The “new revolutionaries” in Cuba

Featured The “new revolutionaries” in Cuba

Some of the so-called “independent” websites on the Cuban internet —the same the U.S. government “Task Force” decided to promote— have created a new kind of revolutionary for some time now.

These are some of their main features:

-These new revolutionaries boast that they position themselves against the U.S. blockade. But such stance has been essential part of the Plan B designed by Washington to destroy the Cuban Revolution. Obama himself was against the U.S. blockade. Would the U.S. former president a new sort of revolutionary?

-These new revolutionaries are more supporters of Fidel’s ideas than Fidel himself. However, they only see the flaws in the legacy left by the leader of the Cuban Revolution: today’s Cuba.

-These new revolutionaries, bitter critics of the state centralism, never target the government directly. Their main goal is to attack the media and some state-owned companies that according to them do whatever they want.

-They know the U.S. blockade exists, —remember we already stated that it was their first line of action as revolutionaries— and all the mistakes and problems of Cuba fall on a small group of administrative officials. Is Nikki Haley in that list of those new revolutionaries?

-The new revolutionaries are full of contradictions, as a new revolutionary should have. They spend their time saying that their new revolutionary ideas are not posted in the press. Nonetheless, they keep saying that State press is boring and nobody reads it.

-The new revolutionaries swear over and over again that they are not hirelings of official thought, but they accept scholarships in universities of the United States, or receive journalism courses in Holland, where surely they teach them to defend socialism in Cuba. We must assume that such courses and scholarships are free.

-The new revolutionaries are experts in economy that is how they know neoliberalism is the best option to solve all the problems of an underdeveloped country and blocked for more than half a century.

-On top of that, such new revolutionaries know about our history too and that is why they hide that Julio Antionio Mella was a follower of Jose Marti and his ideas and founder of the Communist Party and not a rebel without cause, James Dean’s style.

-The new revolutionaries call for disobedience when unity is most needed. For them, experts also in politics, the ‘judicial’ persecution of leftist leaders in Latin America, the soft coup and invasion attempts in Venezuela and Nicaragua, have nothing to do with Cuba.

-The new revolutionaries are democratic and respectful of opposing views, which is why those who do not share their positions are: submissive, sheep, obedient, mediocre, Taliban, Khmer Rouge, Stalinists, pro-government, and repressive.

-The main mission, therefore, of the new revolutionaries is to divide something that, without a doubt, they sometimes achieve.”

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz / CubaSi Translation Staff

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