Internet or the Fair of Nonsenses

  • Written by By Manuel H. Lagarde / CubaSí
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Featured Internet or the Fair of Nonsenses

It is no secret that the Task Force, implemented last February by the U.S. State Department, aims to examine the technological challenges and opportunities to expand the internet access in Cuba by means of allegedly “independent” websites that would help citizens to enjoy a “free and unregulated” information flow.

The Office of Cuba Broadcasting is also part of this force. Its goal —according to the budgetary documents in the tax years 2018 and 2019 released by the U.S. Broadcasting Boards of Governors last August— is to use fake “native” or “non-branded” Cuban Facebook accounts by the current U.S. government to spread subversive content created by that government.

No need to study at any American University to realize that both strategies are the “new glasnost” targeting Cuba in times of web 2.0.

In the case of Cuba, as it happened in the “transparent” policy that proved effective in promoting and justifying the treason to socialism that took place in the former USSR, its goals are:

-     To create a rupture between the Party and the people. It seems that the Party members are not leaders in society, but aliens from other planets according to national “glasnost followers.”

-     History manipulation: idealization of the past; they do not only forget history but they create memory lapses in accordance with their convenience aimed at restoring capitalism.

-     They look to discredit the state and try to reaffirm the idea that the main cause of our problems is not the U.S. blockade —genocide policy that according to a report released on April 6, 1960 by the U.S. State Department, it read that the only possible way to undermine the internal support was to feed discontent and discouragement based on dissatisfaction and economic problems.

Some have joined this trend perhaps due to innocence, resentment, or just trying to gain popularity in that social networks fair of nonsenses, which —as Umberto Eco once said— allow a sort of invasion from idiots: “legions of idiots are given now the right to talk. They first talked in bars after a glass of wine without hurting the community. So they were rapidly silenced. But they have now the same right to talk as a Nobel Prize winner.”

They, irresponsibly, play along with the other side in the last crusade: try to bury Latin America left wing. As public safety is paramount in Cuba, not even the Task Force’s trolls have questioned it, they believe that the offense

against left-wing leaders in Nicaragua, Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, and Argentina is something outside our political geography, without even entertaining the idea that such maneuvers are the means to remove Cuba’s example in the region, or the “root of all evil” that threatened Latin America’s interests, which should belong to America according to the Manifest Destiny.

Slaughtering history, hiding the anti-imperialism of its leaders and promoting rupture by some traitors is not science, nor journalism. It is just simple propaganda. That is, pure Cuban glasnost in times of fourth-generation warfare.

The same occur with those raising their flags to champion some pro-independence citizens in favor of freedom of speech without taking into account that mistakes — such as that of the mambi Assembly believing (Carlos Manuel de) Céspedes was in Paris and not in the forest— led to the confinement and assassination of the “dictator” Céspedes in San Lorenzo and the extension of a war that ended in the Pact of Zanjon.

Freedom of speech, if there is any, should be a two-lane freeway, not only that of transnational media or that of new subversive strategies that complemented it. I suggest to take a closer look to the region to realize the role played by such “free” press, which is to manipulate and lie: encourage violent guarimbas (riots) in Nicaragua, excuse assassinations and the invasion of Venezuela; incarcerating Correa or Cristina Fernández, electing Bolsonaro in Brazil and extend the economic siege against Cuba. Should it be the stance of Cuban revolutionaries to spread media’s attacks against Latin America left wing? Based on what honor, justice, and truth?

Just before the UN voting against the U.S. blockade, the anti-Cuban speech gets tougher in Washington. We have just celebrated the 150th anniversary of our independence wars, and let’s not forget the words delivered by our President Miguel Díaz Canel last October 10, in La Demajagua:

“At this time, as we discuss, among all, what the model society we owe ourselves will look like, thinking about Céspedes is a must, thinking about the men and women who at his side became founding leaders, and about everything that frustrated their dreams, so close to our own. The breaking of unity was always the 

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