack against the Bolivarian Revolution have recently been increased by the governments of the United States, the European Union and its allies in the region, who are unaware of the legitimacy of the elected powers by the people, in order to undermine the institutions and plagued them with foreign tutelage.

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Venezuela’s Maduro Pays Tribute to Mao, Meets China’s Xi on Trip to Deepen Ties

Xi said China would support the Venezuelan government's efforts to seek stability and development.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro met with Chinese President Xi Jinping and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang Friday in Beijing.

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Maduro is in China on a four-day trip to discuss economic agreements and bolster his country's recently unveiled economic recovery plan. 

Li told Maduro that China supported Venezuela's efforts to develop its economy and improve people's livelihoods, and it was willing to provide what help it could.

While Xi told Maduro the two countries should promote mutually beneficial cooperation to take relations to a new stage, and consolidate political mutual trust, state television said.

Xi said China would support the Venezuelan government's efforts to seek stability and development.

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro lays a wreath at the mausoleum of China's late Chairman Mao Zedong in Beijing, China Friday. Photo: Reuters

Prior to his talks with Jinping and Keqiang, Maduro visited the Mao Zedong mausoleum to pay tribute to the Chinese leader. He honored Zedong by bowing three times in front of a wreath at the massive mausoleum facing Tiananmen Square and heaping praise on Communist China's founder, according to Channel Asia News.

"We are beginning this state visit in the best way because we have come to pay tribute to the great helmsman Mao Zedong...I was very moved because it really reminds of one of the great founders of a multipolar 21st century," Maduro said as he went on to praise Mao as a "giant of the homeland of humanity" and a "giant of revolutionary ideas."

Maduro's visit to China comes at the invitation of Jinping. He said the Chinese leader's vision of a "common destiny for humanity" is more than welcomed as it comes "without a hegemonic empire that blackmails, that dominates, that attacks the people of the world."

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