Liar Marco Rubio was in Cucuta, but he didn’t see the houses

Featured Liar Marco Rubio was in Cucuta, but he didn’t see the houses

The echo of the lies launched by US Senator Marco Rubio during his visit to Cucuta resounded almost at the same time of his brief stay in that Colombian city on the border with Venezuela.

Marco Rubio, who travelled to Cucuta to supervise the development of the humanitarian aid program mounted by U.S., through the USAID, against Venezuela, was in Cucuta, but as the old saying reads, he didn’t see the houses.

Although Rubio, one of the architects of Washington to use the alleged humanitarian assistance as a Trojan House to invade Venezuela, had a photograph taken upon his arrival to Cucuta surrounded by a few inhabitants, and apparently he never realized that he had arrived at the least appropriate place to offer humanitarian assistance to anyone.

The "beneficent" senator who affirmed that: "One thing is to see human suffering, another is to see it up close and personal, and to meet the people and hear their stories”, and apparently his imperial arrogance did not allow him to meet or talk to some of the inhabitants who backed him as puppets of his show of misinformed proconsul.

Otherwise, he would have found out that the Colombian city he had chosen as platform to lie about the crisis in Venezuela has one of the highest inequality rates among the cities in the American continent.

Also that 40 percent, almost 300,000 Cucuta locals live in poverty, 10 percent in extreme poverty.

That the city’s unemployment is close to 20 percent and that around 20,000 children work and live in the streets.

He would have also found out that nearly 30 percent of the hospitals in Cucuta are in technical shutdown and that a normal delivery in that city costs 500 dollars, therefore, Cucuta’s women in labor travel to Venezuela to be assisted by the Bolivarian government of Venezuela.

The previous figures, based on sources from the statistics department in Colombia, were made public by Venezuela’s Communication and Information Minister Jorge Rodríguez in a televised appearance, where he announced that next February 22 and 23, the Bolivarian government would stage two concerts and provide food and health aid for free to the neighboring people of Cucuta.

But by then, the senator for Florida had already arrived in Miami, where he continued to repeat, in another press conference, the same lies about Venezuela.

Of course, the also member of the anti-Cuban mafia has a recognized record as a mythomaniac.

In October 2011, Sen. Marco Rubio was publicly accused in U.S. as a liar for having decieved with political purposes about his Cuban parents’ arrival in Florida after Fidel Castro’s takeover. However, press reports revealed that the parents of the senator left Cuba for the United States in 1956, under the government of Batista.

Rubio’s father was a barman and travelled to the northern country for economic reasons. Fidel Castro was not even in Cuba when Rubio’s family left the country. The story was initially reported by the St.Petersburg Times daily.

Marco Rubio arrived in Cucuta, stirred up and fled. Apparently, he will not attend the “War without Borders” concert, due to take place in that city on Feb. 22. Whereas Colombia’s President Ivan Duque has announced his presence, maybe he cares about the problems in Cucuta that his superior in Washington didn’t see.

Translated by Jorge Mesa Benjamin / CubaSi Translation Staff

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