CUBA IN PICTURES: A Square for the Major

Featured CUBA IN PICTURES: A Square for the Major

The Revolution Square Ignacio Agramonte is one of the most important monuments in the city of Camagüey.

Located very close to the historical center of Camagüey city, raises the Revolution Square Ignacio Agramonte, core of the most important political, social, and cultural celebrations in this important city. Named after the most memorable of patriots from Camagüey, the Major General Ignacio Agramonte y Loynaz, relevant figure in the first of the Wars for Independence of Cuba.

Its architects Souto and Balmaseda, the artists Reynaldo Miranda and Herminio Escalona who were advised by Gustavo's Sed Nieves. It was inaugurated on July 26th, 1989.

The Square has the main monument; bleacher areas and gathering area, with capacity for more than 100 000 people; the Fountain of Latin American Flags that represents the unity of the Cuban Revolution with the peoples of the area and, as a symbolic detail, on the front side, a chain broken by the impact of a star that represents the liberating movement in Latin America.

On the Monument to The Major, one can see Ignacio Agramonte standing, with his main weapons: the saber and revolver, stepping forward, looking north, valiant and haughty in his campaign uniform.

It’s another of the homage that Camagüey offers to its favorite son, one of the greatest heroes in Cuban history.

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