Cuban internet users denounce #YoVotoNo campaign

Featured Cuban internet users denounce #YoVotoNo campaign

As we confirmed in the news article “YoVotoNO: U.S. campaign against the constitutional referendum” published in our news website a month ago, a campaign has been launched aiming to affect in a negative way the results of the constitutional referendum scheduled to take place on February 24.

According to reports sent by some users to our website, their email accounts have been targeted with subversive messages. These messages are being sent to them from their own account to their inbox. Indeed, some have confirmed their friends and relatives have raised the red flag as their accounts have been used with subversive purposes as well.

On the verge of the constitutional referendum, the handling of these messages is within the scope of responsibilities of the platform Apretaste, an application developed in the U.S. aiming at targeting the Cuban people, which collects users’ data from allegedly “innocent” surveys.

It seems that some users, not aware of the dangerous impact giving personal information to unreliable platforms may involve, have provided even their NAUTA passwords to those propagandists who are encouraging the NO vote.

Apretaste —one of its goals is to educate Cubans in the usage of Internet and latest technologies— began to manipulate to its interest the platform NAUTA email service, available since 2015 for national cellphones. In 2017, Apretaste launched the first version of its apk file to increase access from the island.

According to Wikipedia, Apretaste was among the top 20 projects handpicked to the campaign CreateMiami, where entrepreneurs and local leaders sought for economic funds through the platform named “Ideame.”The U.S. foundation Knight backed this campaign, whose project was later named: “Dale forma al futuro de Miami y Cuba” (Shaping the future Miami and Cuba), a well-organized event aimed to find solutions to foster political subversion against Cuba.

Just to have an idea of the future Apretaste envisions for Cuba, suffice to say that among its services, we can find the access to news websites of renowned subversive ideology against Cuba such as Cubanet, Diario de Cuba, and Marti Noticias.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz/CubaSi Translation Staff

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