RT Television Network Denounces Alleged Democrat Plan to Oust Trump

Featured RT Television Network Denounces Alleged Democrat Plan to Oust Trump

RT (formerly called Russia Today), a state-run Russian television network, denounced today the existence of an alleged Democratic Party plan to remove US President Donald Trump, who appeared as a Republican candidate in the November election.

According to the television network, the document, prepared by David Brock, includes a strategic plan of actions to overthrow Trump.

The plan, which was accessed by RT, was exposed at a meeting of Democratic Party members with investors in Florida and provides for measures to ensure impeachment of Trump in 2020.

For this, the television network emphasizes, the main weapon of the aforementioned plan, should have been criticism of all errors of the multimillionaire-turned- politician.

The intention was to create a team to follow up on Trump's relations with the leaders of other nations and closely follow all steps of the new administration, RT said.

RT says that actions to counter what they consider as disinformation of the conservative media in favor of the billionaire are mentioned among the main tasks of the Democrats.

In addition, Democrats are willing to collaborate with Facebook to prevent the social network from spreading awkward information from a Democrat point of view, the Russian press media reports.

Trump campaigned in the run-up to the November 8 election for improved relations with Russia, although in recent days he made statements that cast doubt on those intentions.

The US president maintains an internal dispute with intelligence agencies that insist on investigating alleged relations of his team with Russian officials to supposedly interfere in the political process of the northern country.

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