More on the US blockade: Tisuacryl, another example (+ INFOGRAPHY)

Featured More on the US blockade: Tisuacryl, another example (+ INFOGRAPHY)

Having a lot of benefits in various medical specialties, it is extremely complicated to produce this sealant due to the complexity involved in the purchase of one of its raw materials.

Of a wide medical usage, Tisuacryl is a very effective biomaterial product that works positively on the healing of skin and oral mucosa wounds of surgical and traumatic origin, especially in non-tense tissue.

It is used in dental care and other areas such as general and maxillofacial surgeries, angiology, and gynecology. This is the leading product of the Biomaterial Center of the University of Havana and it is commercialized through the Ministry of Public Health. The product is already registered in different countries.

According to Lissy Wong Hernandez, Master in Organic Chemistry and deputy director of the center, there are no doubts of the many advantages this product has. However, due to the US economical, commercial, and financial blockade imposed to Cuba for more than 50 years, it is way difficult to dodge the obstacles hampering its production and commercialization abroad.

As in other life contexts, the blockade affects the life of the Cuban people by trying to suffocate its citizens many times. Cuban public health cannot escape this fact; and therefore, the wellbeing of many citizens.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz / CubaSi Translation Staff

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