Plenty of Rap to Refresh the Summer in Havana

Featured Plenty of Rap to Refresh the Summer in Havana

Summer is here, it not only brings sun, and beach to Cuba, but also cultural proposals for all tastes, Cubasí talked to Rubén Marín, director of the Cuban Agency of Rap to know where rap and hip-hop will be presented in these months…  

"The rap opens the summer in Havana with the event Pa abajo that returns to the corner of 23rd and B streets in Vedado. We are inviting everyone to join us, this will take place within the Summer Readings that will occupy the entire 23rd Street and we will have the chance to do something very beautiful there", he announced.  

Besides, Marín shared a special call to the children who are in holidays these days: "On July 20th and 21st we are organizing the fifth edition of the event Growing in the Hip Hop, where children and adolescents express their art through rap, registering is still open, to all children who dance, rappers, Dj to pay us a visit we will give them the opportunity, because the important issue is to make hip hop grow as well as culture, they are the future."  

Mano Armada group, will offer a concert on July 22nd at the Palacio de la Rumba, about this presentation added Rubén: "this is an experience that repeats for the second time and we are very pleased with the maiden concert we did, don’t miss it, it will start at 9:00 p.m."  

Finally, the Director of the Cuban Rap Agency reminded the followers of this genre the customary space they have every Wednesday at the Strawberry and Chocolate Cultural Center and on Tuesdays at Boulevard 66 located in the municipality of Center Havana, where one can enjoy the main groups included in the Agency’s catalog as well as young representatives from the hip hop movement from Hermanos Saíz Association.

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