Caribbean Series: Are We OK?

Featured Caribbean Series: Are We OK?

We already know all the opponents in the upcoming Caribbean Series of baseball and much is being discussed about the real chances of Granma Stallions in the event that kicks off on Friday.

We certainly solved the issue of our players playing the competition in poor physical shape as they feel top. The national championship just ended hours ago. The concern is rather the final roster, as usual, and this time was not the exception.

In my opinion, as most of the criteria I have heard, if you are going to take another catcher, you should take one different from the other —in this case a defensive one—. That is why I did not think Frank Camilo Morejon was necessary. Instead, I would have taken Osvaldo Vazquez, or the first catcher of Granma as a sort of reward for his season.

The aforementioned decision was wrong, but taking 10 infielders was even worse. The most important area was pitching and this has been our Achilles’ heel. Why to double or even triple the number of athletes in the infield positions when your handicap is for sure the pitching area?

But anyway, the roster is complete.

Regarding the Series, we cannot forget that despite not ending in the top 3, the performance of the Stallions last year was one of the best in recent years. Pinar del Rio won the title, but the team of Granma performed way better. Let’s recall Granma lost 0x1 in semifinals against Mexico.

Therefore, manager Carlos Marti —one more year of experience— is ready to match or even improve last year’s result.

As we talked about flaws, we must say that the addition of OF Frederich Cepeda improves the lineup. The weakest point will be the RF as none of the players who may play right field had a brilliant postseason.

Nonetheless, I trust the Stallions and I am pretty sure they will put the name of our nation atop.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz / CubaSi Translation Staff

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