Young and Artists…with Cuban Swing

Featured Young and Artists…with Cuban Swing

These young musicians play and dance danzon, mambo, cha cha, or son with the greatest elegance and pride. Most of them are born in the 21st century but proudly enjoy last century music as their own. Why? It is certainly good and it’s Cuban.

The Juvenile Orchestra Swing Cubano was created on October 2013 under the leadership of outstanding musician Bruno Villalonga —born in Matanzas—. He was assisted by his daughter Meylin, professor at the Vocational School of the Arts in Matanzas.

Elementary and junior high school students from different educative institutions in Matanzas and Havana are the members of such orchestra with a jazz-band format. According to Meylin Villalonga, this orchestra was created “to preserve Cuban music genres from the 1940s.”

Besides Cuban classical songs like danzon Cicuta Tibia, by Ernesto Duarte, Mambo No.8 by Perez Prado, and Vereda Tropical, popularized by Tito Gomez, the orchestra adapted some songs from the international repertoire of the time.

It is great to listen to them and everybody dances no matter people’s age. The audience feels happiness every time they witness these young artists championing with passion and self-confidence, arguments, the commitment of doing justice to the essence of Cuban music.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz / CubaSi Translation Staff

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