United States: Only for «Whites»?

Thus insinuates the migratory project driven by Donald Trump.

Amid a country where racist groups thrive, its president pleads for an initiative that encourages that evil.

The perspective was commented last Monday, among others, by a New Herald columnist, Fabiola Santiago.

She wrote, Trump’s migratory project seeks “to make the United States white again” and that they only speak English.

Also, if approved, our current city of Miami would not exist.

In fact, she adds, the idea of the president's reformation closes the doors to people like Cuban- Americans who voted for him.

The same happens with his Latin and Haitian supporters, too stubborn on their support to a president “whose white-supremacy, and anti-immigrants agenda” is a slap on the face of a diverse country and an insult to the values with which it was founded.

Fabiola Santiago stops to wonder:

What can be expected from an administration that separates North American children from their parents and launches an initiative whose target is minorities?

The Raise Law would reduce legal immigration by 50% in the next 10 years, and would give priority to skills over family reunification, abandoning the sacrosanct migratory politics of the United States.

With sarcastic tone Fabiola Santiago says: The president could also dismantle the Statue of Liberty, and return it to France.

She warns in her article what Trump’s plan pursues is to change our racial and ethnic face, as well as to write a new speech on who we are and what we defend.

Later she says, “Trump wants that, once again, the United States to be white” and monolingual.

Besides she adds, after a long road, it he wants to pass a supremacy politics in only eight months of government.

There is a small detail that strays from that attempt, the North American people, as a whole has never favored extreme positions.

Even less the intellectual and artistic sectors that bump into the Golden Ox that wanders the White House are well-known.

East Germany Sees Rise in Racist Crimes

Officials also announced Tuesday that Germany can expect to see an additional 750,000 people apply for asylum in the country this year.

Racist crimes have increased in eastern Germany by over 40 percent in the past year, according to figures released Tuesday, at a time when the country is seeing a massive influx of migrants and asylum seekers.         

The figures showed that the five eastern states, which used to be the German Democratic Republic, as well as Berlin only account for 17 percent of the country's population, yet 47 percent of all racist crimes reported in the country in 2014 happened there.

The number represents a 40 percent increase in racially motivated crimes in east Germany compared to the year before.  

To be more specific, a total of 61 out of 130 registered racist crimes nationwide were reported in the country's east. This includes attacks against migrants as well as German citizens of foreign origin.    

The figures were released by the Interior Ministry in a response to an inquiry by the Green party, and reported by the German daily Mitteldeutsche Zeitung.

The findings were released the same day officials announced that Germany will see a record number of asylum seekers this year. The country has seen a wave of migrants recently, mainly people from Syria and the Balkans, while state officials estimate that the country could see as many as 750,000 additional asylum seekers this year alone.

Robert Ludecke, a spokesman for the German anti-racism and extremism Amadeu Antonio Foundation, told German newspaper Deutsche Welle that the increase in racist crimes in the country last year are not surprising.

According to Ludecke, attacks on refugees have been increasing over the past two years, particularly at large marches organized by PEDIGA, an anti-Islam organization created in the eastern city of Dresden in 2014.

“Racist violence increases in places where there is a corresponding mood,” he told german newspaper.

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Florida: A Racist Murderer at Large

It has just reappeared the policeman who more than three years ago murdered the black adolescent Travon Martin.  

The name of the former "voluntary" watchman is George Zimmerman, best known for the deep social shock triggered by that tragedy.

It is still branded in our minds, despite what happened, he was not arrested and he was only charged 44 days after the crime.

The latter, highlight observers, thanks to the political and media pressure unleashed by the death of the 17 year-old High School student.

What happened? By the end of February 2012 Travon Martin was walking back home under the rain wearing a sweater.

According to a recording revealed later, Zimmerman characterized him as somebody who was “drugged or was plotting something.”

He also declared that Travon hit him and threw to the ground before he shot him, that is, in self-defense.

His lawyer even said that the boy hit the head of his defendant against the ground.

With that grotesque backdrop, in July Zimmerman was acquitted from the accusation of having killed a black teenager.

Now this Tuesday, when a shooting was reported in Lake Mary, among the perpetrators he was included and was light wounded.

EFE remembered that a white tribunal granted him a “not guilty” verdict in the trial for the death of the young Afro-American Travon Martin.

According to authorities, in this week shooting two people were involved, one of them was Zimmerman.

According to the aforementioned Spanish news agency, since he was released he has strung "a rosary of incidents and accusations."

Among other, it added, a strong quarrel with his girlfriend and threats to a person.

It also highlighted that his case rekindled in the United States the debate on several hairy issues.

Like the use of firearms, racial relationships, and the law of personal defense, Stand your Ground, passed in 2005 in Florida by its republican governor Jeb Bush.

The legislation allows the use of lethal force if "reasonably believes he/she faces an imminent and immediate threat of serious bodily harm or death."

A few days ago The New York Times remembered that today in the United States there are around a million and half of Afro-Americans "dead or in jail."

Specialist, Silvia Arana, commented that one out of six black men between ages 24-54 have disappeared from the North American society, due to premature death or imprisonment.

The United States displays a prison record in the world, because although they only have the fifth percent of the world’s population, they concentrate the 25 percent of the prison population.

It’s amid this scenario that the killing of Travon Martin, released by other racists, went back to his old self in the streets of Miami.

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