Trump-Immigrants: Guaranteeing Deportation

The current U.S. administration lead by Donald Trump is giving specific orders to immigration officials to deny most of applications on this regard and guarantee the greater number of deportations.

Inconsistent, controversial, and unstable could qualify exactly the president of the United States, Donald Trump, if we look at his changing statements, always pejorative about Russia, China, Syria, Iran and the Popular Democratic Republic of Korea. These statements are fixed and obsessive about the wall along the Mexican border, for which he already accepts millionaire amounts from rich xenophobic people and he deploys troops of the National Guard in the states that cross the large wall.

The true purpose behind Trump´s decision of deploying 2000-4000 troops of the National Guard in the U.S.-Mexico border is to mobilize soldiers to guard improvised military detention camps or take off the burden from Customs and Border Protection agents so that they carry on with their jobs.

Since last April 9th immigrants are being arrested indefinitely, while military support is given to the repressive action, a large-scale incarceration that did not happen since President Franklin Delano Roosevelt ordered the confinement of Japanese and North American of Japanese origin during World War II.

The new policy is part of a general campaign of terror of Trump´s republican administration, with the complicity of the democrats. On Thursday 12th, Immigration and Customs officers raided a meatpacking plant in rural Tennessee, resulting in 97 immigrants arrested, in the largest single workplace raid in a decade.

The note of Trump’s administration will expand exponentially the group of immigrants internment camps scattered throughout the Southwest of the United States. It demands the General District Attorney and the Department of National Security "to assign all available legally resources to build, operate, control or modify—or establish contracts to build, operate, control or modify—facilities to detain immigrants for immigration law violations in or near the United States borders."

No leader of the presumably opponent Democratic Party has shown his rejection to the memo. In March, democrats united joined republicans to pass a bill of expenses for 1,3 trillion dollars that includes a resolution that grants Trump the power to expand the system of immigrants jails "as necessary to guarantee the detention of foreigners with deportation priority".

This is nothing new, because Trump requested in January 2017 the end of what he called "catch and release" immigration policy. This is, in fact, a basic principle of the due process. Immigrants who are interviewed by a customs officer should demonstrate a “credible fear” of returning to their country of origin, which allows them to live in the U.S., while their deportation procedures are carried out in the administrative court.

The overwhelming majority of immigrants who cross the U.S.–Mexico borders are hard-working men who have never committed a felony and seek refuge from their desolated countries ravaged by years of imperialistic exploitation and dictators and death squads supported by the United States.

But none of this matters to the Empire whose current administration lead by Donald Trump is giving specific orders to immigration officials to deny most applications on this regard and guarantee the greater number of deportations. Through credible fear interviews agents commit fraud, fabricate testimonies, destroy documents and belongings of immigrants and force them to sign documents that haven’t been read. Thus, deportation is guaranteed.

Is Trump’s Wall Tilting?

The republican senator and former presidential candidate Ted Cruz (Texas) proposed last Tuesday a wild idea: that the Wall be financed with the money confiscated to Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán.

The Spanish state agency EFE reported that Trump won't be able to meet ideas announced for the beginning of this border plan.

Therefore, the approval of the transitory budget, theoretically before Saturday has now been extended until September.

“It’s good for the country that Trump withdraws the financing of the Wall from these negotiations", said the leader of the democratic minority of the Senate, Chuck Schumer.

"Now the negotiators of both parties may carry on in high-priority issues", he added.

The new link forced Sean Spicer, White House spokesman to clarify that they will continue that work.

Analysts remembered that, in his presidential campaign, Trump promised to build a 3,100-kilometer long wall in the Mexican border that “would put an end to illegal immigration.”

He even dared to say that the Mexican government would be paying for the expenses of the building.

However, last Tuesday, once again, high-ranking Mexican officials denied the validity of such unrelenting statement.

It was this time the Foreign Affairs Minister for Mexico, Luis Videgaray who denied such beliefs.

What did he say? At a meeting with legislators he assured that “we won't pay a cent” for Trump’s wall.

He went even further when he qualified this project as a hostile act against his country.

It’s not just a bad idea, but also an "unfriendly and hostile" act, against us, Videgaray remarked.

Lastly he sentenced: “it will hardly serve its ultimate purpose.”

Earlier, Trump had requested the Congress of Washington the granting of federal funds to begin the construction of the wall.

Observers alerted that on Monday he gave hints of preferring “to freeze” that intention until next September.

Meanwhile, chancellor Videgaray added another annoying question to the process.

He assured that his government “would consider” to reduce the security cooperation with the United States if the bilateral dialogue on immigration and trade doesn't go well.

He also noticed, without giving details that they are evaluating to charge North Americans entering their territory.

It’s a clear indicator how far Trump’s Wall rarifies important matters in the area when the Mexican government –far from being a left-wing government – dares to take such stance against the United States.

It’s even more significant, because this is a keystone of his yet uncertain administration.

Washington: Trump and His Growing Problems

Tainted by his famous characteristic, rubbing some the wrong way can build up an explosive situation in the United States.

This is the main meaning derived from the group of information on this regard from there. According to experts, all this corroborates that Trump’s administration is heading for a rough path

Now with its customary grotesque language the leader accused the media and the Justice "of underestimating a terrorist threat".

Members from the San Francisco's Appeal Court listened to Washington State spokesmen, territory where a court lifted the banning against the entrance of refugees from seven countries of Muslim majority.

As it is known, the Trump’s migratory veto was a go last January 27 and stirred confusion even among those who were responsible to apply it.

It also stirred chaos in airports and unleashed world protests.

At first it attained popular support, but now a light majority of Americans disapprove of it.

After the popular support in the beginning, two new surveys showed as a result that a small majority of Americans back it.

It was in this turmoil that a legislator from Alabama intended to raise by a 2% the tax on funds transfer to Mexico.

According to the Associated Press (AP), the author was the republican congressman from that ultraconservative territory, Mike Rogers who seek to collect 1 000 million dollars "a year" with his proposal.

Those funds transfer that go from the United States to the neighboring nation, climb yearly to about 30.000 million dollars.

Republican leaders in the Capitol estimated in 15,000 million dollars the cost of the construction of the wall that Trump values so much.

AP remembered this week that Trump insists in Mexico to run with the expense of the construction of the wall, when President Enrique Peña Nieto has said the opposite.

In fact a journalist from the New Herald was born in Mexico, Jorge Ramos Avalos, thanked this Monday the United States, the opportunities that it gave him.

However, at the same time he wrote that, based on the current reality, he doesn't expect the same luck for thousands of his countrymen.

Why he arrives to this conclusion? He argues that.

Millions of Mexicans that arrived after me in the United States could be deported.

In the same executive order in which Trump announces the construction of the wall with Mexico there is a radical change in priorities to deport.

Now those who have "committed acts that constitute a criminal offense" (regardless if they are never found guilty) can be expelled.

There are also those who have committed "fraud... before a government's agency", that is, anyone who has used a fake license or fake social security number.

"Translation: practically the 11 million foreign illegal living in the United States are now a deportation priority".

The greatest fear is that the following step would be massive raids in working places, houses, and business centers.

Therefore, the multimillionaire president has been gathering a feeling of rejection which is about to brim over.

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Mexico: Trump Wall to Have Ecological Costs

The wall that President Donald Trump ordered to build on the US-Mexico border will have ecological costs, asserted today Gerardo Ceballos from the Institute of Ecology of the Mexico National Autonomous University (UNAM).

The expert recalled that the fence would be extended over more than 3,000 kilometers, through some of the richest biodiversity sites of the continent. Reptiles, mammals, even amphibians will be affected in their mobility, stressed Ceballos in an interview with Televisa.

He stressed that the most affected will be mammals, in particular the jaguar (in danger of extinction), gray wolf, black bear and even bison that move on the border.

To these species climate change will make them more vulnerable with the wall, because they will no longer be able to look for better sites to the south, as they have done for centuries, noted the expert.

We are condemning these species, concluded the researcher, who urged to protect ecosystems and not to divide them.

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