Trump’s policy towards Cuba doomed to failure

Featured Trump’s policy towards Cuba doomed to failure

French intellectual Sam Lamrani stated that Donald Trump’s policy towards Cuba is doomed to failure and he sticks to an anachronistic strategy.

According to the academician and writer, such policy “is doomed to failure and isolates the United States,” as illustrated in the 2017 UNGA voting where 191 countries condemned Washington economic sanctions against Havana.

In providing a context for this subject, Lamrani pointed out that “while regressing to a hostile policy towards Cuba, the Trump’s administration undermines all the developments achieved during the Barack Obama’s presidency and sticks to an anachronistic strategy.”

The intellectual, author of several books on Cuba, recited the decisions that better exemplified the regression; namely, the (staff) reduction of personnel in the U.S. embassy in Havana and the expelling of Cuban diplomats in Washington under the guise of alleged sonic attacks.

The Trump’s administration made such decisions despite admitting that US investigators were unable to identify the alleged attacks and the causes, highlighted Lamrani, quoting sources from the very U.S. government itself.

According to the specialist, by implementing such hostile policy the Trump’s administration “opposes to the will of most U.S. citizens who aim to travel to the island as tourists without obstacles, which has been banned by Washington for more than half a century.”

The professor also mentioned Cuba’s stance of carrying out mutually respectful dialogue.

“Cuba has always showed its disposal to maintain friendly and peaceful links with Washington based on sovereign equity, reciprocity, and no interference in domestic affairs,” he added.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz // CubaSi Translation Staff

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