“Sonic Attacks”? Or who are responsible for the Cuban families’ breakdown?

Featured “Sonic Attacks”? Or who are responsible for the Cuban families’ breakdown?

The solution of the weird case of the so-called “sonic attacks”, which according to the U.S., has affected the health of more than twenty U.S. diplomats in Havana, seems to be that of breaking down Cuban families.

Last Friday, after withdrawing the 60% of its personnel from the U.S. Embassy in Havana arguing Cuba was unable to guarantee their safety — Cuba’s Foreign Affairs Minister said yesterday in a news conference that the U.S. banned Cuba from the investigation— the U.S. confirmed that they will indefinitely postpone, due to the lack of personnel, the family reconciliation program that grants 20,000 visas annually, as well as all the visas granted to visit the U.S. Simultaneously, the U.S. government warned their citizens not to travel to Cuba because they could be exposed to be harmed by the mysterious “sonic weapon” that affected the health of 22 U.S. diplomats and suspended all bilateral meetings between the two countries that should be held in Havana.

Similarly and without valid arguments, hours after Cuba urged not to politicize the issue and continue the investigations, the U.S. government decided on Tuesday to expel the 60% of Cuban diplomats as “reciprocity”. Therefore, this measure limits a lot the consular work of Cuba’s Embassy in the U.S.

You don’t need to be an agent in the X-Files television series to realize that it’s extremely suspicious that the owners of the world technology and who have also used biological weapons against Cuban citizens and done tests with radiation in civilians, children and pregnant women of their own country during the Cold War, declared themselves unable to discover, after whisking away the evidence from the hands of Cuban investigators and doctors, the secret weapon that makes North Americans in Havana “sick”.


For lack of evidence the only weapon behind all this is the same that consecutive North American administrations have used for almost fifty years against Cuba: that of the worsening the blockade against a people whose endurance and dignity they seek to shatter by hunger.


In fact, the so-called acoustic attacks seem to be aiming rather than to the North American diplomats or citizens, to the commercial relationships between both nations, and to the emerging private sector and especially to the human right of reconciliation of the Cuban family.


For years the anti-Cuban propaganda spread from the United States assured that it was the Cuban government who locked its citizens in the borders of the Island, but as the saying goes, The truth will out. Behind the new measures taken by the North American government to destroy the relationships begun by President Obama it’s undoubtedly the anti-Cuban mafia from Miami who has suffered in the last years the bankruptcy of their hatred business. The latter are also the only ones that probably support, in all the United States, the most unpopular president of that nation of all times.

Translated by CubaSi Translation Staff

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