One lie every 24 hours: List of political manipulations after the tornado

  • Written by Javier Gómez Sánchez /Taken from his personal Facebook
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Featured One lie every 24 hours: List of political manipulations after the tornado

One lie every 24 hours... and the count continues, but recovery in Cuba after the tornado, too. Here’s a list of political manipulations and lies released this first week after the path of the tornado on Sunday, January 27, through several municipalities of the Cuban capital:

1- To present the March of the Torches as a distraction of the necessary assistance in the face of the disaster.

2- The needy only receive food and any other aid sold to them.

3- The Cuban government is not interested in facilitating ways for the sending of aid from the Cuban community abroad.

4- The donations sent from abroad are taxed.

5-The direct delivery of the donations to the victims is banned.

6- Famous artists and other people were incarcerated for taking donations.

7- The personal aid and assistance to the inhabitants of the affected areas is main or exclusively coming from the private sector.

8- Local Governments are demanding that all donations must be handed over to them so they can stock up them indefinitely, sell them to the needy, keep them or let government personnel steal them.

9- Authorities went to the houses of people who received donations to take them away.

10- The police prevented entry to the affected areas.

11- Dissemination of a fake video in which the president allegedly flees a group of inhabitants in need who were claiming to be listened to.

I feel certain that other people can tell more. But since the night when the tornado hit Havana many have intentionally circulated at least one lie every 24 hours.

Translated by Jorge Mesa Benjamin / CubaSi Translation Staff

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