Cuba: Women live without flattering comments. Men in Crisis

Featured Cuba: Women live without flattering comments. Men in Crisis

Men who set the streets as their battlefield to win women’s heart are experiencing the toughest of times these days in Havana. Girls have now access to new technologies, especially headphones.

Women, even though they seem not to realize this fact, are missing such unique hints of male admiration that essentially make them feel beautiful and pursued. As time passes by, it is harder to talk to a girl in a bus, one of the most frequent sites to enamor women in Cuba.

One of my best friends, 51 years old and still a womanizer, is losing all hopes before a very, very challenging scene. The chances to flirt with a woman are becoming gradually narrower.

Cuban men without money and cars to spend blatantly need that face-to-face chat in the streets where they usually “hook up.”

However, cellphones and smartphones —triggering a contrary effect in their silly users— are knocking out men due to the lack of communication in recent times.

In recent years, flattering comments had turned into verbal harassment in Cuba. Thus, women are getting their revenge. Girls are substituting male vulgar remarks with SMS, games, calls, and live concerts.

The worst is that, in this new stage of human isolation, remaining gallant men seem increasingly remote their chances to interact with women, while girls lose that feeling of butterflies in their stomach thanks to the men’s talent.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz / CubaSi Translation Staff

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