Marcos Rubio’s “microwave” or the CIA-FBI’s ridiculous

Featured Marcos Rubio’s “microwave” or the CIA-FBI’s ridiculous

According to EFE, the US State Department admitted today for the first time that they are not sure those presumed sonic attacks suffered by 24 Americans in Cuba were a sonic aggression, as they had stated until now.

The new version on the subject was now released by deputy director of the Diplomatic Security Service of the State Department, Todd Brown, in a hearing held today at the US Senate on the issue: “I am not ruling out anything. I am not saying it is an acoustic attack. But we do know there is an acoustic element linked with it that can certainly be part of another style of attack.”

Mr. Brown’s statements came to light after some questions made by several Senators on a preliminary report of the FBI, recently leaked to the press, where it was stated that there were no evidences of a sonic attack causing any sort of ailment to the US diplomat personnel and their relatives in Havana.

Rep. Senator Marcos Rubio is called the main instigator of the excuse to boycott the US-Cuba relation. He presided over the hearing where the subject was tackled. Rubio commented that perhaps the attacks were not acoustic, but insisted on the fact that things happened and the Cuban government perpetuated it or had knowledge it would happen.

“Well, (the attacks) are probably not acoustics. They probably used a microwave or another technology. But it is irrelevant. It is important to know the method used, but it is like saying we do not know if he was murdered with a knife or a gun. By the end of the day, we know there was an attack,” Sen. Rubio commented to EFE after the hearing.

In line with such statements, the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson announced today he will designate a new committee to assess the harm caused to several diplomats at the embassy in Havana who suffered some hearing loss, nausea, headaches, and balance disorders.

So the FBI experts will probably go back to the island to review their report and search for new leads —a knife or a gun with a microwave, really? — that caused similar symptoms in those CIA agents who served as diplomats, like those we see in mild concussions and brain injuries.”

According to El Nuevo Herald, the details of the trauma suffered by the “victims” are still a mystery.

According to the official newspaper of the anti-Cuban mafia, the details of the treatment given to those affected should have been released weeks ago in a news article to be published in the Journal of the American Medical Association and then, in The New England Journal of Medicine, but the article was under review by the State Department “on grounds of national security.”

More than a year later, the mystery of the fantastic acoustic attacks, with a microwave, or any other weapon imagined by Marcos Rubio’s mind, continues despite the fact that among the victims, there are CIA agents that should have been interviewed by FBI experts.

The only truth is that the “futurist” attacks have paved the way to drag out the Cuba-US relations and increase the siege of the US blockade on Cuba.

If the celebrated intelligence service of the US insist on ignoring the role of the Anti-Cuban mafia rooted in Miami in the alleged attacks, and continue chasing false leads given by a famous liar like Senator Marcos Rubio, they are exposed to only find ridiculous evidence in a wrong crime scene.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz // CubaSi Translation Staff

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