CRITICAL ZONE: From Cuba to the World and Vice Versa

Featured CRITICAL ZONE: From Cuba to the World and Vice Versa

Cuban artists star a resounding festival in Washington as a sign of the strength of the cultural exchange with other countries of the world.

Highly-aesthetic proposals and resounding expressions of our art are usually part of the cultural exchange between our country and other nations. Obviously, there is a lot of potential here. There is a very rich, active cultural maze. There are top artists known worldwide representing different cultural expressions.

There is a strong artistic teaching system all around the country that ensures continuity and renovation. The perfect example is the Cuban delegation participating in the Cuba’s Art Festival at the Kennedy Center, in Washington. Almost all artists there have been trained in our art schools. Their quality is beyond discussion.

However, not every artistic expression made in Cuba performing abroad has the same quality standards. There are some poor proposals as well. In several cases, they lean more on the business standard than art itself. It is already known that every time market is the key, you cannot guarantee hierarchies.

Nonetheless, there are some entrepreneurs that assess fairly the richness of Cuban culture. And thanks to such determination, along with the work of Cuban art institutions, major stages of the world have boasted some of the greatest artists living in Cuba.

Artists are excellent ambassadors. Bridges built on culture are solid and create bonds among people. Such bridges, of course, work in both directions.

Thanks to the prestige earned by the Cuban culture, famous artists and bands have visited in Cuba. You can check the catalogue of the Havana Biennial, writers attending International Book Fairs, companies attending our festivals, and so on. We are out of several world art circuits due to economical issues. But Havana is a strong venue for art in Latin America.

We say Havana, but other provinces could be included. We are convinced much can be done to socialize art across the country.

The same occur with artists born in places far from the capital who can be included in the cultural delegations that travel abroad. It is a challenge for the institutions.

What is true is that culture and good art have been able to avoid political and economical pitfalls. The cultural bonds between Cuba and other nations are strong, rich, growing…They are symbol of an artistic movement which represents the pride of a country.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz / CubaSi Translation Staff

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