Venezuela: Famous Artists and Unfair Causes

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Featured Venezuela: Famous Artists and Unfair Causes

Venezuela undergoes an ordeal in its economy. That is true, but the first thing that should come into the minds of some artists, who are worldwide followed and who let themselves dragged into the media show against the South American nation is in the causes that have led this country to the present situation.

Far beyond the achievements and failures in the economic policy of Nicolas Maduro’s government, the media war and above all the economic war endured by this sister country has been truly harsh. The oligarchy of that country is the number one factor. Foreign powers, like the United States and its allied the European Union have not spared efforts in their attempt to choke the booming of that kind people.

That is a pill hard to swallow. One must be a juggler to survive and I mean it as a Cuban who has endured in our own blood the blockade since the triumph of the Cuban Revolution in 1959.

Therefore I do think that it’s serious that famous artists, either purposely or unaware fall into that trap, since in my personal opinion is an irresponsibility on their behalf.

I also hope, with all my heart, that although they don’ care much about my humble opinion, Luis Fonsi – an artist whom I like – fights with the same strength for the independence and freedom of his homeland Puerto Rico, which coincidentally is the Caribbean island where the puppeteer who in the end pulls all the strings against Venezuela, plays basketball with toilette paper and the basket turn out to be the needs of the people who lived there when hurricane Maria hit.

A similar reaction I expect from Mr. Juanes. Yes, when in his beloved Colombia more than 10 social and union leaders are killed in a month after the Peace Talks, a country regrettably sunk in violence and that, what a coincidence, houses almost ten military bases of the foreign power that has exacted misery and unjust wars to the entire continent. If you read a history book, you can accurately tell how many they were and how many lives they took.

As for the boys from the Metropolis, Alejandro Sanz and Miguel Bosé I applaud the initiative of always trying help the poorer, but I repeat, I think that this time they are biased or indirectly being manipulated.

One of these days I will launch an initiative to protest against the wall president Trump wants to build on the Mexican border to isolate Latin America. Let’s not be mistaken, in the end we are just lab rats, roaches, lesser beings to them. I truly hope from the bottom of my heart that they also join that initiative which is much more honest and fair than the one they partake today. Come to think about it.

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