Sergio Moro: Soldier of the Empire

Featured Sergio Moro: Soldier of the Empire

The counterrevolutionary opposition based in Miami and European capitals must be happy after the appointing of Sergio Moro as Minister of Justice in the new extreme right government of the elected president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, a decision applauded in his poisonous blog by the CIA member Carlos Alberto Montaner who qualified the still prosecutor of brave figure of the judiciary power who dares to judge powerful people.

The one considered by Montaner leader of the globalization in the struggle against corruption and an example of heroic behavior was granted «carte blanche» by Bolsonaro to continue his elaborated persecution, planned for many years after everything reeking of imperialism, once he completed his mission of judging, sent to prison and avoid that Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva became president again.

In his first statements to the press he said that he was not keeping his promise of not making politics, for the «sacred duty of fighting evil» from a position of greater importance.

For some time, Lula had already accused Moro of being a «inquisitor» who represents the interests of the elite that want to avoid a return of the left-wing to power. «Moro shows his partiality in Lava Jato, by accepting a position in Bolsonaro’s government», said the Party of Workers.

With the official beginning of his political career, Moro will have to face since today more critics for his previous judicial decisions. The future Minister of Justice, 46 years old, already announced that he will leave the tribunals after 22.

Locally, this sort of critic has Moro totally unconcerned, because even, after the overthrow of Dilma Rousseff in December 2016, he had no problem in having a picture taken in company of the outing president, Michel Temer, Aécio Neves and Geraldo Alckmin, all members of the right-wing accused of corruption, but not persecuted because of that by Moro neither any other Brazilian judge.

In fact Alckmin was excepted from the Lava Jato files, as it’s called the investigations on corruption, in which he was included under the accusation of receiving bribes from the company Odebrecht.

In all these months, in Brazil, Moro has been exalted by the powers he serves, by being proposed by the Association of Federal Judges of Brazil for the Supreme Federal Court, which was considered at first by Bolsonaro.

Magazines Istoé and Epoca and the Globo group gave him different definitions after another magazine, Fortune, placed him among the 50 more influential «leaders» in the world.

On this field we can already put Moro next to Montaner, although the Brazilian district attorney was far better trained by the Empire than the well-known CIA agent of Cuban origin.

Operation Lava Jato’s main goal was to destabilize Brazil, to carry out a soft coup-de-état with the alliance of a sector of the Brazilian justice and «think tanks» from the so-called Deep State made up of the FBI, the CIA and the Justice Department, with the intention of weakening their advance as an emergent power in BRICS.

Moro, main «punisher» in that operation, had as back-up AS/COA, a North American entity that represents banks and large corporations spread in Latin America, with the purpose of appropriating from wealth. In order to obtain that goal they influence the criminal body and media, to face governments that don't obey their commands.

Back then, America Society/Council of the America (AS/COA) restlessly exalted Moro, took him in a visit to the United States. There he was awarded as «man of the year», similar to the award given to publications that respond to multinationals.

The topic was recently brought up by Brazil Wire, a publication in English that remembers how Moro was the brightest star in the New York meeting of a self-proclaimed «anti-corruption movement », summoned by bank entities.

The AS/COA has America Quarterly magazine as one of its instruments. This is one of its more visible faces, but certainly not among the most important: his links to power, the capacity to influence it and determine government decisions as well as political sways are what really matters.

Regarding his diffusion tactics to favor friends and strike down opponents, the institution operates through the Bloomberg agency and, Brazil Wire keeps also connections to the British agency Reuters.

Its chairwoman is Susan Segal who is called in certain circles of economic power «the most influential woman in America».

Brian Winter, chief editor for America Quarterly and one of the vice-presidents of AS/COA, has columns in Newsweek and CNN, where he is presented as a «specialist in Brazil». He is not the sole member of the entity called by those media.

This man arrived to the magazine after he left Reuters in Brazil in year 2015, where he was accused of censoring information on the corruption in Petrobras Company during the government of Fernando Henrique Cardoso.

Those data are always hidden by the dominant media in Latin American countries, like Clarin and La Nacion in Argentina, because their showing contradicts the version according to which corruption is a problem that began with the popular governments like that of Lula da Silva. That argument is essential for the entire diffusion schemes that lead to illegitimate removals processes, like that of Brazil, or through «democratic» elections, like in Argentina, Chile and Ecuador. But this is a topic in which Moro, Lava Jato, Bolsonaro and the Fascist version of imperialism will be regrettably present in the future, and we must face it.

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