Trump: Souls Bought, Weapons Sold

Featured Trump: Souls Bought, Weapons Sold

Some dissonant voices due to the aggressive policy of the US president Donald Trump use sordine to explain it is not that much. They say that the military pressure on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) makes this country to rethink an alleged aggression. And they also agree to place Pyongyang in the terrorist list to justify sanctions that were never removed, while the DPRK shows no signs of surrender.

The truth is that such presidential policy earned USD 230 billion for the US military industry from Saudi Arabia under the guise of the Iranian threat. It certainly achieved much more with Japan and South Korea, and the oft-repeated presidential warning that both should be ready to face North Korea.

Both nations were forced to share expenses for the continuity of US military bases. Besides, South Korea was pressured to engage in talks about a trade agreement signed in 2002, labeled as “abusive” by Trump himself.

The aforementioned facts are endorsed by the upcoming arrival of a fourth US aircraft carrier to the surroundings of the North Korean coasts where the US has already set the USS Ronald Reagan and another two. All of them have nuclear arsenal.

In the experts’ viewpoint, the US uses the North Korean threat to sell weapons in the region, which certainly favors the American economy and helps to create jobs —one of Trump’s electoral promises.

The Department of Strategy for Central Asia of the Russian Academy of Science stated that Washington has designed such scenario in order to close ranks with his allies in the Korean peninsula by “cashing in the expenses for the US citizens’ safety.”

It has stated that the real threat of a US-North Korea war is overrated. The odds of Pyongyang starting a war are unreal as “it is irrational to start a war that would result in the total elimination of North Korea and vast territories of South Korea and Japan.”

Anyhow, the scenario Trump has set raises the possibilities of a Third World War, which can be triggered by accident.

In this context, a former Trump’s ally, Rep. Senator Robert Corker warned that Trump is running the country as if he were in a reality show. And he is risking the US into a “Third World War”, according to an interview published by the NYT.

Corker’s statements came to light after Trump blamed him for the nuclear agreement with Iran in a series of despicable comments on Twitter, which triggered a quick reaction by the Rep. Senator, who leads the Senate’s Foreign Relation Committee.

In the interview, Corker confessed he was alarmed by a president who is acting “as if he were doing ‘The Apprentice’, or something similar”, in a crude reference to the reality show Trump had hosted. “I am worried. It should worry anyone who cares about this nation,” said the Senator who announced his retirement last month.

Corker was Trump’s national security adviser during the presidential campaign in 2016 and he was among the favorites to win the job as Vice-president or Secretary of State. But the relation between them fell apart.

Before despicable comments made by Trump, Corker replied: “It is a pity that the White House becomes a day-care center for adults.”

Trump has been quite lately and the opinion of some who attacked him has changed a little bit; as they are pleased with the profitable earnings left by the death industry. And he has not ceded to some humanitarians defending the undocumented migrants and lots of legal migrants regarded as of “low quality race,” even white Latinos.

It was said that Trump’s policy was not good for the establishment and he will not end the race. But he has so far succeeded in making his old-fashioned ideals prevail, regarding the political dialogue with North Korea as well as the need to build a border wall with Mexico.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz / CubaSi Translation Staff

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