Venezuela: Betrayals and False Perceptions

  • Written by Angel Guerra Cabrera/La Jornada
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Featured Venezuela: Betrayals and False Perceptions

Betrayal is a consubstantial behavior in some individuals in authentic revolutionary processes and is prone to become frequent in those processes where the siege by enemies is stronger.

That is the case of Luisa Ortega, general attorney of Venezuela, whose betrayal to the constitutional order and Chavez’s ethical and ideological principles cannot be meaner and craftier. Her own behavior throughout the years shows that she is well aware of the war against Venezuela from different fronts brewed by the Empire seat of power, especially the United States. A war that must be faced with all legal resources the state has, as set in the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Luisa Ortega is aware of one of these war goals, having a strong communication component. Such goal is to create a false image of Venezuela —violation of democracy, humanitarian crisis, and it is badly needed a foreign intervention.

Nonetheless, the attorney has resorted to serious and ridiculous lies to justify her treason by supporting the imperialism and the extreme right. Those interested in corroborating what I am saying you watch /TeleSur/ videos and Deputy Pedro Carreno and other senior officials of the Supreme Court of Justice’s appearance. Ortega was summoned but she did not show up. Lying with obsession and evading responsibilities before your comrades is a typical behavior of traitors to revolutionary processes.

A civil war has not unleashed in Venezuela yet, although it is the main goal of the Empire and the local right. As Ana Esther Cecena stated, Venezuela —one of the main pillars in the world energy corridors— is being attacked, but there is no war.

Venezuela is the sort of scenario where peace and war are struggling. Three paramount elements have stopped war so far:

1)The Venezuelan process is being defended by organized people in the streets, the neighborhood. The Bolivarian Revolution belongs to the people.

2)The founding of the so-called Civil-Military Alliance has resulted in an interdependence that commits both sides with a differentiated, but shared defense of the Bolivarian Revolution, which is the defense of life, among other things.

3)While the Venezuelan conflict is growing, and President Maduro seems to be the target, the clearer it seems that a collective government is being erected, as the image of the President fades away strengthening the State position.

These three elements have allowed facing a war with being actually engaged in a war as well as facing violence with the community organization. Cecena’s view does allow understanding why Venezuela is in the middle of a democratic process towards the National Constituent Assembly.

Media Corporations portray Venezuela lost in bloodshed when violence centers on small gangs of young people averaging 13-19 years old and recruited after a deep search of their psychological profile in social networks. Friends have told me that while some vandals set fire and destroy shopping, trucks, and urban properties, normal life is breathed in Caracas.

These elements get us closer to the social and political reality in Venezuela, which is totally different from the one portrayed by the media mafia. Maduro has an approval rate which many of the Latin American heads of states who criticize him may envy.

*Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz / CubaSi Translation Staff*

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